Original Characters


  1. hmm i always wanted to have a mascot for a rolling banner, do you have anyone you’d recommend? o wo)?

    • Check out these artists if you want a character designed.

      Expensive but worth it.

      Cheaper alternatives.

      They should all still be open for commissions at this time. I think you will be able to get them to design characters from scratch.
      If you do get a character created be sure to link it to me so I can see. 🙂

  2. Rin x Cassie… Seems legit.

    • I just read the first three chapters of your story and I like the characters so far. You are also creative when it comes to buildings. The most exciting building in my story so far is a white stone church styled shrine. Your names also scream fantasy setting which I like. The names I use are generally common names.

      I just uploaded the prologue too if you are interested.

  3. hmmm…..interesting I just might start a sketch on her 2 bad i still suck in photoshop…I’ve yet 2 improve….

    • It would be great if Cassie has inspired you to sketch. If you ever do sketch her I’d love to see it. 🙂

  4. Hello there. I would like to ask if you would consider commissioning us to do your mascot. You can have a look at our Facebook to see the kind of artwork we have done before. We do charge, of course but I think we provide value for money. And of course, we can bring out another side of Cassie for you.

  5. This is something that has been on my mind for a while, and I love the variety of styles you’ve commissioned for your adorable Cassie. I particularly like the works by Omocha-san, isangkutsarangmoe, and Ririkuto >.<

    • They are some of my favorites too. I know when I get a second character designed I’ll ask all 3 of them to draw it.

  6. Lol, it’s been a while since I stopped by here ^^ was busy back then and noticed some nice changes here. What a nice mascot you have there! She’s cute >_< I like the one by isangkutsarangmoe. Will be dropping by more often next time ^^

    • isangkutsarangmoe is one of my favorite artist and always does a great job with my character. I’ll have to get him to draw Rynn at some point too.

      Drop by as often as you like. I’ll always be adding more art and posts.

      • All right, thanks pal ^^

  7. Oh, by the way, how much does it cost for an average commissioned artwork? I need to know please, thanks.

    • Your looking between $30 and $50 for a lot of these but artists can cost much more then that.

  8. Damn I’d never pay that much for a drawing of my character.

  9. the appearance is a complete trap compare to their age…

    • It’s always up to the artist to how old they look. This artist made them look a fair bit older then they are.

  10. Nice designs! makes me want to make a set of my own ^__^

    • It’s a lot of work but I had fun designing them.

  11. ingested nano machine,fly away from reality…nano machine,marvelous little thing aren’t they?

    • Honestly I’m surprised more fiction writers don’t use nano machines. They are like future magic and can do whatever you want them to.

  12. […] account at this point. After looking at some of AceRailgun’s commission posts and his original characters page however, I’m starting to understand the procedure just slightly, but at this point, I still […]

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