Game Recommendations

So you like anime? I like anime too but sometimes I play games instead. Here are some games that are like anime or share similar characteristics to anime that you should enjoy or at least be curious enough to try out.

Atelier Rorona 999: Nine Hours Nine Persons Nine Doors

Nintendo DS

A visual novel type story which you solve puzzles to solve a mystery. It’s got some really good puzzles and characters which makes you think. Plus its incredible repayable because that aspect is woven into the plot. If you have a DS you need to buy this game. Look up the official website if you are interested as it has an in browser demo.


Virtue’s Last Reward

Virtue's Last Reward

PlayStation Vita

The sequel to 999 and this sequel goes against the trend of terrible sequels and outshines it’s predecessor. Taking place in a remote facility a group of nine people take place in survival games trying desperately to outwit the others in a game of lies. Very fun to play and honestly one of the best mystery stories I know of to date.


Atelier Rorona

PlayStation 3

The first in a three part series, Atelier Rorona has gorgeous artwork, gorgeous music and super fun alchemy based game play. The game is half story half alchemic creation with some dungeon crawling stat building added in. There is plenty of different ways to play this game whether it be casual or hardcore and the way you choose to play ultimately affects the ending. Poor little Rorona had no friends in the ending I got which was amusing.


Atelier Totori

PlayStation 3

The sequel to Atelier Rorona which is better in every aspect. Most notably the 3d character models are greatly improved and the combat is somewhat better. The time aspect is unchanged which can make you anxious at times but if you overlook that then you should be able to easily enjoy the well crafted story  and very unique characters. A must play for anyone who likes stat games. It’s a little old but it’s aging well so don’t worry about that when you go to check it out.


Atelier Ayesha

Altelier Ayesha

PlayStation 3

Far superior to it’s predecessors in almost every way Ayesha moves the Atelier series in a new direction with a new setting and new characters. Sure the game play is similar but it works much better and the plot actually has an end goal worth striving for which I achieved a little too quickly.


Devil Survivor / Devil Survivor Overclocked

Nintendo DS / Nintendo 3DS

Shin Megami Tensei at it’s best. A solid grid based strategy game which  boasts a full story with multiple routes ranging from godly good guy to demonic villain and you can choose any of them. Just don’t expect the ladies to follow you on the path to becoming a villain.  In the 3ds version all the dialog is spoken which is an added treat.


Digital Devil Saga

PlayStation 2

Another game from the Shin Megami Tensei series. If you love persona you should like this. Although it is a bit dated now it still holds up story-wise plus it has some great characters and one has a funny accent. If you have the time pick it up cheap online. It also has a sequel too which wraps up the story well. This game will take many many hours so it is not for the lesser dedicated players out there.


Fatal Frame 3 / Project Zero 3 The Tormented

PlayStation 2

One of the scariest games I’ve ever played. It’s not the kind of horror where monsters jump out at you it’s more along the lines of you are in a really scary house and you keep seeing ghost. They go about there own thing and  just when everything is quiet and you start to feel safe they attack. Plus since they are ghosts fighting them is hard especially if you are in a locking in a corridor. You have to use your camera as a weapon and the closer the ghost is the more damage it takes when you take a picture of it. There is also this ghost that is shows up randomly and is invincible so all you can do is run.  There are more games in the series but this is by far the best of them. You don’t need to play the first two to understand the story either which is good. It’s best played alone in the dark.


Fragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon

Nintendo Wii

A nice little game about a boy exploring a post apocalyptic world. His journey is mostly based around trying to find other people and avoid the ghosts from the past. He pursues a girl he meets at the beginning of his journey to a large tower on the distant horizon. Game play wise the game doesn’t have a lot to offer but the exploration and story portions of the game are very well crafted. The characters you meet along the way are fun and cheerful which make the game enjoyable to play. Check it out if you own a Wii.


Muramasa The Demon Blade

PlayStation Vita

A nice little game which unfortunately went by mostly unnoticed. It’s a 2d side scrolling sword fighting game which takes a fair bit of practice to get good at. You can play the story from the perspective of two different characters and each has their own endings depending on how many of the Demon Blades you collect. It has a good art style and I found myself stopping on multiple occasion to get a better look at the backgrounds because you tend to run past them at an alarming pace. The music is also nice too, it has an upbeat feudal Japan feel to it but when it needs to be it can be calming to suit the setting. Definitely get it on the Vita because the Wii version doesn’t do the art justice.


Persona 3

PlayStation 2

Arguably the best game in the series, Persona 3 has the best story of pretty much any PlayStation 2 game ever. The lead is thrown head first into a dark situation which slowly starts to involve as more and more people get dragged into it. It’s up to you as the player to find a solution to their life threatening situation . The characters are some of the best ever and all interact with each other brilliantly. It also helps that you get to shape the protagonists social life and even pick a girlfriend or five.


Persona 4

PlayStation 2

Arguably the best game in the series, see what I did there. Persona 4 is well know for it’s combination of dungeon crawling and dating sim elements. It tells the story of a young man who awakens to a unique power which he uses to save the other students in his school from dying by the hands of a mysterious kidnapper. It’s an emotional roller coaster of battles and rescues which uncovers the shocking truth of people’s inner desires. I can’t recommend this game highly enough.


Resonance of Fate

Xbox 360/ PlayStation 3

A nice story presented with a very crazy battle system that has the character firing guns whilst leaping high above their enemies. Sure bullets don’t hurt anyone much but lets ignore that and look at how pretty the character and environment are instead. The whole game is set in a huge clockwork tower with a unique steam punk feel to it which making exploring the whole thing very rewarding.


Shadow of the Colossus

PlayStation 2/ PlayStation 3

You are a hero with loose morals who sets out to take down over a dozen colossus to resurrect his deceased lover. Need I say more? Combat is amazing and the world is beautiful. You must be living under a rock if you haven’t played this yet.


The World Ends With You

Nintendo DS

There was never a dull moment in this stylus waggling frenzy as Neku struggled to escape from Shibuya. The cast is a group of misfits to be completely honest and it’s clear why after a few minutes alone with any single one of them. At one point Neku gets separated from his partner and I genuinely wanted to save said person which is really saying something about character development and plot. It’s not for everyone as the combat was challenging but rewarding. Even now the game still holds up so give it a try if you are even slightly curious.


Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright

Phoenix WrightNintendo DS

He’s an attorney who should really be a detective with a strong sense of justice out to prove all the murders guilty and keep his clients from being falsely accused or sentenced with crimes they probably didn’t commit. The comedic value as a whole is almost as strong as Wrights sense of justice but it’s balanced very nicely with serious moments and drama and this is all coming from what began as a series of GBA games.


  1. If you loved Atelier Rorona you should definitely try Atelier Totori. It’s better than Rorona in almost every aspect and still preserves it’s predecessor’s charm.

    Also try Atelier Iris on the PS2. It’s the game that made me fall in love with the series.

    • I got Atelier Totori the other day and am loving it. Everything is improved from Rorona. Meruru is something to look forward to.

      I’ll have to give Iris a try at some point when I finish my backlog of games.

  2. Dark Souls 😀
    Hi, new to your blog here, love the design
    Mind if we exchange links, fellow ani-blogger?

    • Hey nice to meet you. An exchange can be arrange 😛

      I check out your blog and shall add you to the blogroll.

  3. Imma check out 999 dude! hmm dude like thanks for like commenting often on my blog. It gave me a sense of achievement that other people are reading my blog. So like Imma return the favor by subscribing to you okay?

    Uhm so like I would also be the happiest blogger if like you’d also subscribe to my blog, its okay if you don’t want to…

    okay so thanks ^_^

    • 999 is great you should love it. You’ll have to tell me if you end up getting it.

      • I won’t just tell you… I’d even make a review on it!!! that is if i get it though… haha

  4. If my PS2 weren’t broken, I’d so be playing Fatal Frame 3. As for Atelier Rorona, I’m doing whatever it takes to GET STORES TO ORDER TOTORI AND MERURU FOR ME! CURSE THEM AND THEIR LACK OF BALLS TO AT LEAST GIVE OBSCURE JAPANESE GAMES A GO. Oh but when it comes to an American obscure game, like Shadows of the Damned or El Shaddae, those we can put on store shelves until they are thrown into the discount pile almost immediately. Give me a break. Also some of those discount games are pretty good actually. Heck, I got white Knight Chronicles 2 for 10 bucks. Quite a steal I must say.
    -I can play the DS you recommended no problem.
    Oh DDS, curse my PS2 down…waaaaaaaaaaaah. Oh well, at least I have a PS3 now, but all my wasted money having bought both original and empty DVDs…waaaaaaaaaah

    • You should try out 999 if you are into mystery/puzzle stories. There is a sequel coming out soon which I am dying to get. It can’t come soon enough.

      America’s would rather buy dodgy American stuff then quality Japanese games simply because it’s foreign. You should give a website called PlayAsia a look it’s a really safe way to buy obscure games from anywhere. Just make sure you order the version of the game with the right region.

  5. You should check out Hotel Dusk: Room 215 for the DS. It’s a nice story driven adventure game, if that sounds any fun. They have it on Amazon for not too much (last I checked). You should look it up and see if you’re interested. I don’t know how similar it is to 999, but from what I can tell they’re in the same basic vein.

    • Yeah I’ve heard good things about it I’ve just never gotten around to getting it. One day I will.

  6. Surprisingly, you put Fragile Dreams here that is one of my obssesions. I think I finally find someone who likes it ^^.

    Do you have any recommends for who like this game?

    • I enjoyed it a lot but it’s a lot different from any other game I’ve played so it’a hard to recommend something similar.

  7. Persona 4 FTW

  8. Resonance of Fate! That game had the worst release date…same day that FF13 came out. That game is so addicting and the characters have really funny dialogue, not to mention the battle system is so much fun. Overall, awesome game.

    • It was such a great game. Tri-Ace is releasing another game soon called Beyond the labyrinth. I hope it can hold up compared to Resonance of Fate.

  9. Out of curiosity, did you ever play Tales of the Abyss (PS2)?

  10. Resonance of Fate was my first RPG game on the PS3 (not FF13, hah!). The story leave a lot to be desired for, but the gameplay’s indeed pretty fun.

    Persona 3/4 is ftw too. Pretty nice games that blended RPG and school life xD I played Persona 2 Innocent Sin on the PSP as well and it’s also just as great, waiting for the localization of Eternal Punishment now, if there is any..

    I played Fatal Frame 3 on the PS2, but didn’t finish it ^^” Maybe one of these days, I will get back to it.

    I also like all your DS recommendations too. I played most of them, and all of them are indeed great games. 999 is awesome, though I feel is somewhat lacking in the system department, what with just one save file and all, still doesn’t ruin the greatness of 999 though ;p The World Ends With You is one of the DS games where it actually make use of the touch-screen interface very efficiently – you will most probably need to use the touch-screen for the whole game and on later times, perhaps a mic even. While I’m not one for SRPGs, Devil Survivor is a pretty nice game. Even right now, I’m still thinking whether or not I should play Devil Survivor 2, or just watch the anime, lol. Have you watched the latter?

    I played Muramasa, and a pretty fun game indeed^^ Although indeed, Wii doesn’t do much justice to the art with it’s limited resolution. I however, used an emulator and I can set the emulator to HD manually.. :p I also got Fragile Dreams on the emu ready to go, though I haven’t started playing it yet.

    • It looks like you’ve played most of them already and share rather similar opinions on them for the most part.

      I have mixed opinions about Devil Survivor 2. The gameplay is fine and the story works but it doesn’t feel like it’s doing anything new. It’s just a copy paste of the first game. The anime is okay but the ending leaves a lot to be desired. That said the game ending is different and much better than the anime.

      Fragile Dreams is probably a bit dated now but seeing as you can play it in HD it wouldn’t lose out against current game graphics. It’s fairly slow but has an amazing atmosphere if you let yourself get drawn into it.

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