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Personal Information

A twenty two year old male who has watched a lot of anime. Name a good anime and I’ve probably watched it as I’ve seen over 160 anime to date.

I live on the southern most island in the entire world that isn’t made of ice so if know where that is you are smart and probably know that it’s pretty cold. You see I’m immune to the cold or at least have a high tolerance for it.

I know I have decent taste in anime and I know what I like and dislike. If you like something I like you’re great and if you like something I don’t like then power to you. I love reading/listening to other peoples opinion on anime and meeting people with similar interests in anime to me.


My Style

I enjoy writing about anime and manga and blogging is the perfect way to achieve that.

I write about what I enjoy and avoid being negative as I know nobody ever enjoys reading someone complaining about something. I can be sarcastic or what I think is clever so if it seems like I’m hating on something or being nasty you are wrong. I’m actually just being sarcastic and the quirkiness of my randomness went right over your tiny little head and then landed in the grass behind you.


You’ll probably notice that I never write a lot and there is one reason for that. I’m allergic to walls of text especially in blog form and the only known cure for this is images which can break up the text by being strategically placed. I rarely have long complex thoughts and when I have a good idea I can tell it to you quickly so I don’t lose you’re attention. Because we all know you’re attention span is really short.

Commenting is encouraged but if you want to lurk then lurk some more as I can see you in the page view count.

If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask. Seriously ask away I don’t bite because I am a human and not some kind of wild animal.


50 Questions

I have written a post which is 50 questions about myself and my tastes in anime if you are interested in reading it click that blue word back there. My stalker did and she loved it.


Social Networks

I have ties in all these things and links to them can be found in the sidebar.


  1. Similar to myself and the same age. Really glad you found my page and I was able to find yours. Welcome to the anime blog community ^^

  2. Thanks, I found your page because I clicked on your Avatar on EmptyBlue’s page.
    I want to meet as many people as possible in the anime community.

  3. Hey Ace! Interested in doing a link exchange?

    • Hey Judge! Yeah sure, I just checked out your site and it’s pretty neat. I love how many writers you have as i’m all alone here 😛

      I’ll add you to the blogroll when I get around to it which should be soon.

      • Thanks a lot man! I decided to go with a team of writers since I know I don’t have the time to constantly blog. I tried to go solo when I first started the site back in March and that didn’t turn out so well…by the time June rolled around, I was barely writing lol. I like your approach to writing: short and to the point. Although I find myself writing a lot especially when I’m on a roll, I wish I could just say a few things and be done…except I usually have lots of things to say which is why I write so much XD. And you’re right in that many people summarize stories instead of actually “reviewing” the show. One moar thing…I love Left 4 Dead 2. You should watch some of my brother and I’s crazy playthroughs lol

    • I’ve added you to the blogroll! Those L4D videos are good, you’ve done some nice editing which is really appreciated. I think I’ve done all the maps on expert realism at some point and I know how hard realism can be.

  4. Ohayo~!
    Arigatou for support!
    Animeost.info Crew

    • I love anime OST so it’s no problem at all. 🙂


  6. Hey Ace, loving the blog. Would you be interested in doing a link swap, just started out myself 🙂

    • Yeah sure I’d be more then happy to do a link exchange.

  7. gah sorry about that, my image invitation didnt work >_<

    But basically all i wanted to ask was, do you want to have a link exchange?

  8. Hi Ace, I’ve been reading your blog and I really enjoy it. Do you mind doing a link exchange?

    • Yeah sure we can exchange links. I’ll add you when I get around to it.

  9. yo! are interested in a link exchange?

    • Sure. I’ll add you now.

  10. Hello, may I request a link exchange with you?

    • Yep. That sounds good.

  11. Hi Ace,
    May i request a link exchange too with you ?

    • Sure I’ll add you now.

      • Thank’s.

  12. yo dude…I’m marthaurion on steam if you’ve got any cool online games O.o

  13. Hey, I’ve been blogging for a while, but never really asked for link exchanges, so would you mind doming one with me?

    • I forget who I have and haven’t added. I’d be happy to add you so i’ll do it now.

  14. Hi,
    Nice to meet you 🙂 Just found your blog. Great stuff (^-^) Can we exchange links? I’ll add you to my blog. My link is: http://figureculture.wordpress.com/
    Figure Culture

    • Sure why not. I’ll check out your blog now and add you in a minute.

      • Thanks a lot. I’ve added you to our partner list 🙂

        Figure Culture

  15. Holy shit! An Australian blogger! and you live in MELBOURNE TOO!??!??!?! HOW SMALL IS THIS WORLD!??!?! LOLS *ahem* Sorry about that Ace, it’s just that, I also live near Melbourne and I’ve yet to meet another Australian blogger than myself and recently kidd ^^ It’s funny what the AniBlog Tourney can do. Wish you the best of luck in the tourney fellow Australian ;D

    • Yep i’m Australian. Good to meet another Australian blogger. I’ll have to check out your blog.

      I love the tourney so far. I’ve enjoyed exploring new blogs a lot.

  16. I’ve been around here since your popular 50Q post and I am immensely impressed with your posts. I always have hard time writing short but thoughtful post (mine always a bit too long).
    It’d be great if we could exchange links. please look at my (old) blog and see if you are interested. Thanks!

    • That 50 question post sure did it’s job. Thanks for the compliment.

      There is nothing wrong with long posts. Your blog has been around a long time. I’m impressed with your dedication.

      I’d be happy to exchange links. I’ll add you now.

  17. I can’t believe I never asked this yet, but do you want a blog exchange with me? I already added yours to mine 😀

    • I’ve added you. Sorry I didn’t add you sooner.

  18. Hey AceRailgun,

    I recently found your site and I like it very much!

    Care to exchange links?
    We would put your on the left sidebar of our website



  19. Hey, mind doing a blog exchange with a fellow aniblogger? I followed and am lurking your blog since the last aniblog tourney and its just silly of me to not ask for a link exchange sooner. I already added yours to mine. 🙂

    • Sounds good to me, added.

  20. Yo! Do you mind exchanging links with me? I’ve added yours to mine. Thanks in advance 😉

    • I can do that. Thanks for the support, I look forward to seeing you around.

  21. Hello, like to exchange links http://miochan.net/

    My blog is not entirely on anime, diversified on various Jpop topics. Hope it’s fine.

    Already linked yours, thanks.

    • Added 🙂 Good luck with the blogging. I hope it all goes well for you.

  22. Mind exchanging links? Mine is http://www.aizengamer.com.

    • I don’t mind adding you for an exchange. Hope you are enjoying blogging so far.

  23. Hy! Would you like to exchange links?
    Here’s my link : http://lifeofafuturemangaka.blogspot.ro/
    I’ve already added you on my blogroll. By the way, I love your blog^-^

    • Thanks 🙂 I’m glad you enjoy reading my posts. Best of luck to your blog, I’ve added you to the blogroll.

  24. Hey Ace, interested in any non-blog sites for a link exchange (or..you could call it a photo blog if you like..:)). Let me know if you are, I’d love to exchange links.

    • Sure why not, should I just add http://animepapers.org/?

      • Sounds good to me Ace, usually have people link to whatever their site specialty is but…yours is very broad so a home page link is probably best. Adding your link now, please stay in touch if you want anything changed or you are interested in doing anything jointly in the future. 🙂

      • Thanks for adding me. I’ve added you back, best of luck and I’ll be sure to check out all the images you have.

  25. Heya Ace, just wondering if you would be interested in a link exchange? My blog’s new, but it’ll pick up soon, I swear! 😉 Good to see someone from across the ditch in the blogosphere, i’m in New Zealand myself.

    • Sure I’ve added you. Best of luck with the blog, I hope to see more from you soon. You’re one of the first New Zealand bloggers I know 🙂

  26. Funny… But I found you through the number of anime bloggers who have used your 50 questions… I think they’re awesome and I’m going to use them as well if you don’t mind. Don’t worry, I’ll leave a link for people to find the source. Credit deserved where it is due. Awesome blog by the way…


    • Good answers with the questions by the way. I never expect those questions to get so popular ^^; but it’s a great way to get to know peoples taste in anime so I’m happy people still use them.

      • Yeah. They are awesome! I might create a new list of different questions because I liked doing this so much… 50 Questions part 2 perhaps…

        You’ve left behind a legacy dude! People might be using this question list for years to come!

      • If you can think of 50 more good questions I’d love to see them. Legacy, I don’t know about that but I do notice it popping up every now and then and still enjoy reading them.

      • Type in 50 Anime Questions into Google and you see about half of them using your template. I think that’s progress already. It’s already named as AceRailgun’s 50 Questions. It’s how I found your blog.

      • It’s how a lot of people find my blog. Since the day I’ve posted the 50 questions I’ve gotten about 50 ping backs to my blog and that’s only from the people who bothered to link the source of the questions.

      • That is pretty amazing man! Wish I could produce something of such a lasting effect on the internet.

      • It was just pure luck to be completely honest but I’m okay with that 😀

      • No reason not to be… Luck is a part of life and you should go with it.

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