Posted by: AceRailgun | October 20, 2013

Three things to like about – Avatar korra, The beginning

Avatar Korra 1

Avatar Korra episodes 7 and 8 are titled the beginning and in these episodes the story leaves Korra and goes right back to the roots of the Avatar series, the lore surrounding the first avatar. This brave action on the writers part was a god send for me as the potential for interesting stories surrounding this concept are endless.


There is a number of things which get my brain ticking over about these two episodes.

The first Avatar, Wan was a fire bender and although he is given the element of fire by a spirit there is also a good chance that he was the first fire bender or at least the first fire bender to keep his power. It’s also later shown that his friends from the city became the first group of fire benders which we can only assume became the fire nation. That is if at least one of them survived the battle they had with the spirits.


The order of elements was created by Wan himself unintentionally as he first gains Fire then air followed by water and finally earth in that exact order. No attempt was made to try and explain this with words but because of this ordering it makes sense that it was intended to be this way for an observant viewer to pick up on.


Wan’s death, it may seem morbid but his death was executed perfectly, he was defeated only by his age and his will is passed onto the next generation with the assistance of Raava. Raava herself is also key and could well become a crucial part of Korra’s story line in her dealing with the spirit portals.


Let me know what you guys think and was their any little details you pick up on that I could have missed?



  1. thanks for explaination 😀 if i will uncover some more details is will let you know 🙂

    avatar for the win!

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