Posted by: AceRailgun | October 13, 2013

Stylish Start to the Season

Kill la Kill 1

It’s hard not to notice but in case you didn’t here is a news flash for you. This season’s got style in spades and it’s not just one or two things it’s everything (Minus the pervy niche stuff and the bad stuff) You’ve got Kill la Kill leading the pack with all that stylized motion and attitude, Nagi no Asukara with those gorgeous scenery/underwater scenes and Arpeggio of Blue Steel which is doing everything on top of the ocean fairly nicely with it’s entirely not terrible 3d art style which doesn’t suck 100% like most 3d anime do. It only sucks about 75% of the time.


It’s not every season that I have such a large variety of anime to watch but even with my ever maturing taste (I can hardly say that without laughing)I’m finding it easy to pick up and try new things this time without it getting repetitive. Once you throw out the mecha and pervy stuff (Sorry mecha fans) there is shocking vast selection ranging from drama, mystery, action, adventure and sports all presented in a bunch of unique settings I’ve never seen used quite this way before.


What I’m getting at is that even though we are recycling themes and idea over and over with every new anime it still surprises me to know that something original can begin and throw me off balance or in this seasons case multiple things.


I don’t know know about you but I’ve recently begun thinking that anime will never cease to amaze me with it’s unique stories and it’s the stories which will keep me addicted for years to come.

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