Posted by: AceRailgun | October 5, 2013

Anime Awards Summer 2013

Awards Summer 2013 Accelerator

I haven’t done one of these since Winter 2012 but I felt this season was so deserving of awards that I decided to award some. In no particular order the following nominees won their awards without contest for the most part or context.

Weakest Tough Guy

This one is a fun award which I’ll give to Accelerator for overpowering everyone with ease up until the point where he meets a protagonist with plot armor. Poor bastard was beaten in an instant.



Awards Summer 2013 Kirigiri

Most Forgetful

Award for… now what was I talking about.

This award holds a special place in my heart as amnesia is honestly one of the best plot devices in the history of writing (Sarcasm) and for it to not only be an integral part of the plot for Danganronpa but for it to also be a case of contagious amnesia almost deserves an award as a whole. However there is one character who swoops in and forgets to do a thing twice. That’s right poor little miss Kirigiri suffers from not once case of amnesia but two as reclaims some memories before everyone else only to realize later she still had a bucket load of forgotten memories still tucked away waiting to be recovered at a key moment.


Awards Summer 2013 Titan

Best Reference

Tomoko had this in the bag for weeks with her clever reference to Kuroko’s basketball in one of the early episodes of the season but then she was beaten with an almost late entry by a crazy running Titan Manabu in the last episode of Genshiken Nidaime which was gloriously animated frame for frame matching the Titan scene.


Awards Summer 2013 Utsusu

Roll the tongue

Award for best name

By best name I mean one that is fun to say, one that just rolls off the tongue so nicely every time it is spoken. I had two candidates for this one, Utsusu from Gatchaman and Haqua from The World God only knows but in the end despite Haqua having a Q in it Utsusu wins by the art of repeated sounds.


Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Isabelle

Biggest plot hole

Award for digging holes.

It’s only fitting that a gravedigger wins this award. This one requires some thinking on my part and maybe yours but here we have what I believe to be a gaping plot hole which most people overlooked. It can be conveniently covered by the use of magic but screw that let me lift this flimsy stick covering off this gaping hole. So we have Alis and dee; Alis has a solid form in the real world but poor Dee doesn’t and this is revealed to be because she was dead and only exists in the world she created by wishing. Now what happened after that and how is this a plot hole, well once it was revealed that Alis was in fact the one who died and not Dee we are left with the question of why was Dee the ghost and Alis had a solid form… But that’s not the end of this hole, not by a long shot. So right at the end it is implied that Ai digs up Alis’ dead body from his grave in the real world somehow reviving him (Her wish) So the plot hole reveals itself. For all the time Alis was in the real world with Dee as a ghostly companion he had not one body but two, one buried in the grave and the other walking around with a ghost. Explain that!

Actually please don’t try because no logic can explain that away.

Awards Summer 2013 Harumi Kazuhito

Reminds me of Shu

Award for most bland and obnoxious protagonist

Harumi Kazuhito may have been a dog but boy was he a terrible self insert character of blandness and boringtude. (Making up words so deal with it) He follows the plot without influencing it and somehow that attracts a legion of ladies who would give him a bone, or let him give them a bone if you know what I mean. To top it all off his human form is so bland his eyes jump off his face in all the flashbacks and hide with his other character traits which he lost somewhere along the way.


Awards Summer 2013 Dangaronpa

Motorcycle Accident

Sub catergory of a “boat engine to the face” Award for lamest death

Oowada Mondo names this with his logic defying death in which riding a motorcycle around and around in a spherical cage somehow causes him to become ground into butter and served in a ridiculous manner to one of the worst and obnoxious villains in all of history. No further explanation necessary.

Awards Summer 2013 Tuna Eater

Chainsaws trump Scissors

Award for best weapon

Easily in my books as scissors are really tiny and used to cut hair while Chiansaws are loud and huge and cut down trees. Scissors are done to death in anime too Gatchman, Crime Edge, Mysterious Girlfriend X, Dog and Scissors, Kill la Kill and probably a few more I can’t think of at the moment. Madoka Harumi shows up with Tuna Eater which is a chainsaw disguised as a kitchen knife and that blows all the scissors out for the water with it’s rocket launcher capabilities.


So there you have it, the awards for this season and boy was that a ride. Here’s hoping the Autumn season is good too because I absolutely love writing these. If yo haven’t checked out the old award post i’d suggest doing so because this will make more sense if you do/did plus it’s a nice trip down nostalgia lane, recently nostalgia lane that only got added in winter last year.


  1. My experiences with Dangan Ronpa may be different to yours since I played the game, but I quite liked Monokuma as a villain. I mean, how can you possibly hope to escape a situation like Dangan Ronpa’s when even the villain doesn’t appear take things seriously?

    Also, I don’t mind amnesia plot devices. Especially in Kirigiri’s case where it was something that was done to her rather than just being a random occurance.

    • I suppose the game makes it a bit better but only having the anime under my belt I can’t say I appreciated monokuma much. Plus the plot device for the cause of the amnesia was never revealed in the anime so it’s pretty lame still. Don’t explain it to me though as I may end up playing the game or a new anime might start.

      • I fully recommend the game. It’s a lot of fun ^_^

  2. Ulla (Kamisama) can make you roll the tounge quite well, lol.

    • True it’s not a bad example, normally Japanese names don’t sound that interesting because they are built of similar length sounds so when they make unique names it can get interesting. So long as they don’t over do it.

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