Posted by: AceRailgun | September 21, 2013

A quick look at long games

Phoenix Wright

Objection! Your alchemic formula is full of contradictions and exceeds the natural levels of cuteness. I couldn’t get a Virtue’s Last Reward reference in there but who cares. I’m updating the games recommendation list and there is the three new ones I added. You should really check them out at some point. All three on the lengthy side so keep that in mind before starting them. 

Ace Attorney Phoenix Wright

Nintendo DS

He’s an attorney who should really be a detective with a strong sense of justice out to prove all the murders guilty and keep his clients from being falsely accused or sentenced with crimes they probably didn’t commit. The comedic value as a whole is almost as strong as Wrights sense of justice but it’s balanced very nicely with serious moments and drama and this is all coming from what began as a series of Nintendo DS games.


Virtue’s Last Reward

Virtue's Last Reward

PlayStation Vita

The sequel to 999 and this sequel goes against the trend of terrible sequels and outshines it’s predecessor. Taking place in a remote facility a group of nine people take place in survival games trying desperately to outwit the others in a game of lies. Very fun to play and honestly one of the best mystery stories I know of to date.


Atelier Ayesha

Altelier Ayesha

PlayStation 3

Far superior to it’s predecessors in almost every way Ayesha moves the Atelier series in a new direction with a new setting and new characters. Sure the game play is similar but it works much better and the plot actually has an end goal worth striving for which I achieved a little too quickly.


  1. Think Ace Attorney started as early as during the GBA days, it was THAT long of a franchise.. xD I also only managed to keep up with all of the Ace Attorney games sometime last year. Great games, though the introduction of the new protagonist at Ace Attorney 4 is a bit of a downer.

    Haven’t play Virtue (don’t have a NDS/3DS) but I already ordered Atelier Ayesha sometime ago. If there are no problems, I should be receiving the game soon^^

  2. Ohh, but I think Atelier Ayesha doesn’t have dual voice feature, a downer indeed as well >_> Speaking of which, I didn’t know you had a game recommendation list, perhaps it’s about time I make something akin to that too.

    • Good job ordering Atelier Ayesha. The English voice acting is okay so you should be able to handle it, Other then that though there is plenty of new stuff the older games didn’t have.

      oh I accidentally wrote DS instead of GBA ^^; I only realized it was so old recently. I actually ordered a few of them which should be arriving soon. I’m not excited about Apollo but the other ones all look good enough.

      I look forward to seeing your list of suggestions. I hope there is something in there I haven’t seen before.

      • The first few Ace Attorney is certainly good, and the spin-off is pretty good too. I had written a post-game impressions on all the Ace Attorney series sometime ago if you’re interested ;p

      • I’ll be sure to check it out. I’m going to have a binge on them at some point soon.

  3. one of these days, I’ll get around to playing the atelier series…one of these days…

    • I know for a fact that you’d enjoy Virtue’s last Reward so I’d highly recommend it.

      • I don’t own 3ds or psvita, so that’s probably not happening

      • That’s too bad because it’s a great mystery story.

  4. Good post! Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney is easily one of the best DS title. If I can add a recommendation, Shenmue on the Dreamcast is also a slow-burning game and a favourite of mine.

    I recently reviewed both for my blog. Please check it out if you have the time. 🙂

    • Shenmue on the Dreamcast is a tricky one because chances are anyone who hasn’t played it now won’t because you have to buy an old “unpopular” console to play just that one game. I know I should check it out but it’s hard to justify.

      I got three Ace Attorney games in the mail the other day so I’ll be sure to play them when the time comes.

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