Posted by: AceRailgun | September 15, 2013

The Legend of Korra – Big Mistake

The Legend of Korra Spirits

In case you aren’t aware Korra is back with yet another season (Books 2: Spirits) and this time the plot is revolving around the spirit world; An aspect of the series which has been begging to be explored ever since Aang confronted spirits way back in the Water book.  It’s not often that an anime (Yes I’m calling it that) gets a chance to push aside typical villains and jump into a more mystical setting especially one as complex but incredibly fractured as this. 


So the big thing to note is that there is a new villain who doesn’t scream evil like Amon did. Instead this new guy and the conflict he starts are going to be more about morals and choice not just right vs wrong which is a huge step away from cliche good vs evil scenarios we are all seeing far too many of lately. If you haven’t watched it yet go do that and then come back here because I’m going to be rolling around in a field of spoilers in the next paragraph.


That last scene is what got me in this as Korra realised she has probably just started another war. Those ships sailing up to the southern water tribe coast line was errie similar to the fire nation ships doing the same thing in season 1. That was the moment I was reminded this is going to be a story telling treat for all of us.


Although Korra and her fanfic level love interest are the main characters I’m honestly more interested in Tenzin and his family, Jinora in particular as she shares that same curiosity for spirits Aang did except she is much more logical and all round smarter then he was leading me to believe she is going to be key in the plot at some point this season. The other give away is that she is showing interest in the avatar statues in the air temple which is tied closely to the spirits. We may get to see a lot more about these as the Korra trailer showed scenes with previous yet to be seen avatars.


What’s got your interest and what are you looking forward to seeing more of? Don’t just say everything because that’s cheating.


  1. I like that they went with a more serious theme this time, but more so I can’t wait to see that One avatar…. :3

    • Yep that one avatar is going to be special. There is a good chance that he’s the first or one of the first avatars.

  2. ahhhhh didn’t know Korra is out!!! glad i procrastinate by reading blog posts!

    • Well it’s out so you should go watch it 🙂

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