Posted by: AceRailgun | September 8, 2013

It’s growing one me

Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu 1

This is my entire thought process this anime season and it’s because so much of the anime I started which I considered dropping or at least lost interest in early on has slowly stopped sucking and developed into anime which I really enjoy.

Dangaronpa is the first anime I started with high hopes but sadly it was rather stupid in the beginning. The setting is cliche and the antagonist is not at all ominous and rather annoying which was incredibly off putting for me in the beginning. But as the characters developed and were killed off the real shining points of the anime got their chance to be in the spotlight. Kigiri and Togami are the most interesting of the characters and in the latest episodes they have really been given the chance to develop. There is also the fact that the plot is starting to unravel which is always the most entertaining part in anime of this genre.


Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3-bu isn’t anything new, in fact we’ve seen this a dozen times before is what I’d say for the first 5 episodes or so but after that it takes a turn. Anyone who stuck with it is slowly realizing it was actually worth it as Yura’s character arc doesn’t hit it’s stride until later. It’s worth going back to if you dropped it but want to see the unexpected.


Silver Spoon is probably my favorite this season but it wasn’t always that way. The start is weak and apart from introducing an interesting setting it does a mediocre job at building a cast of likable characters. The teachers for example could be have been weaved more into the story but they weren’t which I feel is one of many glaring issues but even with that many average writing choices the good choices make up for it in many ways that it’s become an I know I’ll remember for years.


Has anyone else nearly dropped something this season or any other season for that matter but stuck around just long enough for it to stop sucking? I know I’ve done it dozens of times.


  1. I really haven’t dropped anything this season because I picked anime I knew I would like. I’ve actually started picking up some shows because I’ve gotten more active in forums again (lurking). I wasn’t watching Silver Spoon and I picked that up and caught up with it. Haven’t been watching Dangaronpa but I saw some of the first episode and it looked pretty cool; could see how you would have high hopes.

    • Danganronpa got a lot of hype before it started airing and aside from the villain it’s really good (Game is probably better) I’d suggest catching up if you have the time.

      We all lurk, some of us more than others but it’s a really good way to find out more about anime you could like so I don’t think it’s a bad thing.

      • I was expecting Danganronpa to be more of a psychological thriller. The mysteries aren’t too interesting, and the majority of the characters are simply underdeveloped. While it has improved, this latest episode threw in such a cliche twist that I doubt I can forgive it.

      • It’s certainly not as good as I was hoping either but it’s not terrible so I’m sticking with it until the end. Having the trap character as a key component to a mystery and a fat guy dying but not really dying only to die minutes later were both lame but the few characters that are developed can hold my interest.

        I got the impression it was going to be a psychological thriller as well. I wonder why we both ended up thinking that.

  2. I guess I’m the only person in the aniblogsphere who has considered Summer a gift from the anime gods since day 1. I am special…

    • It most certainly is a gift. I’m watching close to double what I normally do seeing as a few things I wasn’t expecting to keep watching ended up being good. How many anime are you watching this season?

      • Check out my Summer anime picks and add Gatchaman Crowds.

      • Wow that’s a lot. I’m not even watching that many and i thought I was watching a lot.

    • Honestly, I agree with you. This Summer has brought a lot of good shows and this is the most I’ve watched and enjoyed in a while.

      • It’s been one of the best seasons lately and i don’t say that lightly. Next season is looking good too but that’s mostly because of sequels at the moment.

  3. I almost never drop a show, since I don’t like leaving anime unfinished and would rather finish what I watch. Then again, I don’t really watch a lot anyway :p

    • You must miss out on a lot of anime then. Do you at least try the first episode of all the new anime at the start of a new season?

      • I usually don’t and prefer to wait until a chunk of episodes was aired than I marathon them. For this season, I had watched Watamote, Silver Spoon, Monogatari S2, The World God Only Knows S3 and Tamayura S2. Still got more I’m planning to watch this season.

      • That’s probably a good way to go about it and you’ve got a great line up there. I just like to give everything a try as soon as I see it so I can’t work that way. Occasionally something slips by though and i get to marathon it later which I also love doing.

  4. I messed up my picks this season pretty badly. I didn’t pick up my current top three until four weeks into the season. I’ve learned that it really is worth it to give just about every show a shot or else you miss out on some real hidden gems. The problem with the anisphere is it tends to hype up 2-3 shows before the season even starts, and regardless of whether they’re good or bad, they still take away a lot of attention from shows that deserve it.

    • That’s pretty much spot on the money and one of those anime that gets hyped is always something like Guilty Crown or Sword Art Online which always seem over hype. That and whatever rubbish Kyoani is forcing on us.

      What did you end up picking up later this season that topped your list?

      • Gatchaman Crowds, Uchouten Kazoku and (kind of embarrassingly) Kimi no Iru Machi. I’m not usually a big fan of the romance anime, but the fact that this one sticks with romantic drama and doesn’t dabble in off-color comedy and harem antics actually makes it stand out.

      • Nothing wrong with a bit of drama every now and then and the fact that it never goes down the comical route is making it really interesting for me as well because somehow it’s still holding my attention without comedy. Pacing a little wacky though.

  5. Hmm… I guess I should give C3-bu another try. I had seen Girls unz Panzer right before the Summer season started, and the first three eps of C3-bu got me annoyed with the characters that I dropped it. Maybe it biased my expectations. Though starting the season with 19 shows kind of made it easy to drop it along with 5 others.
    Out of the remaining 14, there is still several shows that I probably wouldn’t have started if I knew where the show was headed, but there’s only one show that was close to the chopping block, but it became a ‘dumb fun’ show, which is Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku.
    Yeah, the voice acting is amaturish, there’s no story, and it’s one gag after another. But it doesn’t pretend to be otherwise, and their breaking the fourth wall is pretty hilarious. It kind of grows on you.

    • Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku was the anime where they shout constantly wasn’t it. i gave it a try but it’s not really my kind of thing but that said It was good for what it was so fans of that kind of thing can enjoy it. It funny how the strangest things can grow on you. I didn’t expect to be enjoying C3-bu but I am because of the drama elements.

      19 anime, damn that’s a lot but this season is of the highest quality so I completely understand.

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