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Three things to like about – Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi

Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi Isabelle

I’ve never been one for long cohesive thoughts forming detailed engaging  paragraphs so here it is. The first in a new set of posts that are short sweet and to the point but also aid in my interactions with you guys and girls hopefully. Three things I like about this anime and I’ve got to be quick and to the point but also make sure not to squander my topics of interested on lame concepts.


So bam! here it is


The episode three (Spoiler) death. So Hampnie dies right off the bat. Three episodes in they kill off a main character who is also immortal and with his death the doors open for so much more then I was first expecting as it brings light onto the minor characters and give Ai a shovel full of character, pun intended. It’s subtle but it’s obvious that she’s proud of her heritage and especially her family name as she drops it any chance she can get. As far as character development goes this was the first step to pulling her away from the “oh she’s a cute little girl” character she’s set up to be. It’s not complex but it’s certainly better then expected.


Death loses meaning. In this anime everyone has two lives and when you die for the first time nothing bad comes of it if you have knowledge of what to do. So I like the question being raised of why does anyone dear death?


What happens in 100 years? If Hampnie (Poor naming choice) didn’t die he’d be the only one left. The ghost girl might be too but it would be a very lonely life and it’s even possible that God would return seeing as he’d have bugger all to do with a handful of people left.


So there it is? Bounce a discussion off that or tell me what you like about Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi.


  1. Interesting 3 reasons.

    Although I wish Hampnie was still alive and the series might have been more interesting with him around.

    • Dunno about that. Sure he had good qualities but he didn’t have a whole lot going for him in the long run so his absence makes him more mysterious plus there is always chance for him to be brought up in conversation later if they do find Ai mother. Maybe that’s something to look forward to.

      • Find Ai’s mother? Um, she’s confirmed to be dead especially that she got buried by her own daughter.
        The farther has a cool personality and nice combat skills. I believe he has potential to be one of the main characters from that but they killed him off anyway, unfortunately.

      • Looks like I confused the dead mother plot with a different anime lol. But that said I suppose it is a shame Hampnnie is dead because he could have added a dynamic to the group that it’s forever missing now.

  2. Thanks for sharing this list. The three things are very interesting concepts. Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi scored high on our list, too! (

  3. The sharp split between each arc is getting kind of annoying especially considering the lack of any overarching storyline. This isn’t going to end well without a second season. There isn’t enough time to resolve the main plot, so I can’t imagine what they’re going to do next. More filler?

    It’s unfortunate because the living/dead dynamic was really interesting. Even a few episodes in, I was still having trouble wrapping my head around it.

    • Sharp maybe but bad not so much. It’s quick and to the point and i like that. They could have easily spent forever on some ideas but the story quickly moves onto more to keep it interesting.

      Some anime like this do eventually settle on one point to focus the plot on later into the series so it’s possible that we’ll see longer arcs later on. I believe the manga is still ongoing so fingers crossed it keeps going for a long while yet.

      • Let me rephrase my previous comment. The problem I have with the way the arcs are set up is that they are way to self-contained. The first arc ends and Hampnie and Ai’s mother are immediately cut out from any relative discussion. The second arc ends and all the characters involved in it are immediately cut out from the story. The third arc has a whole new set of characters, and I think the majority of them are going to be cut out at its conclusion as well. The supporting cast is essentially nonexistent.

        That being said, I see where you’re coming from. I do like that the second arc clearly emphasized how death was being dealt with in this new world, and the third arc clearly emphasized how life (or the lack thereof) was being dealt with. This shows saving grace will be how well it (hopefully) melds these two concepts together.

      • sadly I’m also thinkng it’s going to stick with the self contained arcs. I think in a sense Kamisama no Inai Nichiyoubi is taking notes from anime like Kino’s Journey or Mushi Shi where there is next to no supporting cast and the experiences the main character faces build them as a character and influence their choices later on in stead of them collecting an entourage of minor characters.

        Alis from the school for example will influence Ai’s goals and choices instead of tagging along. So I guess if you want to see reoccurring characters that probably isn’t going to happen but if you look closely I’m sure you’ll see parts of them reflecting in Ai as she grows. Hampnie for example changed her personality and gave her many traits.

        However I too would like to see more reoccurring characters or at least mentions. Maybe future characters will know about Ulla; the idol of murder or Dee the ghost. That kind of reoccurring would be more then enough for me.

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