Posted by: AceRailgun | August 18, 2013

Ultimate Marathon – Completion

Genshiken Nidaime1

That was super fun but it did take a long time and I was sick almost all week so it was unpleasant at times but honestly I could say this is one of the best marathons I’ve ever done as everything I picked to watch was at least somewhat good and on top of that I was very surprised by Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi which was brilliant, not perfect by any means but it has me very interested to say the least. So going back over last weeks post I’m curious to see my though before I watched everything since it turns out my judgement was off on a few things.


First up is Dog and Scissors. I wasn’t expecting much in the form of story or plot but it’s not bad folks. The story has it’s strong points and the characters develop nicely (So far) but it’s missing something I can’t put my finger on. It might be the excessive violence against the dog aspect I don’t like or that he’s fudging retarded when put into a potential love situation that’s putting me off. Otherwise it’s all good and worth giving a try.


Second was Gatchaman Crowds. Very odd and good in some regards but the pacing is terrible and I always find myself questioning the sudden introduction of new things. That said the main character, whilst mentally handicapped in some regards, has a very interesting take on social standings and I do like that. I’m also getting  a Dollars from Durarara vibe from the community app thing they all use on the phones but that’s just me.


Third was Genshiken Nidaime and all I can really say is that there is more to discuss here which I’ll save for a later post. I never watched the first series but I do believe this anime has taken a huge turn from focusing on a group of guys to begin with and then suddenly shifting to an almost entirely female club (Trap included). Also I almost choked laughing at the Sakura cosplay pictured above.


Fourth was Silver Spoon. It’s no Full Metal Alchemist but it’s got charm at least and all the jokes always end with over enthusiastic reactions to the mundane. Examples being pizza and a tractor.  The main character, Hachiken’s development is top notch and I think that’s what’s keeping me watching as the supporting cast is all over the shop and mostly weak.


Fifth was my favorite and that was Kamisama No Inai Nichiyoubi which is a bad Kino’s Journey. That said anything similar to Kino’s Journey is good so this has really got me hooked. It gives off a Magi Labyrinth vibe as well at times which I’m praising. The most notable thing is that it executes the perfect example of why you should always give a new anime three episodes to impress as it radically reverses the plot at the end of the 3rd episode which I didn’t see coming even right before it happened. Looking back I missed a lot of flags but still it was a bit of a shock to the system in a very good way.


Sixth was Kimi no Iru Machi and let’s just say it’s a good romance with very sneaky panty shots except the one it gives you full screen as part of the “plot” What I like here is that it’s not 100% obvious which girl Haruto is going to end up with at the end if he doesn’t screw up too bad that is. It’s certainly leaning one way but there is a chance it will turn around.


Seventh was Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S which turned into a very serious plot arc which ended in the bland protagonist swooping in to save the damsel in distress (A lightning monster girl who explodes stuff.)


Eighth was Stella Jogakuin Koutouka C3 which was rather to the point about wanting to show gun battles. I feel the dreams becoming reality idea is wasted here as it’s very well executed at certain points. But still I can’t argue because there focus is in the right place for what the anime is. If only all episodes were beach based shootouts like the last one I watch.


Last was Servant x Service and I’m still in love with it not only for the comedy but also for the silly love things that’s going on. It’s great and you should give it a try if you aren’t already.

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