Posted by: AceRailgun | July 21, 2013

Watamote – What animation brings to the table

Watamote 2

I wrote a post a few week back wondering if animation is even necessary and now that I’ve watched some of the Watamote anime (My example for this discussion) I’ve decided that yes animation can bring something to the table but even then I’ll still defend that the animation quality doesn’t matter so long as it surpasses a low bar that only terrible looking anime can’t reach.


The anime for Watamote (or should I say Watashi ga Motenai no wa Dou Kangaetemo Omaera ga Warui in case you are one of those crazy people that can remember that) doesn’t change the manga in any way but it extends upon the concepts and bring it into a whole new light revealing it’s true potential.


Don’t have a clue what I mean? The opening animation and song for example is the perfect example of extension. In the clip we are treated to some rather odd and out of place music coupled with animations of Tomoko trying to escape from chains. In the clip she does escape the chains at the end which I feel holds deeper meaning even if it wasn’t suppose to as this act is a blatant lie as Tomoko still hasn’t overcome her desperate situation and it doesn’t look like she will any time soon.


The song itself is also an extension of the manga seeing as manga can never use music to create an atmosphere or set a scene. Another thing the anime does well that the manga doesn’t is the dream sequences and that’s because unlike the manga the anime changes art style to some extent whenever Tomoko starts thinking. As the music changes the entire atmosphere changes with it and things become very clear we are now inside Tomoko’s head. In the manga there were times were it would take me a bit to catch on she was dreaming as there was no physical shift to indicate it in any way shape or form.


That’s just my two cents. I’d be interested to hear if anyone can think of a particular scene in any anime which you think wouldn’t work in manga form based on the mediums limitations.




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  2. An easy one is an adaptation that centers on sound itself. I don’t think the manga of Sakamichi no Apollon, for instance, would hold nearly as much power as the anime. The scene of Koaru and Sentaro playing their Bunkasai Medley, for instance, is one of the most powerful scenes I’ve ever witnessed that is dependent almost entirely on the music. The josei manga pales in comparison.

    I might also venture a case for something like the Monogatari series, but then I’m getting into a whole minefield I’d rather not touch lol.

    • Have you read that part in the manga? The Sakamichi no Apollon manga actually does a remarkably good job of illustrating what the music might sound like through visuals, imo. It’s a sight to behold and works way better than I expected. Sure, there’s no actual music playing, but it leaves a strong emotional impression nonetheless.

      • I honestly can’t even imagine how you’d communicate music through visuals so this is something I’m curious to check out. The musical scenes were spectacular in the anime version of Sakamichi no Apollon so I’m not sure how they would compare and I’ll be off to do that now.

      • I just read the relevant bunkasai scene. I gotta say, while I was presently surprised at how much I got into it, I still can’t say it comes close to matching the anime in intensity. It managed to convey the feelings behind the music really well, and so I give it a lot of credit for that, but the emotion contained in the songs themselves didn’t really click for me..

  3. Like I said in my first impressions about this show, I just want to listen to our heroine have inner monologues contemplating life, how much her classmates suck, the meaning of existence, what it means to pick up a guy, why common sense escapes her, why she’s so adorably geeky, why it’s so amusing to see her leave the comforts of her cocoon and live again, etc. etc. etc. In short, I just want to hear her talk.

    • She’s at her cutest when she’s talking… or making sounds that resemble words. But totally agree that her monologues are the best, I find it funny that half the time her inner thoughts are the opposite of what she does and she gets frustrated for not doing what she is thinking.

  4. Mhn…can’t really think of a scene straight from the spot, but I do believe that there are situations where the manga form is limited and can’t express well a scene.

    Regarding Watamote, it’s a good series, but I feel watching her fail so many times can be “depressing”

    • The manga gets really depressing later on so seeing that decent into madness again in anime form is great. But even if it is depressing it’s still entertaining.

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