Posted by: AceRailgun | July 7, 2013

Love Lab – Kiss already

I was sitting there the whole time expecting them to kiss, clearly Riko has a slight crush on Maki and the pair of them blushed on several occasions so you can’t really blame me for half expecting it to happen. But it didn’t and I’ll admit I’m a little sad but what this anime has going for it is comedy and not that shouty kind that was all so present Kitakubu Katsudou Kiroku. It’s very off putting and very annoying if you pay attention to it. Love Lab on the other hand was visually funny as well as witty with it’s dialog and the character dynamic between the main pair is nice.


But it’s not all sunshine and roses because this anime almost lost me on the opening, a bland looking girl approaching her new middle school (At least I think middle) say how much she is looking forward to it. Riko steps in at just the right moment and once the heart eyed girls are gone the cliche anime introduction is pushed aside and the real show begins.


Like most of us I’m really looking forward to more episodes of this as I can safely say it’s going to be entertaining. If the supporting cast from the opening song are as entertaining as the main pair then this anime has a chance to be one of the best this season.


If you haven’t watched it already go do that now and if you are still sitting here and not planning on watching it I’d strongly encourage you to go do so. Seriously go do it. Best part you ask? Okay probably the fact that the only reoccurring male character so far is a pillow. Curiosity peaked you trot off to go watch it.


  1. The opening scene is definitely a troll in creating an impression that intentionally mislead us by a huge margin of coolness.

    • It almost fooled me too seeing as this was the same opening as three other anime this season. The other two actually trying to pass off the corny opening as a serious part of the plot.

      • And Love lab decides to turn around and sprint like nobody’s business for gag’s sake~

  2. Yes they should! or should they? maybe we’ll see them kiss next episode? or the episode after that! see now we are hooked… just like how they planned it…

    • I’m okay with being hooked because it made me laugh a few time. Kissing won’t come until the end if it happens at all at the rate they are travelling anyway.

      • oh that 3 dots after hooked was supposed to be exclamation points ;D I was excited too i liked the episode. Made me laugh like i was watching nichijou.

      • Ah yes nichijou was a great comedy, i hope this makes me laugh as much as it did.

  3. Frankly, Ku Klux Klan’s “protagonist” screaming a lot is supposed to be part of her appeal. How would YOU react if you were suddenly admitted to a…”looney bin” of sorts.

    Anyhoo, Love Lab currently has 2% expectations from me on the yuri front but as a comedy, it rocks.

    • Screaming never helped anyone 😛

      Sadly I think you’re right with Love Lab never developing into full on yuri but we can dream can’t we. Comedy is great though so I’m sticking with it regardless of the lack of yuri

      • Same here. Also, thanks for the Watamote recommendation. Just saw the first episode and loved it.

      • You are most welcome. The good stuff is yet to come so look forward to that.

      • for now, I will bask in the greatness of the protagonist’s facial expressions and inner monologues. I LOVE shows where characters just talk about stuff. I know more will happen but I just want to hear her talk about stuff.

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