Posted by: AceRailgun | May 27, 2013

Upcoming anime – Watamote


It’s actually called No Matter How I Look at It, It’s You Guys’ Fault I’m Not Popular! but I don’t think anyone actually uses that title since it’s much too long and rambles about nothing for ages without actually mentioning anything sort of like myself. I read the entire manga in one hit because it’s good, awkward but good. It’s still ongoing so it falls into that category.


So the plot revolves around Tomoko Kuroki, a girl with no friends at high school. Admittedly she has an old friend from middle school she sees on occasion and she sometimes spends time with her younger middle school brother but 95% of the time she is alone, desperately alone. Her brother spends pity time with her on occasion which is amusing but it’s often the everyday stuff she does which makes it funny. Her entire drive as a person is to experience all the normal high school things but she always has to do them alone which leads to creative work around which are always incredibly amusing.


This story uses the base of a typical slice of life manga and then tries to do the entire thing with just one character which is amusing to say the least. Now before you go expecting a light-hearted  comedy stop because it’s only that on the surface and there is times when the story gets more intense as Tomoko challenges some real issues involving friendships and the fact that she is an introvert even though she desperately wants to be noticed. It’s stupid to say since it’s suppose to be a comedy but I found her struggles to be very realistic and handled in a tasteful way and i enjoyed the story lines which didn’t always end with a joke.


A little warning from me is that in the beginning it can seem very strange and there is some unique choices in art style but those later grow on you and I’m sure will become a key point of the anime style. Lets just say this is going to be a comedy you aren’t going to want to miss.


  1. Very well, I will take your word for it. Actually, most comedies deal with one serious issue or another, The execution of the issue determines how seriously the viewer will view it. In any case, this should be fun since it’s an SoL…sort of.

    • I guess a lot of comedies do touch on more serious issues, Watamote certainly does even if it’s not always apparent. Look forward to it 🙂

      • I will dood, I will.

  2. This sounds like it’ll be worth watching when it starts to air. Comedy with a hint of seriousness is always good in my books.

    • If you enjoy those things I’m sure you’ll love it, or at least like it. There is some odd jokes in the beginning but once it gets past those it’s great.

  3. I’ve started reading this and will likely finish in the next couple days. It quite possibly will be both the most depressing and the most hilarious manga I will ever read. (Depressing in that it hits close to home way too often… SIGH.)
    I find it interesting to learn the manga was actually an online series. So congrats to the author for finding success in that way.

    • It’s unique in that regard yes and sadly it hits home for a lot of people. I’m really glad that it doesn’t touch on bullying because that always takes a turn for the worst. The personal struggle is always much more entertaining then a struggle created by bullies.

      The anime trailer looked low budget but as long as it stick to the manga well the jokes should still be funny.

  4. i can relate to the main character i like it!

    • I think most of us can relate to her. It’s going to be a popular anime I bet.

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