Posted by: AceRailgun | May 25, 2013

Mid-season Discoveries

Hataraku Maou-sama 1

This is actually a thing for me and it tends to happen consistently once every 3 months. Around episode 5-7 of the airing anime schedules I tend to get curious about something or other and pick up an anime which I previously overlooked. This seasons late pick up was Hataraku Maou-sama which I started watching when episode seven was released and what’s great about that is that I can have a mini marathon of a newly airing anime. It’s always thanks to twitter comments that I pick up these anime so props to you guys and girls for making decent suggestion when you’re not talking about your breakfast or random cats.


Before Hataraku Maou-sama I picked up Psycho Pass mid season and before that it was Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic for the same reason and I’ve not been disappointed. I’m fairly sure it’s the same reason I watched Kuroko’s Basketball too so that make four good anime I’ve picked up half way.


So what I’m getting at here is absolutely nothing… The end. I jest, i’m more or less liking this new trend for finding anime which two or three years ago I lacked. I wonder just how many good anime I’ve never seen because I never heard about them when they were airing. I’m sure many good but obscure anime have sunk so deep into the overwhelming ocean of current media that even I, with my scuba diver suit and amazing facial hair cannot reach. It’s dark down there and it’s filled with Naruto reruns and Bleach fan fic.


Have you ever discoverer the anime equivalent of a golden relic, dug up from the past or have you picked up something great which was mentioned to you by someone who insisted you give it the time of day? I’m not sorry for the metaphors earlier either, the crazy/creative thing inside me had a field day with those and it would be a shame to cut them out now.


  1. I also tend to pick up things mid-way or just as soon as they ended so I can do a quick marathon. Haven’t gotten around to that yet this season, but I do plan on checking out Red Data Girl sometime in the near-ish future.

    For the winter 2013 season, the ones I marathoned as soon as they ended were OreShura, Haganai Next, AKB0048 Next stage, Senran Kagura, and Mondaiji-tachi. Shows that were picked up circa halfway through were Maoyu and Minami-ke Tadaima. (Unfortunately I wasn’t a fan of any of these shows.)

    • Maybe I just got lucky with my mid season picks then. It wasn’t until episode 4 that I picked up Gargantia this season either so that was a little victory for me as well.

      Marathoning anime as soon as the anime season ends is probably a good idea in some cases too since most of those anime you mentioned weren’t exactly spoiled on a weekly basis on places like Twitter and Google+

  2. Hataraku Maou-sama is great. I would have dismissed it had it not been for the blogs I follow that had first impressions on the series.

    As for golden relics, the previous spring season I picked up Hyouka about nine episodes into its twenty-two episode run because of a forum thread. It turned out to be one of my favorite anime of the year, and may likely become an all time favorite as well.

    • Hataraku certainly is great, it kind of reminds me of Squid Girl but with more of a plot.

      It’s certainly nice being able to pick up random anime and for them to turn out surprisingly well, it happens to me so much I almost think I should just check out more anime when they start airing. The only problem with that though is you tend to experience a lot of the sub standard anime drivel which soon gets forgotten by everyone.

  3. I think I have the same dilemma as you. Picking up too many shows means you’ll expose myself more often to forgettable shows, but discovering a great show on your own is a greater pleasure than watching something on recommendation and agreeing that it is great. I found Ghost Hound on my own and really enjoyed that anime to bits, but most of the time, I do stick to watching recommended anime or ones that get a lot of discussion on forums – idk, it feels safer.

    • It certainly is a good feeling to find a good anime by yourself but I get that same feeling when I know I’ve found something great even when it’s due to someone recommending it.

      I found Ghost Hound on my own as well 🙂 I was wandering through the DVD store a few years back and just decided to give it a try. Those were the younger riskier years of anime viewing as I ended up buying a lot of not so memorable titles.

  4. I always watch the first episode or two of a new series and if I decide not to watch it then I wait until it’s over to see people’s reactions. If everyone loved it, then I might watch it, but if not, then I’ll just leave it alone.

    Glad to hear that you picked up Hataraku Maou-sama though, it’s my favourite series this season.

    • That’s often what I do but instead of waiting until the end of the season i grab stuff in the middle, that way I can be up to date when the story gets towards the end because my entire twitter feed is a bunch of spoiler blabbers who can’t help but spoil everything, bless them.

      Maou-sama is certainly one of my favorites this season too which is awesome because I wan’t expecting much going into it.

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