Posted by: AceRailgun | May 19, 2013

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S – A sane girl in an insane world

Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S

I’m only a casual viewer of this anime series and thus I do not know or remember insignificant parts of the plot but what I do notice is the abnormal personalities and  it’s very prevalent in Toaru Kagaku no Railgun S and the series as a whole feels like the main character, Misaka is just trying desperately not to succumb to the insanity.


The poor girl has a crazy person living in her room, Kuroko has attention deficit disorder as well as a lack of understanding in the social standing that is personal space. She also has this obsession with Misaka which is borderline mental and by borderline I mean that she’s well and truly pasted the normal limits of respect and admiration. To top it all off she is a criminal level pervert and molests objects of Misaka’s possession whenever she leaves them unattended which is almost all the time seeing as she’s forever trying to stay out of that room.


Moving on you’ve got Accelerator who is violently insane which counters well with the other mentally ill cast members. He’s murderous and aggressive and as of episode 6 he’s invincible which isn’t a good combination for Misaka. Although I recall somewhere earlier in the series he was shown to be misunderstood it hardly changes the fact that his entire plot revolves around mass homicide. Surely at least one of the hundred plus scientists working on making him a level 6 would have noticed he was a little bit mental.


The minor cast is also very unnerving as well since you can not be sure when Nunotaba, Misaki or Uiharu (Trust me she’s putting on an act) will stab you in the back. It’s only a matter of time before Misaka is found face down in the water with s knife in her back. She is literally the only sane person in a circus of freaks which believe it or not makes her the most relatable  in a strange and unheard of way. Honestly there isn’t a single thing this series could do to surprise me now as I go into every new episode expecting something bizarre to happen and that makes it very entertaining.


  1. Easily one of best episodes of RailgunS so far, even though I like the fifth episode a bit more because we get to see some fun interaction between MISAKA 9982 and Misaka! Then again Accelerator always steals the show whenever he pops up or Touma? Who I assume will eventually appear? xD

    • I’ve seen the manga panel with Accelerator whispering in Misaka’s ear countless times so it was a nice surprise to see it animated, I didn’t know it would happen this episode so it was a 100% a surprise for me.

      I have no idea if Touma is suppose to show up or not since this isn’t really his series but then again there might be a few appearances for him. I too enjoyed episode 5, the comical moments balanced very well with the serious stuff which is rare. I’m certainly looking forward to more.

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  3. I don’t know…Misaka has a pretty deranged love for Gekota.

    • That is true but it’s only slightly abnormal. Compared to perverts and murderers her love is fairly tame.

  4. Ehh Mikoto is fairly crazy, though she’s probably the sanest of the Level 5s.
    And she chases a certain weak Level 0 around with magnetic iron sand chainsaw swords, which is definitely problematic.

    • I guess the insanity is contagious and Misaka was too exposed to the other level 5’s. Either that or power directly correlate with sanity or the lack of.

  5. No way Uiharu would stab someone in the back. Maybe she’d hold up a knife and look away and it would accidently end up in someone’s back, but it wouldn’t be her fault 😛

    • It’s always the seemingly innocent ones which turn out to be the most evil. I can see her giggling after the knife “Slips” it gives me goosebumps.

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