Posted by: AceRailgun | May 5, 2013

Why I instantly fell in love with Suisei no Gargantia

Suisei no Gargantia 1

I haven’t experienced this feeling for a while, no I’m not talking about love even though that’s what the title says. What I’m trying to say is I’ve never become hooked so quickly on a story before. Normally it takes time for me to become attached to a cast and a setting but it took just twenty minutes for me to be convinced that Suisei no Gargantia is my favorite anime this season and that’s saying something since both Devil Survivor 2 and Shingeki no Kyojin are great as well.


The opening five minutes were so cliche mecha anime it almost makes me sick but in hindsight they were perfect as the contrast between those scenes and what comes after is vast. Not a single moment of calm was experienced the entire time Ledo was in space but essentially everything after that is the complete opposite of that which works in a very interesting way. When on earth the viewer craves action scenes as there is always calm but when in space we want to see calm which seems strange. Both these things are given they are some of the best scenes.

Suisei no Gargantia 2


Guessing what will happen next is also big for me in this anime as it’s very open at the moment and the plot isn’t fully revealed yet. Obviously there is the grand goal of Ledo getting back to where he came from but I imagine that after spending time on earth he will slowly change into a different person with a different view on life. There is also the question of how this is going to happen and so far (as of episode 4) there have been a few hints as to what could happen.


My first guess is that Amy and her brother are separated and the family conversation that they had will be a driving force for Ledo to help them and in the process change his ideals. Another reason Ledo could stay is that the pirate threat escalates because of him and he fears the Gargantia’s destruction would be inevitable if he leaves. This could keep him on the Gargantia long enough for him to form lasting bonds as I’m certain that’s what the plot will mostly be about.


But all that aside what really hits me about this anime is the atmosphere it creates. The space scenes were gorgeous and the Gargantia looks stunning with all the green plant life mixed in with the rusted but colorful metalwork on the sparkling blue ocean. But even that pales in comparison to how well the multi-language segments are treated even though they speak Japanese for the viewer Ledo and Amy both speak fictional languages which sound so natural even though it jumps between that and Japanese so often. What I’d find most interesting is that I add another language to the mix by reading English subtitles. It’s a multi-leveled linguistic nightmare but that’s what makes it so amazing.

Suisei no Gargantia 3


If you haven’t checked it out I strongly suggest you do and if you are watching it you’d be a fool not to be excited for episode 5 as that’s most likely when the true plot will kick in.


  1. I love it when the setting of an anime takes on a life of its own. In a way, Gargantia reminds me of Sora no Woto, Durarara, and Cowboy Bebop because the vivid backdrop is so important to the successful portrayal of the plot and characters. Sora no Woto in particular benefited immensely from having such a memorable environment because the premise of the anime was rough to begin with, and I think Garagantia is similar in this respect.

    • Oh yeah it does remind me of Sora no Woto too. Both of them have the unique kind of setting driven story. Or at least a very strong setting which supports the plot. I look forward to them exploring the world even more as there is real potential there.

      I think you’d agree that at the moment the supporting cast is fairly week but I believe that will change in the next episode or two.

  2. Episode 1 hooked me right away, episode 3 lost me as soon as the pirates turned out to be lead by a silly and incompetent lobster queen and Gargantia were all silly hippies with delusions of adequacy. But it’s still not bad, just a bit less than it was making itself out to be.

    • True the pirates are incompetent but I feel that’s just because Ledo was so overpowered compared to them. However if a true threat doesn’t present itself soon (The aliens) then we probably won’t get a whole lot to look forward to in the plot department.

      • I agree that’s what the writers seem to have wanted, but they dropped the ball in my eyes. In episode 2, the pirates seemed competent – getting the drop on Gargantia, holding important people hostage before they could react, etc. In episode 3, they were brash, idiotic morons who just attacked Gargantia despite knowing there was a superweapon there.

        This undermines Gargantia’s cowardly stance. If the pirates were THIS incompetent, then they should have jumped at the chance to vanquish them (killing them or not). The pirates weren’t as careful and threatening as Gargantia made them out to be, so it made Gargantia’s stance seem.. confusing at best.

        I also think that making them real people, not “bad guys for kids’ shows” would have elevated Gargantia’s moral stance, since not killing “bad people” only has impact if you’d secretly really rather kill them (or wish they were gone). The way they were written it just felt like a tacked-on moral stance “just for something to talk about.”

        Again, I know how the writers probably intended it, but it doesn’t work nearly as well as the rest of the series up to that point, because all those semi-realistic vibes went out the window. Humanizing the pirates as well as Ledo was humanized however.. that would have made this whole thing amazing.

        I guess I’m just disappointed they went the cheap, easy way out?

  3. where have you seen episode 5 with english subs? i always wait of subbers 😦

    • It wasn’t out when I wrote this post but since then it’s come out and should be fairly easy to find.

  4. I’m not too keen on the characters, but I absolutely love the setting. The series reminds me of the types of settings that you normally find in Ghibli films.

    As for speculation, I’m going with the idea that the series will remain relatively light-hearted and that they’ll find land in the end.

    • Finding land was one of my many speculations but at this point it’s just so hard to guess since they are keeping everything very light hearten. Although I like Leto the other characters aren’t really doing much for me at the moment either. I’m hoping it’s the kind of story where you gradually get attached to the characters as they get their stories explained.

  5. I wasn’t the only one who fell for this anime just in the first episode *^*
    I don’t usually watch mecha but this one is just… Epic!

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