Posted by: AceRailgun | May 4, 2013

Evangelion 3.33 You Can (Not) Redo – Ayanami, put some clothes on

Evangelion 3

I was excited about this movie…. That is past tense because I was excited but now I’m not. That’s because I watched it and although satisfied I feel it was the weakest movie in the series. Part of that is to blame on the crappy opening, it was animated okay but that space scene was seriously terrible and anyone who thought it was engaging or entertaining is lying to themselves I had no idea what we were going on. So the first seven minutes go something like this.


(Note this is actual dialog(Slightly modified))

Guy 1: Tuning RCS, activation confirmed. Switching to deceleration for some reason.

Guy 2: Something about lack of altitude: Igniting all engines, stage one.

Guy 1: No problems with the posture-control system whatever that is.

Guy 2: Beginning combustion, I didn’t say that with different words already did I?

Guy 1: Contact ring ready for separation. S1c combustion complete in case you didn’t see that on screen.

Guy 2: Reconfirming that I talked about a three letter abbreviation already.

Guy 1: Techno lingo has reached stage 1.

Guy 2: Techno lingo referring to what you are seeing.


Talk about engaging dialog to get us engaged in the movie. This continues for no joke the first seven minutes followed as Asuka spouting the same nonsense with some meowing cat girl song going in the background. Even though it was a fight sequence this opening was very weak by Evangelion standards which only left room for the plot to get better and it does after everyone insults Shinji for no reason for about fifteen minutes or so, poor guy just wants someone to tell him what’s going on. It’s sort of how I was feeling too.

Once all that is out of the way Shinji meets his love interest, Kaworu and stumbles into a room with Rei naked in it… again.


Once Shinji get’s all that nonsense out of the way he gets some partial explanations from Kaworu which save the movie in my opinion as it finally explains all the cool stuff that has happened during the time skip which by the way is exactly what this series need to be able to keep going after the 2nd impact. In case you don’t know what that is it’s essentially the end of the world. Thanks Shinji.


But in all seriousness, I know it’s hard for me to be believably serious but hear me out. The progressive scenes with Shinji spending time in the ruins of Nerv were really well done and all the stuff with Kaworu and the piano was the polish this movie needed. I know most of you came here for the female characters(Who didn’t) but honestly this installment of Evangelion unexpectedly moved away from that and really explored Shinji’s struggle and the world. It certainly makes you think and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.


Before you go lets try and guess the English title for the last movie. The first three were

Evangelion: 1.0 You Are (Not) Alone
Evangelion: 2.0 You Can (Not) Advance
Evangelion: 3.0 You Can (Not) Redo


All these are amazing titles which make you think unlike the rubbish Japanese title.  Evangelion New Movie Edition: Q   Quickening… What a stupid title.

So have a guess at what the last title will be. My guesses are:

Evangelion: 4.0 You Can (Not) Survive
Evangelion: 4.0 You Can (Not) Forgive (In reference to his father)


  1. You’re right about those first seven minutes. Man, did I snooze during them!

    • I can understand what they were trying to do but the techno babble got a little out of hand.

      • What were they trying to do? I know Evangelion is suppose to be enigmatic, but I still don’t see the connection between that scene and the rest of the movie.

        Evangelion 3.0 deviated a lot from the original series, so that may be influencing my reception of it, but overall I was disappointed. I’m glad Shinji got his fair share of screen time, but Asuka, Rei and Misato were all virtually ignored except for a few action scenes here and there. The plot was an absolute mess too (even by Evangelion standards).

        I’m sure a second viewing will help me piece together the bits I didn’t understand the first time through. To be honest though, the only things that really “felt” like Evangelion were the scenes involving Shinji and Kaworu. Everything else came across as nothing more than confusing action scenes and indecipherable technical jargon.

  2. I’d agree there certainly wasn’t enough Asuka or Rei but I feel like them being absent helps stress Shinji’s situation. I suspect movie 4 will be exactly what we are looking for in the interactions between the main cast. Honestly I’m happy the story is deviating from the original because that’s what we were promised with these movies. I’ve already seen Neon Genesis Evangelion so all the changes are welcome.

  3. I hope movie 4 better be 3 fucking hours long.

    this movie felt too short and too half fucked personally.

    Didn’t mean to sound that angry (trust me, i’m not), but as a eva fan since the start of the tv-series, it is annoying to see them introducing eva to the new crowd in such half ass manner. but when is movie 4 coming ?

    *just to stray off course*

    I do hope they will do a re-do of Gunbuster , maybe a 2 part movie. The thought of Gunbuster having modern animation makes me so excited. Hell most of gainax stuff can be and should be re-done every decade ! XD XD

    • It’s always hard to convey emotion in text so I trust you’re not angry. I always end up feeling like my sarcasm is lost in text so you’re not alone.

      I know what you mean by half fucked, It doesn’t really do a whole lot even though an hour and a half passed but at the same time making it any longer probably wouldn’t have helped. I’m not saying it was bad I just think it needed some polish in the writing particularly in the department of “What story are we trying to tell.”

      • eva 3.0 was really a hell of a mess .

        personally i was doubting myself if i had missed anything from 2.0 since there was a 14 years time skip >..>

        and my misato-chan became so angry.. T__T

      • A longer runtime probably would have helped though because maybe then we could have gotten more character development from our cast so that we could care about them more and get to know who they have become after 14 years; plus a longer runtime could have helped flesh the plot out and make it less messy. I have this gut feeling that if the staff had stuck with the original story that they had for 3.0, we would have gotten an amazing story; things looked like they were setting for some nice character developments and some shit-hits the fan moments….too bad. I actually enjoyed the 3.0 that we got contrary to how others felt about this movie. I’ve just got this nagging feeling that it could have been better had they stuck with their original story and in that sense its kind of disappointing.

  4. I was really disappointed with the opening battle too. After finishing the movie, I went back to see if I could actually tell what was going on, but really all I saw was a bunch of shapes and colours moving across the screen for a few minutes before Shinji slices up some tentacles.

    • It was confusing and even in hindsight the dialog makes next to no sense. I’m assuming that thing they fight was an angel but it wasn’t as clear as it should have been and for someone who hasn’t watched the EVA series since the last movie came out the details of the plot are a little fuzzy.

      The next movie should be interesting as the ending of this one left the characters in a really interesting social situation which could become very entertaining.

  5. The fourth movie, You Can (Not) Be Gay (With Kaworu), oh wait, that’s actually a good title for the third movie.

    I have totally no idea what happened in the beginning too, and had to re-read what happened during the previous movies in wikia. Even then, I don’t see much of a connection. The focus on Shinji and his struggles is good, but it’s still as agonizing to watch him as usual.

    He pulled the spears! And everyone tell him not to >_>

    Ohh, and..

    Big Boss!

    • Pirate Asuka was cool at the end but like Misato she just pissed me off at the start. I do’t get why Shinji pulled the spear even though everyone was begging him not to. Maybe he felt powerful doing something without being told. Either that or he has partial brain damage.

      Your movie title works for 3.0 but not really 4 since he’s well… you know.

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