Posted by: AceRailgun | April 21, 2013

Let Make an Anime OVA

Crossover 1

I woke up this morning wanting to be creative so here goes and I’m certain you did too. That’s awfully assumptive of me but I just know it’s true. Most of you are writers in some form or another so obviously you are always striving for creativity. This activity is designed to be done slowly, do not read ahead to the next questions. Answer the question you are on before proceeding as the later questions will no doubt affect the earlier ones and that’s no good.



1. Think of your three favorite characters in anime. This can be heroes, villains or moe girl if you’re into that kind of thing. Don’t worry I’m not judging. They are a team now.


2. Put them in your favorite anime world.


3. Give them the most entertaining villain you can think of from anime. I said entertaining not powerful.


4. Give that villain the most overpowered superpower you can think of.


There you have it, you’ve successfully created the Dragon Ball – Toriko – One Piece OVA. This is the exact process they used to come up with that OVA by the way. Don’t believe me? Go ask them yourself then?

Mine you ask? My creative mind created a monster for this one. Edward Elric, Okabe Rintaro and Tenshi from Angel Beats team up to fight Lelouch Lamperouge who has a Death Note in the lovely world of Sora no Woto. What a mess that would turn out to be but I still see it in a favorable light beside Dragon Ball – Toriko -One Piece OVA.


Out of curiosity would your anime have been better then that crossover? Leave your answers in the comments for judgement by your peers, a few teenage kids and my ever so active stalker who has no commenting privileged. I also forbid fan fics about the idea you’ve just come up with.


  1. Oh dear. I went step by step and Kino, Ginko, and Girghe (from Break Blade) are up against Lelouch (who already has the Geass) in Kino’s World.

    So this is why gratuitous crossovers are a bad thing. . .

    • i’d say those three don’t stand a chance. But yes, now you see why anime crossover OVA’s aren’t that appealing.

      Also Welcome back 🙂

  2. So my crossover would involve Osaka, Revy and Sawako in the world of One Piece. I’m not sure if it counts, but the first villain I thought of was Ika Musume. She gets a power called Gold Experience Requiem, which can revert anything to a state of zero. And yet she’s still the least terrifying out of those four.

    • Ika Musume would totally end up as dinner in a matter of minutes no matter how good her super power is. Actually just seeing her and Revy in one scene together would be enough for me. It doesn’t need a whole OVA to get that hilarious image across:P

  3. Oh, Ace Railgun, I always like it when you come up with blog posts like this. XD

    At any rate, Oz (Pandora Hearts), Kino (‘s Journey), and the protagonist of Humanity Has Declined are all at Neo-Venezia (Aria), trying to deal with Izaya (Durararararara), who has (to everyone’s horror) gained the ability of time manipulation.
    I think this would be pretty interesting actually, since they’re all rather intelligent characters… GAH, someone write a fanfic of this for me.

    • Lucky I forbid fanfic because that one would be a monster. Izaya is damn scary without super powers so giving him any kind of power would make him a real threat.

      As much as this idea appeals to you, it’s not a bad idea but it really shows just how hard it is to combine three (Or more) stories into one. That’s why I imagine even though the Dragon Ball – Toriko – One Piece thing would be awful. You might like one or two of those anime but the characters you don’t know hurt it more then the other characters support it. Put simply I hope this crossover stuff donesn’t become common place. Maybe in moderation 😛

      • I imagine something like this DB/Toriko/OP movie will do all right since they’re all the same genre (same sub-genre, even), and fans of one will probably be fans of the others (or at the very least know of the others).
        Crossovers do tend to be pretty gimmicky, but in this case I doubt the target audience will mind much.

      • I’d say that but in my opinion Toriko is average at best and it really pulls the whole thing down. However Dragon Ball would be a huge draw in for many since it’s probably the first time it’s been animated in years.

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