Posted by: AceRailgun | March 30, 2013

Seasonal Round Up – The Good

Shin Sekai Yori 1


I was having trouble thinking about which anime I should write about seeing as a whole bunch of them ended recently and then it dawned on me that I could just write about all of them in one super post. Because a lot of anime ended recently I added them to my top anime list I’ll give them a number as to where on the list they sit in relation to the other 180 currently on there. This anime season I started 10 new anime and continued watching four ongoing series. I’ll start with the good anime first and work my way to the rubbish which I didn’t finish tomorrow.


17/180 Shin Sekai Yori

I rated this anime so highly for good reason. It was engaging and mysterious and always had something interesting and new to show me each and every episode without fail, there was no dull moments. If you didn’t watch this anime then I suggest going back and watching it before it becomes to hard to get your hands on.


40/180 Psycho Pass

Think Ghost in the Shell but with a more corrupt legal system and you’ve got Psycho Pass, it certainly had it flaws but what made it special was the unpredictable nature of the crimes and the overarching villain who always seemed to be one step ahead of the plot. Another must watch which I seriously recommend you check out, be warned that the true story doesn’t kick in until the second half of the series so be patient with it.


82/180 Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT

When the series is trying to be funny or cute it’s great but as soon as it gets into the long winded speeches about friendship it’s dreadful and sadly the second half of the second season did nothing but this. There was some truly great moments like the entire theme park visit or the bond that formed between the vampire and the nun girl but otherwise this season did nothing for me. If the first season was enough for you then there is no reason to push yourself to watch the second season. It’s not nearly as good as the first.


88/180 Maoyuu Maou Yuusha

I feel kind of bad for rating this so low but then I remember that nothing was resolved in the final episode and I can justify it’s lower rating. I can respect the plot for being unique and full of surprises and the battles were well planned out which was a nice change but sadly there was no real meaning to them so it all feels like it was for nothing, no grand goal was reached and nothing changes so really I can’t recommend it for much. If you really really liked Spice and Wolf then maybe give this a try.


90/180 Robotic;Notes

A good concept wasted by poor pacing and convoluted explanations. Akiho was an interesting character and is what initially drew me in after that Subaru shows up and he’s just as entertaining but then everything goes down hill from there and the pacing slows to a snails pace throwing us into boring side stories and sitting the main cast on the sideline to watch. If you’re after another Steins;Gate you’ve come to the wrong place but if you really like schools and giant robots then this is the anime for you. I’d say something about how lightning never strikes the same place twice but I don’t know how to work that in… Oh I just did but then I’m fairly certain it can strike the same place twice…


105/180 Sasami-san@Ganbaranai

Technically it hasn’t finished yet but who are you kidding, the good part of the plot with chocolate nudes and rocket boobs has been and gone and what we’re left with is a bible worth of boring god speeches and a girl with a penis. There was something beautiful and nude here but like a story book wife she got fat and boring and has long forgotten the glory days of crazy battle sequences with no explanations. Watch the 6 or so episodes then go do something else.


112/180 Kotoura-san

This anime follows the “How to write an textbook” to the letter and then copied the external references word for word changed the title to some differences and tries to pass it off as a new anime. The teacher flicks to the last page and notices there is only one reference “Wikipedia”. “Nice try…. Please see me after class.”


I haven’t got to Magi The Labyrinth of Magic or Little Busters because neither of them have finished yet. They won’t be on the bad list tomorrow though because I like them both to some extent.


  1. I really need to get back into Shinsekai Yori. It looked like a very good show from the beginning, but somehow I was never able to get into it on a weekly basis like everyone else could. Right now I’m about halfway through, and I’d like to see the kind of shit that goes down later on.

    • The second half is much better then the first half so you have that to look forward to. Just be careful as I’ve noticed spoilers for it here and there on the web.

    • I second Ace on this one. Shinsekai Yori was easily my favorite show of the season. It does start off a bit slow, but it’s all worth it in the end.

  2. Psycho-Pass would have been a lot better without wasting all that time in the first half. In some ways it did help lead into the main theme, but it seemed far more interested in throwing out a bunch philosophical ideas and hoping something stuck. Also, I didn’t like the way they dealt with Makishima in the end. In fact, now that I think about it, the entire ending seemed rather rushed and unpolished.

    By all means it’s a good show, but I don’t think I would recommend it to somebody unless they were particularly interested in the genre.

    • It’s true that the ending to Psycho Pass was quick but I wouldn’t say it was rushed everything that needed to happen happened and it didn’t beat around the bush being coy with long winded dialog or a prolonged escape scene. The protagonists cornered the villain foiled his plan and back up plan and then hunted him like a dog until the climax. I guess it’s a bit odd for an anime to end his way but the police/criminal process felt very real in that last scene. I too wouldn’t recommend it to just anyone, it’s got niche appeal and I that’s all.

  3. I just wasn’t a huge fan of how Shin Sekai and Psycho Pass ended…they were kinda like “everything just works out” in the end.

    • It’s about the journey not the destination 😀

      • I don’t know if I’d completely agree with that. What is the journey building towards? If it builds to something that’s less than ideal, I personally think it devalues the journey, no matter how good it is.

  4. Your description of Kotoura-san was perfect. The show was such a mess. :/

    • It certainly was a mess but that mess is sadly how most anime with the boy meets girl with super power scenario pan out.

  5. Yea, I like it when Haganai was just them having fun, messing around while trying to look for friends, but second season has too much drama for it’s own good. By the looks of it, seems like there might be a third season though, guess we’ll see how it turns out.

    Psycho-Pass isn’t the best especially by Gen Urobuchi standards but it’s definitely an above average anime worth a look at least. It talks about interesting themes but by the end of the episode, I’m too fantasized about a certain yuri couple to care much about them.

    Shinsekai Yori is definitely the best out of the season, although it has it’s ups and downs along the way.

    • I heard about a third season of Haganai but I’m honestly not too interested. Nothing new happened in the second half of the second season and that killed it for me.

      Every anime has it’s ups and downs and I’d agree Shin Sekai Yori had a lot of them. What matters is that it managed to pull it together for the end and give us an amazing story. it certainly was a dark horse which I didn’t realize was good until I’d made it halfway through

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