Posted by: AceRailgun | March 9, 2013

I wish for a sequel

Kino's Journey 1

Normally I feel sequels are completely unnecessary and nine times out of ten just suck. *Cough* Last Exile *Cough*…. Wait why should I cough for that I want everyone to know to avoid the Last Exile sequel, seriously avoid that like the plague; it might also do you some good to avoid the Eureka Seven sequel as well since that’s bad too. But enough about what I dislike the reason I’m here is to remind myself that there is some good things in the world which I’m certain would not be hurt by a sequel.


1. Mushi Shi and Kino’s Journey

These two anime are similar enough that I feel they would both benefit from more episodes. I’d buy those in a heart beat and call in sick to work to watch them. Mushi Shi has no overarching story so it would benefit from more episodes regardless and Kino’s Journey has no destination so to see more from her travels would be brilliant, I cannot for the life of me track down a copy of either of the kino OVA’s so if anyone knows where those are I’d appreciate it.  Now imagine for a moment if Kino traveled so far that she found Ginko. It would be the most amazing crossover in existence so much so that by speaking any more of it I could end the world so I will stop now.


2. Spice and Wolf

I have no idea what happens after the events of season two. I don’t have the patience to track down translated light novels; My experience with the Durarara light novel was painful since I spent more time finding it then I did reading it. What helps you power through the economics side of Spice and Wolf is Holo and just how well her personality was captured with animation. I’m sure the novel would be good but I know it just wouldn’t be the same experience as seeing her in her full animated glory. Fingers crossed this gets a third season but I feel that boat has sadly sailed far out into the ocean and possibly sunk.


3. Haibane Renmei

Adding this to the list was difficult for me since some of the charm for me was that the plot was left wide open without us seeing half the characters overcome their problems. It wouldn’t be hard to create a sequel for this if you took the dark approach and gave a situation similar to Angel Beats where Rakka helped everyone overcome their problems and move on but was left to overcome her own problem on her own. There would be opportunity to add new characters and explore the world even more. The problem is a sequel could easily ruin the initial experience although I’m confident that if they did choose to make a sequel that they would certainly know it’s worth the time to create.


4. Sora No Woto

Don’t you dare do a time skip on me. If you do a sequel continue from the very point you left us. There is a good opportunity here for the girls to fall into a slump since one of the characters left the group at the end of the series which would mix up the perfect friendships and character dynamics. Just imagine the girls exploring this world in pursuit of their departed friend, that would be one anime I wouldn’t miss.


Anyone else think that an anime deserves a sequel or just a little bit more explanation with a movie or an OVA?


  1. Much like Spice & Wolf we’re left in a cliffhanger with Saiunkoku Monogatari- a really great series. I would be happy even with some ovas or a movie.

    • It amazing just how much a movie or an OVA can do for a story. Sadly they cost a lot of money to make so it rarely happens to good stories.

  2. The Spice and Wolf LNs are actually being published in English, so you might be able to grab those without too much looking around I think.

    I would want to see more Haruhi sequels, but who knows what’s going to happen with those.

    • I watch a bit of Haruhi but gave up after they tried to release the same episode 8 times…. It seems like after that the anime adaption became a bit of a mess with a movie or something like that. I’m sure the light novels clear that up but I wouldn’t hold my breath on that one because much like Spice and Wolf I suspect the boat has sailed.

      I wasn’t aware the light novels had been translated; I’ll have to look into it and try and pick up a copy of them. Thanks for the heads up on that I appreciate it.

  3. The most frustrating thing about the lack of Mushishi sequel-happening is that they adapted the first five (of ten) volumes minus one story, so there is literally the same amount of material (in terms of content volume) for them to adapt. They could have animated the whole thing in a glorious 52 episode series; let that sink in for a minute.

    I also wholeheartedly agree on Kino’s Journey. Even if it was just a couple episodes and not even a full season, I would be content.

    • 52 episodes… That would have been amazing so I’m actually a little sad to hear that but at the same time it also means that there is still a lot for me to go out there and read. I really should pay more attention to things like this for the anime I love.

      Sadly I know there is Kino content out there I haven’t seen so all I can do is desperately search for it. Maybe one day I’ll find it.

  4. The first four suggestions all undeniably deserve sequels. I’m pleasantly surprised to see Sora no Woto on your list though. That’s easily one of the most underrated anime I’ve ever watched. The OVA definitely opened up a lot of possibilities for a sequel, but I’d be worried that the it would lose what made the original so special.

    And just off the top of my head, I still want to see another season of Nodame Cantabile. It’s probably not going to happen, but I can dream, right?

    • Sora no Woto never really made waves like it should of huh. It was overlooked for some reason so it’s nice to know there are other people out there who enjoyed it as much as I did. The OVA was certainly a new turn for the story but like you said more content could very well ruin the original material much like what happened to Last Exile or Eureka Seven.

      You’re allowed to dream that’s for sure. If you want something to have a sequel then make that known just don’t go writing fanfic on me 😛

  5. I wish Sora no Woto would get a sequel, but that seems a unlikely pipe-dream to come true. It was such a series a good series, too. Guess I can say the same for Kannagi, which definitely seems like it will not be happening.

    • It is unlikely either of them will get a proper sequel but we can dream can’t we.

  6. I loved Last Exile 2 so…yeah. Too bad you loathed it with every fiber of your being but…those are the breaks.

    • It just didn’t live up to the original and it wasn’t exactly the most accessible world. It just felt so strange to me even after watching the first season.

      • I dunno. Both felt the same to me.

      • I can kind of agree. I just didn’t like the second one because we’d already finished the story and not a single was left unturned in the first part but but then they just restart an already resolved war and send us back in for round two.

      • But it had chainsaw shaped airships!

      • I mustn’t have gotten that far because I’m sure I’d remember something that cool.

      • Yup. Anyway, till the next post.

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