Posted by: AceRailgun | March 2, 2013

Upcoming anime – Devil Survivor 2

It may have a two on the end of it but since it’s the first time an anime adaption has been created for the Devil Survivor series there is no way to watch Devil Survivor 1 without going out and buying it for the Nintendo DS. Luckily Devil Survivor 2 is only a spiritual sequel and requires no previous knowledge of the franchise to be enjoyed so be at ease. Devil Survivor 2 has so many ideas thrown into the mixing pot i’m amazed it didn’t get over saturated and end up as the anime equivalent of mysterious food x. Here is a list of those ideas for you to take a gander at. Unknown demons attack the city, demons can be summoned and controlled with a mobile phone, a website sends future videos to some phones showing peoples death before it happens and the potential end of the world among other things.


The plot may sound crazy but it’s fairly simple and if you pay attention during the first episode you should catch on pretty quick. It’s got plenty of twists and turns along the way which should result in a great anime as well as the potential for a cliff hanger every two or three episodes and that’s no joke. Even if you have no interest in the franchise or this type of anime I suggest you apply the Madoka three episode rule and give it a decent try.


What we should be looking forward to most is how they handle the many potential deaths as well as the multiple endings. I get the feeling the anime will lean towards keeping all the characters alive mostly so we get to experience their stories on the one on one level whenever they are alone with the protagonist much like we saw in Persona 4 the Animation. That and I have no doubt in my mind that they pick the good/perfect ending and not one of the morally ambiguous endings which may result in some bad or evil judgement calls from the player/protagonist.


Fingers crossed this anime does well because if it turns out as good as Persona 4 The animation did then chances are good more Shin Megami Tensei games could get adapted into anime or anime movies. Personally I’d love to see a Catherine movie or a Devil Survivor one anime .


  1. It’s a good thing Kishi Seiji is directing. Since he did Persona 4, you know he has the experience necessary to handle this type of adaptation. Definitely one of the more anticipated anime for next season.

    • That’s one of the best things I can hear. With his experience I’m certain it’s going to be adapted well.

  2. Watched the PV and fell in love with the graphics, hopefully it turns out well with that beastly plot.

    • The plot is solid so I’m sure you’ll be in for a treat.

  3. Good thing I managed to finish Devil Survivor 1, lol. Haven’t got time to even start on 2 though so this anime adaption might be perfect for me. Devil Survivor (for me at least) need a lot of time to play, ironically most of the time I used are on brainstorming how to beat my enemies instead of grinding. Grinding is good but it doesn’t have as important especially in efficiently beating your opponents, need to take advantage of your enemy’s weaknesses (and avoid enemies taking advantage of yours) and to auction/fuse the perfect summons for your tactics. Incredibly challenging game.

    I’m sure they will be able to work around with the multiple endings, like airing it in bonus episodes or OVA or something. Catherine might be too ecchi, lol xD

    • The strategy element is lost when in the anime though so it will have to make up with it with the atmosphere and hopefully good voice acting. Devil Survivor 2 (3DS edition) with voice acting and bonus content got announced today which is showing a very disturbing trend with Shin Megami Tensei Games.

      As for a Catherine movie I can imagine it would be very ecchi but it’s anime so that’s not too far from the norm these days.

  4. I never quite got around to this game, but I finished the first Devil Survivor and quite enjoyed…this should be good 😛

    • If you liked the first one you should like this one. It’s the same type of thing just with different characters.

  5. Just finished this last week and very happy to get to see it animated. I just hope that this is actually a full series, since I am getting a feeling that this is just a OVA. Btw, didn’t they announce Persona 3 awhile back? Wonder where that went…

    • I believe the Devil Survivor anime will be a full 12 or 24 episode anime so don’t worry about it being a short OVA. It’s set to air in April according to the information currently available.

      As for the Persona 3 adaption that’s actually going to be a movie (Or potentially two if the rumors are correct which I believe they are) It’s taking a while because it’s actually quite a large scale production which I’m sure will produce a stunning movie. I’m uncertain when it’s set for releases but I wouldn’t get my hopes up too high for a release in the next six months.

      • 12 to 24 is sufficient. As long as they do not lop it into two parts and poorly segment the story like sora no kiseki , I am fine. Well, it wasn’t terrible, but starting in the middle and chopping the story was a bad idea to begin with.

        I hope those rumors are correct, because one seems a bit short for the wealth of content and length of Persona 3. You are most likely correct on that, since I am not even expecting to see it this year, but who knows…

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