Posted by: AceRailgun | February 27, 2013

Is Magi The Labyrinth of Magic fulfilling Guilty Crown’s Legacy?

It’s glaringly obvious if you actually consider it for even a second. Magi The Labyrinth of Magic is telling us a similar if not the same story to Guilty Crown but in a very different way. Forget Aladdin for a moment and consider Alibaba’s actions as well as his growth through the series (I’ve only watch 14 episodes by the way) Alibaba and Shu are both exposed to situations much grander then themselves and certainly way out of their leagues; Higher then anything they ever hoped to achieve. Much like Shu obtaining the power to control Void without much actual effort Alibaba obtains the power of the djinn with the assistance of a power greater than himself. 


Both Shu and Alibaba are then thrust into an organisation of glorified criminals to overcome not only the tyrannical rule of a corrupt government/kingdom but they must also struggle to overcome there own weak will and indecisiveness. Now this is where the two stories differ as Guilty Crown falls flat on it’s musically inclined face when it Shu fails to overcome himself and his indecisiveness in any reasonable amount of time. If I remember correctly this process takes over twenty episodes, that’s twenty episodes of whining and failing which gets everyone around him killed.


Alibaba on the other hand faces an assortment of characters with brother like ties to him and he also has to look past their wrongdoings and decide for himself what it is he is truly fighting for. He has to determine right from wrong in a very short amount of time and in the end it takes him but two episodes worth of time to overcome all these things and move forward along with the plot into action and excitement. Using friendship as a tool for motivation works in this situation much like most but it is done in such a way that it doesn’t feel forced in the slightest.  By being  quicker in the process of making decisions and with a few pushes by good friends he is able to move forward and fulfill what is required of him without all his friends getting killed.


This is what we were looking for when we started watching Guilty Crown is it not? Anyone who stuck with that drivel long enough knows that they were sitting there fingers crossed that Shu would get off his poorly written ass and man up long enough to notice that his father like complex for Gai was stupid and pathetic and that his love interest was brain dead for liking him.


Alibaba and the supporting cast are genuine and realist to the point where I could believe they are real people with real motivations and goals. Because the writers didn’t toil in the stupidity that is characters having self motivation problems for any longer then was necessary to tell the story the plot can now move onto more exciting places . Preferably Morgiana’s potential future and the other lands can be explored because she is one hell of a dynamic character despite the slightly op fighting ability; luckily that isn’t completely baseless so it’s okay.


Am I the only person that has made these connections or am I just making it up? I believe I’m really onto something here and that writers could learn a thing or two about pacing from Magi The Labyrinth of Magic. Also I am aware that Shu and Alibaba have the same Japanese voice actor. Happy coincidence…. or is it?


  1. Guilty crown have always been an artsy series to me that feeds more to the eyes and ears instead of just for the brain perspective. Being a fanatic of sci-fi action and devastation kind of plot, it has been a well digested meal for me. Magi on the other hand infuses more comedy and charm within which appears too overwhelming for me, thus doesn’t really hit the spot. Though putting it under, I love the unexpected events of Magi which I will label as more friendly pick able, yet not suitable for the extremist viewers.

  2. I think the thing with Guilty Crown was that it tried to mush so many things together that you could say many series are what Guilty Crown failed to be.

    • You are probably right I just saw the the obvious connection between Alibaba and Shu and automatically linked the two anime. Like you said I believe Guilty Crown was trying to be way to many things and the main focus was lost which lead to the horrendous story.

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