Posted by: AceRailgun | February 23, 2013

Upcoming anime – Aku no Hana

Aku no Hana

I may have read the entire manga in one sitting that’s how good it is. Well the part of the manga that’s been released anyway (42 chapters) Apparently it’s being adapted into an anime for an April release by Zexcs, a fairly average studio which I cannot say has done many noteworthy adaptions. What I can say is that Aku no Hana or in English The Flowers of Evil will not be groundbreaking in any way. But I can say that if you are into this kind of story then you are in for a treat. Don’t worry I’m not going to spoil anything.


What I mean by this kind of story is pretty much teen drama with a mysterious girl. This anime will be a  Mysterious Girlfriend X so if you enjoyed that I’d say with certainty that you’ll enjoy this because it has the same type of relationships which don’t beat around the bush. It’s very shocking at times and gets an eight out of ten for perversion but I forgive it because the story always takes interesting turns and I’m glad I pushed through the opening few chapters because once you get past the initial shock to the system the plot really opens up to all kinds of new ideas which we’ve never seen in conventional love story anime.


Sadly I get the impression this will either be a 12 episode or 24 episode anime which doesn’t cover the entire plot. This is one of my pet peeves at the moment because who wants to watch half a story and then get some half baked anime ending which doesn’t end anything at all like Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun did to us. There is a decent ending point about 35 chapters in which could be the goal for the adaption but I’m skeptical it would make it that far since the content is fairly wordy.


I would recommend checking this out when it airs because if you can tolerate the bad language and shockingly bad decisions made early on then you are in for a treat in the long run. That being said I totally understand if you decided not to watch it since it’s clearly not for everyone and it’s pretty strange.


  1. It’ll be directed by Mushishi’s director though. So very high hopes about the outcome.

    • I didn’t know that but that does make me more excited. Aku no Hana is the complete opposite of Mushi Shi so I’m not sure how well he’ll handle that but I’m sure it will be interesting.

  2. I’ve heard this series compared to a lot of different things, but School Days was one that came up a few times. I’m hoping it doesn’t turn out anything like that, because it sounds like it could be an interesting series.

    • I haven’t watch School Days but I’ve heard enough about it to say that those comparisons are fair. Aku no Hana certainly doesn’t get as extreme as School Days but there is some lets say “Messed up” stuff in it. Look deeper into it once it starts airing and I’m sure you’ll be surprised…. or disgusted. 😛

  3. This is one of the series I’m interested in watching next season. The only reason was the strange anime picture on the season chart.

    Glad to hear it’s actually good!

    • You’re in for a surprise I’ll say that much. Hopefully it isn’t a shock to your system.

  4. Hmm, no saliva this time I presume?

    • Nope not a drop in sight.

  5. Messed up in a violent way? Messed up in a sexual way? What would I be getting myself in for if I followed your recommendation, Ace?

    • A very messed up anime…. It’s a curiosity which keep me reading the manga even though it was wrong at times. Then again it’s anime so pervy stuff is bound to happen and should be expected.

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