Posted by: AceRailgun | February 2, 2013

Hobbies vs Work

As of February 4th I will be starting a full time job which will be over 42 hours a week and I’m starting to wonder just how much this will affect my anime related hobbies and how well I can keep up with all the currently airing anime. This situation isn’t unique to me as a lot of you have school or work to deal with and those are usually a higher priority then hobbies so the real question is how do you deal with this?

I’m not just going to give up on my blog like a lot of people seem to do when presented with difficult life altering situations. I’m going to take the opposite approach and try and spend as much time as I do now on blogging if not more. I love doing this and I’d be sad if this aspect of my life went away just because I started a job.


After thinking about this long and hard I’m curious how the rest of you have handled life commitments getting in the way of your hobbies and how have your hobbies changed to cater for these changes in your life? Things like internet connection, moving houses, family, school and work can all play a big part in the amount of time we spend in front of the computer screen or outside if that’s what your into these day.


  1. Congrats on your new job then! I hope you enjoy it 🙂

    I keep my anime diet simple : 1 episode = 20 minutes each evening. If I can find and watch more interesting stuff (I can right now, as a matter of fact, but it won’t last), then all the better, but if not then I have at least these 20 minutes! Isn’t life great? 😀

    • Thanks! I hope so too.

      I was thinking along the same lines. As long as I only watch up to seven currently airing anime then this idea should work out fine. There is always the weekend if I get greedy and watch more then seven.

  2. I reserve time to work on my blog. After the kids are asleep and I’ve spent time with my wife, I have a little bit of time at night. If I’m not tired, I’ll watch anime, though I generally can only watch a couple of new series per season to completion.

    Blogging doesn’t usually take THAT much time for me – I write a couple of posts a week, and even if I had the time, I don’t think I would write any more.

    • Reserving time seems like the best approach and as long as you want to do something it’s always possible to find the time. If you can find time around your family then I’m sure I’ll be able to handle fitting it in after work.

      • Well, I’m a bit lucky, I think – even I’m surprised that I could find time with a family! But it’s just generally true that you’ll find time to do the things that mean most to you. Certainly getting a job like yours (congrats!) will prove what your priorities are!

  3. Work takes 42 hours a week, and there’s 168 hours in a week. You probably sleep 8 hours a day, and spend two hours a day in food / transportation / showering / whatever. Then there’s 56 hours left! If you watch twelve shows, that takes less than 5 hours a week. You’ve got over 50 hours left for socializing / partying / video games / watching old anime. No worries!

    I moved across the country twice while I was blogging and it just interrupted me for a weekend. Only time I really stop is when I go travelling overseas. It’s not that hard to fit in both blogging and the rest of your life (at least for me).

    • When you break it down like that you make it seem easy. Well I never expected it to be too hard so it’s good to know just how much time I’ll have on my hands.

      Moving is so much effort it leaves you drained especially if you have a lot of things. That’s what I found after I moved around a lot in the last few years. Setting up internet connections at new places can leave you out of action for days or even weeks.

      I’m glad you didn’t waste your time overseas blogging because you should really spend your time away from home doing things you can’t normally do at home. Blogging about it when you get back is the best idea in that regard.

  4. Basically, you really need to keep your motivation and determination to blog on a consistent basis. Reserving time is probably best, and scheduling posts is good as well 🙂

    • Reserving time seems to be my best option and I hope that I can keep a consistent schedule when work takes over my free time. Only time will tell and I’m sure my motivation and determination will be questioned in the next few weeks.

  5. As a working woman I do this: after work when I am tired I relax watching anime. When I get free weekend I’m doing something more creative and write. I must say work coused that I have less time and no energy to blog often

    • it seems like you’ve got it all worked out there. I suspect I’ll be the same. I’m worn down after my first day of work and I think I’ll only be able to write properly when I’ve had a good rest which will be on the weekend.

  6. Internet connection, that reminds me that just last few weeks, my CPU’s wireless receiver was damaged. Not having access to the internet, I immediately went into “despair” mode, lol xD Currently, using an usb receiver.

    I think 42 hours a week is pretty standard (for me at least). I work for 8 hours per day and half a day (till lunch time) on Saturday. Combined together, I think that’s almost the same as 42 hours, and mine doesn’t even include overtime yet ;p Just the basic hours lol. I’m sure you will do fine.

    • Despair mode, I can picture that 😛
      Wireless USB’s are getting better and better it seems, I’ve only heard good things about them lately but it still must suck not having the proper connection working properly.

      I’m doing fine with the work load so far, it helps that my job isn’t very intense. 😀

  7. I thought I replied to this one…eh. I will now, I suppose. Hard thing to do, balancing business and pleasure but it can be done…as long as the individual has balls of steel and raw nerves. It’s tough but possible.

    • It’s been a few weeks since I started working full time and so far I’m coping well. I have enough time on weekends to catch up on things so it’s not a problem at this stage. But introducing a big family or a large group of friends into the mix might make time management even harder, thankfully I don’t need to worry about that too much either.

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