Posted by: AceRailgun | January 26, 2013

Impossible Trivia – Questions

I’m doing this for fun now and what’s more fun then making you wish you knew just a little bit more about the best and worst anime. It’s taken a while to compile but here it is, a list of 30 trivia questions which I believe you will not be able to answer. They are so hard that I suspect nobody will be able to answer them without a web search but no so hard as to be completely unfair. There is always the possibly that somehow you know one of these answers, maybe even two so a scoring system has been put in place to put you in your place.


Scoring system goes as followed. One point for each correct answer.

0-4 You know nothing about the finer details of anime and have not observed a single thing in your anime viewing experiences. Good for you, enjoy the bliss of ignorance.

4-7 It was a fluke and you know it. You probably just watched re-runs of anime on the television five minutes ago. Was it an episode of Cowboy Bebop or Ghost in the Shell?

8-12 That’s some serious knowledge you have there but you’ve missed a large portion of them so don’t feel too good about yourself.

13-19 I don’t expect anyone to get this many but if you did then you deserve some credit I suppose.

20-28 You are an anime fan with an extensive knowledge of anime old and new spread across a large variety of genres. Be proud and let people know how smart you are.

29 So close, I suspect this will be the first of many disappointments you will face since luck clearly isn’t on your side.

30 Well that’s just sad, okay you did know everything and I am proud of you but deep down I’m disappointed and I know you are as well because the answer to question 2 is something you should have purged from your brain like I did.


  1. What is the name of the first episode of the anime Cowboy Bebop and what year did it air?
  2. What is the other given name of the character Gai from Guilty Crown?
  3. What anime is the character Rio Kazumiya from?
  4. In the anime Cromartie High School the character Pootan has a sidekick, what is his name?
  5. In the anime Ergo Proxy what is the futuristic city in the dome called?
  6. What is the name of the Japanese voice actress who voiced Ami Kawashima in Toradora
  7. In the anime Lucky Star there is a segment called Lucky Channel,  what are the two  presenters full names?
  8. What is the name of the orphanage in Death Note and what is the full name of the person who established it.
  9. In Haibane Renmei which character has lived at Old Home the longest and for how long?
  10. In the anime Clannad what is the full name of Tomoya’s mother.
  11. In Usagi Drop who is Rin’s Father?
  12. In the second episode of the anime Claymore what is the name of the Claymore Clare is forced to slay?
  13. What is the name of Sayaka’s witch form in Puella Magi Madoka Magica and which episode does first she appear in?
  14. In the episode 4th episode Ghost in the Shell S.A.C 2nd Gig what is the name of the insert song that plays during the helicopter chase scene?
  15. In the same episode what is the official name of the Helicopters?
  16. In Persona 4 the animation what is the full name of Nanako’s deceased mother and how did she die?
  17. How old is Barnaby Brooks jr in the anime Tiger & Bunny?
  18. In Durarara what were names of the two gangs associated with the colors yellow and blue?
  19. In episode five of Tokyo Magnitude 8.0 what building acts as shelter for the main characters?
  20. What is the first thing Kino tells Kino when they meet for the first time in episode four of Kino’s Journey?
  21. What is the full name of the boy who dies of a heart attack in episode five of Another?
  22. Which of the deviant blades does Shichika’s sister Nanami wield in Katanagatari?
  23. What is the name Okabe gives to future gadget #8 in Steins;Gate?
  24. In the anime version of Valkyria  Chronicles what is the name of Welkin’s tank?
  25. In Michiko to Hatchin what is the main girls full name seeing as Hatchin is only her nickname?
  26. What is the name of the school Gosick is based in?
  27. In Yumekui Merry what is the full name of the protagonist?
  28. Umineko no Naku Koro ni has a unique naming system for its episodes, what are all the titles based around?
  29. What type of vehicle is the Tuatha de Danaan and what anime is it from?
  30. Who is Harry Mackenzie and what anime is he from?

I’ll post the answers later. For now any question you cannot answer will drive you crazy. I encourage you to post the answers of the questions you know in the comments but only if you didn’t cheat by using a web search.



    Yeah I totally failed this test since I don’t know anyone’s name. Can I just give all the answers in terms of hair color

    • Question 30 was just a bit of a laugh for me. I’m glad someone else knows who he is 😛

      As for hair color i think that’s appropriate, brown would be my answer for 27 if that were the case.

  2. 1. The name of the first Cowboy Bebop episode is Asteroid Blues, and it aired in 1998
    4. I don’t think Pootan’s sidekick has a name.
    8. The name of the orphanage is Wammy’s House. Can’t remember Watari’s first name but the last name is Wammy.
    18. The two gangs’ names are the Yellow Scarves and the Blue Squares
    22. The name of Nanami’s Deviant Blade is Akutou Bita.
    23. The name of Okabe’s Future Gadget #8 is Phone Microwave (name subject to change)
    27. Can’t remember the surname but the protagonist’s first name in Yumekui Merry is Yumeji.

    I think I got all the easy ones.

    • Not bad at all. All those are correct or at least partial correct since you are missing a few names. I’m surprised you got number 4 since it was a trick question and he doesn’t have a name. Watari does have a full name and Wammy is part of it. It’s been a while but I believe Watari’s full name only appears once in the anime.

      Also good job getting the full name of the future gadget. I didn’t think anyone would get the part in brackets correct.

      • The future gadget one was a fluke for reasons already specified. :3

      • Watching/rewatching Steins;Gate can never be a bad thing. 🙂 Even if you’d just watched/rewatched it you still have good observation for remembering the number of the gadget and the full name.

  3. 1. Asteroid Blues (1998)
    6. Eri Kitamura
    9. Nemu and she’s lived in Old Home for…I have no idea. Doh!
    11. Um…it’s not grandpa…it’s…can’t remember!
    12. Elena
    19. a school

    Yeah…a number of those were frustrating, like you said they’d be. But I just haven’t watched a whole lot of those series!

    • frustrating was the intention 🙂 But you did pretty well to get that many. I’ve seen all the anime the questions come from but I doubt I’d get over 10 of them correct.

      I’d say you earn 5 points since you only got number 9 and 11 partially correct I’m only giving half points. 11 was a trick question so don’t feel too bad. The real father is never revealed in the manga and since the anime doesn’t get all the way to the end so you never find out that they were never related to begin with.

      • Trick question?! Why, you sneaky little… 😛

      • That’s not the only trick question either. 😛 Trick questions make this kind of thing all the more fun for me.

  4. 1. Asteroid Blues, 1997
    6. Kitamura Eri
    9. Reki?
    12. Ophelia?
    13. Oktavia con Seckendorff, episode 9
    17. 24?
    18. Yellow Scarves and Blue Squares
    28. Chess moves (also, you’re using the wrong form of ‘it’s.’ It’s ‘its’ because it’s possessive.)

    • You got close on a few of them but in the end got them wrong. You were off by one year on the first one. You got six correct. Reki is the incorrect answer to number 9, I believe she was there the second longest.

      12 is off by a mile 😛 She doesn’t die until later. 13 is technically correct although I would have also counted episode 8 as Sayaka’s witch form appears in the scribbles at the end of episode 8.

      17, Again you were off by one year, too bad.
      You do know your Durarara so that’s another point for you. Chess moves is also correct good job on that one I wasn’t sure anyone would get that to be completely honest.

      Total score is 4/30 which puts you in the lovely category 0-4 😛 You did better then most so you probably deserve some half points for a few of those answers.

  5. 1. Asteroid Blues, 1998 (luckily, I just recently watched Cowboy Bepop, lol)
    6. Kitamura Eri
    10. Atsuko Okazaki
    11. Lol, this feels like a trick question. I’ll choose Daikichi’s grandfather instead. Daikichi himself took Rin in and adopted her but biologically, Rin is his grandfather’s daughter.
    18. Yellow Scarves and Blue Square
    23. Phone Microwave
    26. School? This is news to me, lol. Gosick is based in Europe so I would say European school (at least it’s partially correct xD)

    Anyway, that’s all I can managed. Interesting set of questions, this list reminded me that I should watch more anime and be more observational D:

    • You got a decent score and it seems like some of the questions are easier than others because everyone is answering the same few.

      You are the first to get number 10 right. Her name isn’t said on many occasions but you remember it. 11 is most certainly a trick question and you fell for it 😛 Daikichi’s grandfather isn’t Rin’s biological father.

      Phone Microwave is only part of the name since future gadget #4 also has a subtitle you only get half marks.
      Your total score is 4 and a half so you got into the second category at least.

      • Yea, crap, lol. Think I got my facts wrong about Usagi Drop. Googling around, I found some “interesting” answer about Daikichi’s grandfather from the manga o.O Will wait for your answers anyway ;p

      • I don’t know how reliable Googling the answer to that would be seeing as the anime never covered that part of the story. I’ll be posting the answers in a day or two so you’ll be able to check them out then.

      • The ones I found are actually spoilers from a manga, lol.

      • You’ve got to be careful with that ^^;

  6. I don’t even remember people’s names in real life… 0/30

    • That’s too bad, better luck next time.

  7. well i done quite well in this quiz,i manage to solve approximately 3 question out of 30 so my career in anime is looking very bright right now…

    • 3 is about the average score so I’d say you did pretty well.

      • 3 out of 30 is well ?isn’t that like 10% out of 100 in a test or getting 3rd place in a race between 3 people…

      • Normally it would be a bad thing but since this is impossible trivia you did technically answer 3 impossible questions. You did the impossible not once but 3 times so that’s something to be proud of.

      • liked the way you think about it mate,should have that kind of view when i was a kid i could get away with failing my test…

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