Posted by: AceRailgun | January 20, 2013

Upcoming Anime Persona 3 The movie

The Persona series has a special place in my heart and this upcoming movie or possibly two movies are going to be a real treat for all of us. Now we all remember the adaption of Persona 4 into a 26 episode anime and that felt rushed so cramming an entire game 50-80 hours long depending on how quick you played into a ninety minute movie or two ninety minute movies sound ridiculous. At first I though so too but in all honest I believe it can be done because Persona 3 has a lot of content which could potentially be shortened or cut out to make it fit into a movie without damaging the story. Sure you’ll lose a lot of characterization and most of the hunt for shadows will be cut out but I still think they give us a good amount of time to meet each of the characters and then face the finale.


What should you be looking forward too? If you haven’t played the game then you just need to know that you’ll meet a dynamic group of characters with a good goal to strive for and hopefully a bunch of cool battle scenes. But if you’ve already played the game have you considered how the Protagonist will be treated since he was silent the whole game. Clearly it’s going to be the male protagonist Minato because he was in the teaser trailer but will he even be called that since his name wasn’t from the game.  Soji Seta got his name changed to Yu Narukami in the Persona 4 anime so what’s to say that the name Minato will stick, it’s only from the manga after all. His personality also come into question as well since he never formed bonds with the other male characters individually and he has this dark/calm persona (I’m so clever using that word in it’s real context) which can only be appreciated with time so it will be interesting to see how he forms bonds in such a short time if he’s a quiet listener.


Other then that we’ll obviously get to see all the characters animated properly for the first time. Sure they were animated in the game on occasion but this is going to be a whole new level and personally I’m excited to see them in action. Other then that it’s going to be interesting to see which personas Minato gets to use since he can use up to a hundred of them. I’m guess it will be mostly top tier ones but there they will probably stick a lot with the main few which are key to the story.


Now there is also a female protagonist with the opposite personality in the Persona 3 Portable but I have a feeling she’ll be left out to make it easier on the writers. But if she is included this may be the purpose of the second movie or she could show up as a new character all together and that would be amazing.


Did I miss anything? Is there more about the plot already available because it all like one big well kept secret at this point?


  1. even though I never managed to play this game, I’m totally looking forward to it.

    • You should be 🙂 It’s going to be great.

  2. I’m having trouble figuring out how they could fit the entire game into two movies. My only real guess is that they put everything directly involving Nyx and Strega into the second, and use the first for everything else. I imagine there will have to be a lot cut, and hopefully we won’t lose anything we really want. I’m gonna be watching both movies regardless of how they turn out, because I think I’m as big a Persona fan as you, but I’ll be having my fingers crossed.

    • Having Strega and Nyx limited to the second movie would be best and hopefully the first one covers a lot of the character development up to the point where Strega starts to interfere. Am i wrong in guess that the Junpei love story and the whole think with Shinjiro will play a huge part in these movies? Other then that i think Aigis will end up with a lot of screen time just because she seems to be most loved by the produces (Hence all the figures)

      I really hope there isn’t a huge gap in release between the first and second movie too. That would suck.

  3. Honestly speaking, I thought Persona 4 anime is fine, considering how long the game was, the anime’s pacing is surprisingly fine, it even had some moments dedicated to minor social links, lol.

    Regardless though, I still think the time for Persona 3 anime may be a bit too short to fit everything. I’m also interested to see how Minato will turns out compared to Yu, since they are both similar in that they appear with a “blank” state (both are silent MCs in the game). It will also be fun seeing the Persona summoning in Persona 3, since it looks more cooler with a gun then just summoning with a card xD

    • The pacing was pretty rushed in the first episode but otherwise Persona 4 did an incredible job.

      Even though they were silent Minato and Yu both had a lot of personality, Yu had that supportive nice guy with a touch of sarcasm when appropriate and Minato had that eerie silent listening type who only talked when absolutely necessary. Adapting Minato is probably going to be harder but I’m excited to ee what they do.

      Using the evokers is awesome and I can’t wait to see that either. Except Koromaru and Aegis who just sort of think about it and that summons a persona, lame in contrast to the guns but still better then cards.

  4. I played Persona 3 back in the old times and it was fairly good apart from the “let’s shoot ourself happily” gimmick. Let’s see what they’ll do…:D

    • That’s the best part! I have a feeling it will be done very dramatically which is something we should look forward to.

  5. I’m gonna get another chipped PS2 and FINALLY play the Subbed burnt DVD of P3:FES and understand what all the Persona hullabaloo is once and for all. For years I have tried to understand why animeniacs drool over the Persona series. It’s 2013 and I still don’t get it. An answer better pop up soon,

    • Naughty naughty playing with burnt games but whatever who am I to judge. 😛

      You sir are in for a treat then unless you don’t like fun and good stories that is then you are in for one boring ass game. I’m sure you’ll understand the hype once you get a taste.

      • I bought P3:FES on PSN if that’s enough consolation for ya. I just don’t like the English Dub for this game.

        So I’ve been told by others, that it’s an epic game…although P4 looks more appealing to me personally. I’ll find out around Summer…if all goes according to plan, that is.

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