Posted by: AceRailgun | January 13, 2013

Kotoura-san – Mind reading at it’s best

If I could reach into my computer monitor and punch any fictional character I’d punch Kotoura’s mother right between the eyes. She was terrible but it did give us one hell of a sad back story even it did feel a little forced. Anyway I can see Kotoura-san turning out to be a good story simply because we have two decent characters one of which is a male protagonist who isn’t socially awkward with brown hair. He actually has a hair style which wasn’t cut by his mummy and even if his hair is brown he doesn’t conform 100% to generic male lead stereotypes which pleases me greatly.


So the whole time I was thinking how I’d be around a girl who can read minds. After two minutes with her you’d realize she can read your mind but nobody caught on that quickly for the first half of the episode which was a little frustrating. It seems to have taken her parents years to catch on and instead of embracing her amazing gifts they shunned it. Now along comes the protagonist and he’s like “Oh she’s reading my mind and all I can think about is her naked” Now that’s classic and so true. If you knew someone was reading your mind you automatically think “I’d better not think about “Insert darkest secret” which gets you in some serious shit with the mind reader but then I thought about it a bit more and you think that if she is constantly exposed to peoples darkest secrets then your minor flaws and secrets probably don’t faze her as much as you think they do. So you move past that and the dirty secrets and befriending her becomes as simple as the protagonist showed it to be.


I’m not too sure what could happen next but I presume there will be stories involving the revealing of secrets and truths probably done in a comedic way. Either that or every day life with super powers which wouldn’t be so bad to watch. I know from the flavor text I read a while back that there is some school clubs involved disappointing me greatly and you should be too since school clubs always put restrictions on the creativity of the plot in school based anime.


  1. From the tone of the OP, the second half of the show, and descriptions I’m assuming it’ll be all comedy from here on out; whether it’s good or not will come down to how well they use the mind-reading gimmick.

    You’re right that the back story felt forced, and that was my main problem with this first episode (aside from the extreme contrast in tone between the first and second halves). Unless I’m missing something, I don’t see why Kotoura couldn’t figure out that she shouldn’t say other people’s thoughts out loud, or why her parents at least didn’t tell her that. Surely it would only take one or two social disasters for someone to realise this?

    • The contrast between the two parts was brutally obvious i’d agree that the rest of the series is going to be like the comedic second part.

      I guess Kotoura’s personalty doesn’t allow her to remain silent when she knows someone is lying or hiding a secret. I presume that this is something the main pair will work on together as they build a friendship. But you’re right Kotoura’s mother should have been the one to help her with this in her early childhood.

      I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to see what else can be done with this idea.

  2. The first half was really weird, I was there for a comedy series and…WTF?! 😀

    • You’re just cold hearted 😛 It was forced but it wasn’t that bad.

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