Posted by: AceRailgun | January 6, 2013

Maoyuu Maou Yuusha – Come forth from the realm of mediocrity

I’m standing on a narrow fence pondering the episode I just watch like a cat would if it could think and I’m not sure if I should jump off one side or the other since it’s not really that great down there. I mean look at that generic fantasy setting which oozes original design ideas and that brown haired hero of the land with a backbone with similar attributes to a wet noodle to go with it. His side of the fence is very unappealing but the other side of the fence isn’t much better. Down there  is a women with a bosom which looks more like buttocks. Appealing to only those who enjoy unrealistic proportioned women with a cup size that doesn’t sit in the first half of the alphabet. Okay I lied they are probably only a H or a J or something but either way that women must have an iron backbone which brings me back to backbones and the obvious contrast between them… At least there is a variety.


So you see my conflict… I’m still sitting up here on the fence but then this pervy only man (Yes sadly there is one of those) comes along but fails to entertain me, he sticks around for only a moment and then leaves with his flat chested companion who’s only attributes so far are disgust for pervy men (Like 90% of real women) and abandonment issues so at least the female viewers have someone to relate to… Well they can probably only relate to the disgust for pervy old men part. Us men however only have a wet noodle to relate to and he’s certainly not reacting in a relatable manner. I was expecting him to grab those boobies but he didn’t which honestly makes me a little sad but just maybe that old man will do that later in the story.


So I sat through a pile of dialog almost as horrific as the opening to Fate Zero and in the end all I drew from it was that the entire world could die if the war ended which is really depressing and unappealing. It’s certainly not something I want to go on a journey and explore with the characters .What’s next is the big question and I have absolutely no idea what could possibly happen; maybe a Spice and Wolf type scenario where the characters travel around the world and find the plot but really how appealing is that suppose to be when I’ve been showed glimpses of a disgusting corrupt world which thrives on war.


I dunno, maybe it will be okay but my hopes are in the downwards facing position and ready to be thrust onto other upcoming anime. I’ll just stay on the fence for now waiting for the better anime to start.

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