Posted by: AceRailgun | December 29, 2012

Best moments of the 2012

I started writing about my least favorite moments in anime of 2012 and suddenly got depressed. Why on earth would I want to write about the worst moments of anime in 2012, It makes me sad and I really don’t want to think about failed sequels and Guilty Crown anymore plus nobody is going to go watch anime I disliked I’d rather make an anime sound good so just one of you goes and watches it instead. Talking about things we like comes naturally and I thought I’d rather do that instead so here goes.

4. Persona 4 The Animation episode 19, Ayane plays the “I’ll face myself” on the trombone. Although she is terrible at it the timing of it was just beautiful and it was interesting to see the background music actually have a source. This wasn’t the only moment in the anime which was adapted in such a wonderful way but it really stuck out for me and I’ll remember it for a long time.


3. Kuroko’s Basketball episode 24, Kise mimics Aomine. It had been working up to this moment for a while showing how Kise can mimic another player and use the complicated techniques for himself but when he is put against Aomine who is leaps and bounds better than all the other players you seriously doubt Kise’s ability only to be proven wrong. It takes a long time but it builds up to that one moment when Kise surpasses Aomine if only briefly  It doesn’t win him the match but it sure was impressive.


2. The Legend of Korra episode 9, Amon resists blood bending. He was already mysterious but when this happened the intrigue doubled and I just had to know what his deal was. The final outcome was certainly not what I expected and I’m happy to say that Avatar the Legend of Korra was one of my favorite anime this year. This is only one example of good story telling and mystery that Avatar provided and I cannot wait for the next season.


1. Sakamichi no Apollon episode 7, Kaoru and Sentaro’s performance at the school festival. This anime opened up a whole new genre of music to me which I’ve never really explored before now, Jazz. Once every few episodes the drama between the characters would always escalate to the point where  it seemed completely broken but then it is revived with the power of music and creativity and as dumb as that sounds it’s a joy to watch. Each performance was more inspiring than the last and when they don’t to finish for whatever reason you are actually sad. The performance at the school festival just barely trumps the final episode in my opinion but I’d still defend the greatness of the church performance as one of the greatest musical moments we’ll ever see in anime.


Lets hope 2013 is fill with as many unique moments as this year. I’m sure I’ve missed some great moments from this year and I know that you’ll let me know about it. Or at least I hope you will.


  1. Ahh yes, I remember back then I really liked all the mystery surrounding Amon. He was so badass. When he resisted bloodbending I thought he was a cyborg or something. It really was fun to guess who he really is. But in the end… I won’t write spoilers but when he took off the mask all the mystery and badass disappeared.

    • I thought he might have been a cyborg too and it didn’t even seem that far-fetched seeing as the whole world had mech suits and planes.

      The mystery did disappear once his mask came off but that was just replaced with a really well written back stroy.

      • Yes, the his story was good and somewhat emotional but what disappointed me that his beliefs of equality was made to a shallow talk back there. Like he was doing it for his own revenge not for what he proclaimed about equality and with that all his leader type charisma disappeared.

  2. I love the Sentarou/Kaoru duo performance at the school festival too, one of the best musical moment ever. I think the church performance falls a few level short though, but the latter is still awesome.

    • I’m glad someone else liked that scene too. It’s amazing that barely any of there performances together were ever planned in advanced they just sort of show up and start playing. The church performance did have the Kaoru playing on the organ which was a nice twist but you’re right in saying it was lacking something that the school performance had.

      • Cause it’s jazz, lol. They didn’t plan beforehand, they don’t read notes. They just improvise at random, which is pretty cool.

  3. Yes for number 3 and 2. I definitely like that moment in Kuroko no Basuke it’s one of the best. Sad not to see Aomine moment there where he pwned Seirin haha. Can’t wait for season 2 as well. It was just announced on 26 Dec.

    • I’m just as excited about the new season as you are. I seriously can’t wait to see more of that basketball and i don’t even like sports that much.

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