Posted by: AceRailgun | December 15, 2012

Unanswered questions of 2012

Since the year is coming to a close I thought it would be appropriate to remember a few questions anime posed which I never got an answer for. Either because I got fed up with the plot and never kept watching or because the story ends before the story ends. That actually makes sense if you think about it for a moment.

What ever happened to Kuroko’s Basketball and Kokoro Connect?

I know there was some fuss with the voice actors from Kokoro Connect and that there was some threats to the manga writer of Kuroko’s Basketball but does that really spell the end for both the anime? Kokoro Connect has reached that point in my memory where I don’t really care what happens anymore even though I liked it but Kuroko’s Basketball was a damn great sports anime, I’d argue it’s one of the best and I really want to see more. Is it possible that either of the two gets more episodes? Kuroko’s basketball would have to get a new season but I think we just need to wait for the Kokoro Connect DVD’s to be released before we get to see the rest of those.


Did Mutta ever make it to space?

Put simply my dedication to the plot wavered after the episode where Mutta was mowing the lawn out the front of the JAXA space center in America instead of being inside it. This sadly reminds me of my own life although I’m not that ambitious and I gave up on the slow moving plot even though it wasn’t particularly bad.



Will the relationship between Yuuko and Teiichi in Dusk Maiden of Amnesia ever be anything other then a high school crush?

I watched this entire anime including that god awful anime original last episode which put a rope around it’s neck and then jump off a roof by undoing the emotional climax by reviving the Yuuko once more even though she had already come to terms with passing on into the next life. I get that this was probably not the writers original intent for the climax and hence the ongoing nature of the manga. Unfortunately the manga is being produced at a snails pace and nothing has been cleared up regarding the actually plot so at the moment it’ endlessly circling the drain clinging to hope that a good ending can be salvaged. Until then we are all left with an unfinished story that most of us have already forgotten about.

Similar to this point is the one from Sankarea which sits in the same boat featuring slow writing and poor anime endings. Simple question is does Rea die?

Did anyone watch past episode 10 of Shirokuma Cafe?

It was a cute idea for a short movie or perhaps an OVA I’d even go as far to say it could work for a short manga but 37 episode (I check Wikipedia  and it’s still going strong or I’d like to say strong because I don’t really know. You’d think they’d run out of animal puns and cute things a polar bear in an apron could do but it doesn’t seem that way. So the question is has anyone watch all the episodes so far and is it still funny?


  1. I only made it as far as episode 4 of Polar Bear Cafe. I’ve seen a few people tweeting about it every so often, but I never had the willpower to go back or even see what it was still like.

    • i feel exactly the same way. Like you I got about 4-5 episodes in and then didn’t really see the point. We’ll have to ask those people if it gets better.

  2. I remember in the summer we were supposed to get a series called Arve Rezzle which sounded interesting, and then it turned out it was going to be an OVA… and then all word of it disappeared entirely. I’m still wondering what happened to that. It had people uploading their minds to a computer system IIRC.

    I believe Kokoro Connect’s bonus story arc will come in the Blu-rays–not sure what the schedule is for them though. That said, there’s still a whole bunch of books in the series, so it still won’t be concluded anime-wise.

    • So I guess Ishould go read Kokoro Connect then if I want to know more.

      I vaguely remember reading about Arve Rezzle but I’m not sure I remember any details. It’s strange when anime get announced and then sort of just fade away without anyone noticing. It always leaves you wondering if you just didn’t notice it air or if it never got released at all. The same thing happened with Despera which is a shame.

      • SIGH, Despera was the #1 anime I was looking forward to back when it was announced. I’m a big fan of the creators’ other works (eg Lain), and was so intrigued by the premise and promo art. Apparently the director got sick/hospitalized though, and the series has just been in limbo ever since. =(

      • I didn’t hear about the director getting sick so I guess that explains it. The anime never really got that much hype when it got announced but i think everyone who knew about it was pretty excited. I mean how could you not be after watching something as different as Lain.

    • I’m going to be annoyed if Kokoro Connect ends just like that. I expected a delay, but I thought they would work through it in time.

      Arve Rezzle is still set to air sometime in 2013 according to MAL. They recently updated the synopsis as well so it isn’t completely dead.

      • Put bluntly the controversy some of the cast kicked up after bullying incident which got out of hand was so big that the anime got taken off the air. I even heard that the intros or maybe it was the ending theme will be changed for the DVD release because the singer didn’t want anything to do with the anime.

        So it’s highly unlikely we’ll ever see it on Japanese TV again which means it won’t be on the DL sites either. You’re just going to have to keep an eye out for DVD rips of it which is going to be a huge pain.

        That’s good to hear about Arve Rezzle. I though for sure it was gone and forgotten.

  3. Let’s just wait and in the worst case we can still read the light novels of Kokoro Connect…:D

    • I’ll be waiting a little bit longer but the novels are starting to look more appealing each passing day. It’s a very strange situation but I do think most of us would like some kind of closure on the Kokoro connect story.

  4. I dropped Shirokuma Cafe after 13 episodes. Good decision, because it will be 50 episodes in total.

    Not worth it, because it’s not THAT good.

    • 13 is a pretty good run. You deserve a medal for getting that far.

      13 episodes is a normal amount for an anime so it makes sense to stop after that many.

    • I think I will go crazy if I watched it for 50 episodes, this is coming from someone who didn’t even watch a single episode of it though ;p

      • You are probably a wise man for not bothering with it. I got an hour fix of it and was done. I can’t possibly imagine the kind of person who would watch and enjoy all 50 hours of it.

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