Posted by: AceRailgun | December 9, 2012

Looking for new anime which are actually old

By this I mean trying to find anime which have been around for a while which have themes you are interested in or were recommended to you by a friend. It’s risky just to order a set of DVD’s for something you’ve never watched before because who wants a DVD set of something they didn’t like sitting with all the good anime on their shelf.  Tracking down the really old stuff which never even got an official release can be more trouble then it’s worth as well and ultimately taint the experience even if the anime was good and this problem is even more frustrating if you are looking for a movie.


You know you’ve done it before you’ve overlooked an anime when it aired but after hearing it was good or seeing it again you realize you want to try it out only to realize it’s impossible to obtain (Especially if you don’t know Japanese) If it’s been a over two year since it’s release then it’s online sources tend to dry up leaving you in that tricky spot where you can’t ever watch it.


There is always that problem when an anime has half a dozen seasons which aren’t numbered and movies stuck in the middle of those to confuse matters Natsume Yujin-cho or xxxHolic for example then you tend to be daunted by the challenge of simply collecting up the anime and give up before you start. I know this to be true for a lot of anime but there is a solution I’ve found which works on a fairly regular basis and that is manga. Fortunately or unfortunately depending on which way you look at it manga is available in mass online. If you know where to look you can even find ancient manga from the dark ages where all the girls have giant eyes and the scans aren’t clean or tidied up.


I think a lot of anime fans forget that plenty of manga is the source material for anime and that it can be just as enjoyable as anime if not more so in some cases. The experience is different but the overall outcome is the same and you should never underrate the value of  a good manga.


  1. I’ve always found that the anime community is usually pretty good about archiving older series. This is doubly true when they are good enough to have someone looking for them several years later. Obviously, the further back you go, the spottier things become, but that’s only natural. Flipping through my archived anime, the only one I had trouble finding a good release of was (surprisingly) Neon Genesis Evangelion.

    I’ve dabbled in manga before, but it is kind of intimidating to begin with. The huge quantity ends up being both a gift and a curse, as it can be hard to know just where to start.

    • That’s true but I’ve found that the best manga sites make label everything perfectly but that’s just my experience.

      I once tried to find some old anime from the 90’s and boy was that a mistake. I’ve had bad luck trying to find newer anime so going back that far was a nightmare and if you are successful and do find something you want it tends to be very poor quality.

      • That’s true. The problem with older anime is that they were lower quality to begin with. When it comes to new anime you can find a perfect, 1080p Blu-Ray version, but that just isn’t the case with stuff from a few years ago. All my old Ghibli films are decent quality, but upscaling 480p can only take you so far.

  2. Finding old anime is especially hard, and even more so after the megaupload fiasco. The most recent problem I had was trying to find Revolutionary Girl Utena to download, indeed, I keep saying I will watch these anime due to how people were constantly praising them, but I can’t even find them! The only other thing I could do was to actually buy them from the local anime DVD stores here.. if they had the specific shows I’m looking for of cause.

    • Sometimes buying them is the simplest solution but often even that is not enough. If you don’t live in Japan or America then buying DVDs can be a huge pain in the ass and not to mention frowned upon if you don’t below to a particular DVD region. Revolutionary Girl Utena is something I feel I should check out as well but I guess that’s going to be hard because I’m pretty sure that never got a DVD release in Australia and if it did it’s most likely not in print anymore.

      I have my sources for old anime but even those don’t have Revolutionary Girl Utena so I can’t help you out there.

  3. Meh. I’ll stick to yuri manga, thank you very much, My response to any person who dares type or say that there “aren’t any anime to watch” and is not a veteran animeniac, is a pimp a slap.
    As for my long backlist of old shows I need to finish, where to begin? Where to begin…

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