Posted by: AceRailgun | December 2, 2012

Looking for new anime in the upcoming seasons

This is something we all do and the process has change at lot at least for me anyway in the past few years. Back when I didn’t blog or even have a decent internet connection I relied entirely on my real life friends two of which knew a lot about anime and read anime news sites at the time. That and my brother who had a hard drive filled with piles of older anime and a few on going ones such as Bleach and Naruto. That was my exposure to anime, my selection was narrow like a VHS DVD library in a country town I had no choice in the matter and at the time was watching whatever I could get my hands on. Now I have the luxury of researching an anime before obtaining it so I don’t end up with DVD’s for things that down right suck.


That’s where the anime charts come in. So we have this thing called the internet right and on the internet people (It’s always someone different) tend to compile a chart of upcoming anime for a particular season. Without even realizing it you are putting your decisions into the hands of complete stranger which is no different from what I did years ago when asking my more knowledgeable friends about anime. What I’m getting at is that on those charts is someones opinion and judgement. What text did they put with the picture, what picture did they choose to show off the anime. In this early stage your choices can be subconsciously made months before the anime airs and one picture and some flavor text can make or break an upcoming anime. Take the Autumn chart for example and try and find Shin Sekai Yori. It was impossible to find with the picture because the picture is terrible and dark. I’m more diligent then most (Boasting) and I looked into it some more but I wouldn’t have had to do that if Shin Sekai Yori had released some better promotional images that eventually get used in these kinds of charts.


Another thing to think about is how misleading the information is. “K” on the same chart has a picture of a cute girl (That’s new for anime) and yet from what I saw of that anime it was more about stylized violence and had a subtle Yaoi undertone. Don’t correct me if I’m wrong on that one.


So moving onto the newest chart. What has grabbed your attention? Is it the numerous cute girls or have you actually read about the anime too? Are you going to go and read up about the anime you though sounded the best or are you going to blindly trust the chart? That’s what I used to do so don’t be ashamed if it is what you do.


  1. Well, the alternative is to do extensive research with previews and checking news sites…that’s just unacceptable and the people who do it have way too much time on their hands (looking at you, feal). I think the charts are nice…they give me an idea of what my schedule might look like in the new season. I suppose I’m different because I usually try every show, so the summaries or picture choice don’t really influence my choices. And for reference, I knew from just the chart that I would like Shin Sekai…they had me at “utopian society”.

    • Poor Feal being singled out again. I think you are a unique case because you seem to watch everything anyway. I always assumed your schedule would only depend on the number of anime airing during the season not the anime themselves.

      I think it’s best to use the charts as a starting point and then go and look up whatever takes your fancy.

  2. There are only four that grabbed my attention from the chart, “Ore no….” , “Boku wa.. s2” , Amnesia, and Kotoura-san. My basis? The art. But I usually try everything once they are aired and drop the things I dont like. This is so unlike last season where there are lots of anime, around 8, that grabbed my attention base on the chart, and I am watching them all.

    • Going by art alone is fine I suppose. Sequel anime like Boku Wa doesn’t really need to show off with nice art it since we already know what to expect.

      Like you a lot less have grabbed my attention this season but there is a few in there which could be good. Giving them all a chance by watching an episode or two seems to be the safest way to make sure you don’t miss a good anime.

  3. Since I watched anime in big chunks (the-wait-for-a-while-and-watch-a-lot-of-episodes-in-a-row-type), I always managed to get some impressions and general response from the others, so I know which anime to look out for, and which anime to avoid. Shinsekai Yori for example, I never thought of watching it, but seeing the surprised response by a lot of people, it’s immediately added in my watchlist.

    • Word of mouth is probably the best way to find good anime. I know I’ve picked up anime mid season that I didn’t consider to start with. Ano Natsu de Matteru was one of those which i picked up when episode 10 aired.

      Shin Sekai Yori sure is talked about a lot and for good reason. The quality jumps around a lot but the overall theme and story are solid.

  4. the truth is i never cared about anime charts .. i like to watch all new anime for three episode at least and drooped the one i don’t like from my watch list

    • Charts are mostly there just to give you a taste of whats to come. Like you I tend to watch at least 3 episodes (The madoka rule) of most anime before dropping something that still hasn’t got my interest.

    • I wish I had the time for that, but I usually have to thin the list a little bit. I’m usually pretty good about picking out the anime that I know I won’t enjoy. Even if I do make a mistake, I’ll usually hear about it from the community in no time.

      • Well granted it’s pretty easy to halve the list based on the descriptions alone but you always tend to start one or two anime that just suck and miss at least one good one.

        Luckily the anime community is here to help us pick up those good ones that slipped past us.

  5. I find charts very useful; I check them out every season without fail. When a chart comes out, the selection process goes like this: 1. images – the posters full of breasts or mecha are surely out of my to-watch list, 2. summaries- I read the summaries of all the non-rejected titles from step 1, thus I spotted Shin Sekai Yori, 3. contemplate what I might like the most and 4. try the stuff out when they are out, while trying to narrow my list down to 3-4 series maximum, since I can’t follow more.

    • I’d say that’s a solid way of doing it.
      That process is fairly similar to what I do even the Mecha/breasts parts. I’m a man and I’ll admit I like breasts but when I’m finding new anime to watch advertising with breasts means a bad story 9/10 times so it’s pretty easy to know those anime aren’t worth the time.

  6. As i usually watch only 1 or two anime each season (i prefer watching complete anime) but this season what has caught my eye is not art or plot but the production house SHAFT. they haven’t really disappointed my expectations till now so Sasami san is on my list now

    • I know what you mean about watching completed anime, It’s mostly so you can work through it at your own pace and so you don’t have to wait a whole week between episodes. Sometimes you tend to forget things over a week later.

      It’s a given that Shaft always makes good anime so there is no doubt in my mind that Sasami San will be a great anime too. Shaft is an exception and so following every production of any other studio would probably be a bit silly and you’d end up watching a lot of different things as well as a few low budget anime.

  7. I usually pick which shows intrigue me when looking up charts (Thank you internet for charts). When there are shows I have not chosen, yet do have some fascinating aspects to it, I’ll look up blogs of people whose tastes are similar to my own and not the majority. The majority can go suck it.

    As for how it was earlier with DVDs and before Latin America Toonami went off the air, I usually looked at DVD covers that appealed to me. I picked up Sakura Wars, Burst Angel, Gunslinger Girl and another show whose name I forgot, it was based off a hentai. After that, the internet expanded my selection.

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