Posted by: AceRailgun | November 3, 2012

Atelier Arland – Finally completed them

Lesbian…. Now that I have your attention I can give you the warning or lack of warning. There will be no spoilers in this post it is merely my reflections on the series as a whole as I finished it the other day. I won’t spoil any endings and I certainly won’t tell you which of the girls is a lesbian. One more thing I’ll say before getting started is that I’ve only played Atelier Rorona, Totori and Meruru. I haven’t played any of the older ones and that’s because they look like that haven’t aged well.


Yeah so I know it’s not anime but it may as well be with the amount of dialog and cut scenes. I swear over the course of these three games I sat through over 20 hours of spoken dialog or at least text and the funny thing is that’s the most enjoyable part. Put simply it’s a story driven game series which evolves and changes as it tells three separate stories over about twenty years.


On the surface it looks colorful and childish but hidden under that facade is an array of adult humor which the younger audience won’t understand but it doesn’t even matter that they don’t get it because this game can be brutally unforgiving and lock you out of end game content if you so much as waste a spec of time doing something unnecessary. That in my eyes is what made this experience worthwhile because I had to earn the story content and actually think about it instead of just sink time into it.
Sure the battle system and alchemy process which I’m still convinced is sugar coated witchcraft were unbalanced and overwhelming but to a true master of the game you could achieve so much that actually required you to think about it instead of just play the game and “grind” to level up.


What I’m trying to get at is that if you have any interest in JRPG’s, visual novels or anime then you should give it a try provided you have the time. I only started it because a friend recommended it, turns out he never played it before and still hasn’t but that didn’t stop it being one of my favorite game series in the past few years.


Atelier Aysha comes out in English next year so I’m looking forward to that.


  1. My soul burns with envy! I haven’t brought Meruru yet. 😦

    Anyway, with my own experience with the two Arland titles (Rorona and Totori), for some reason I found them more annoying than enjoyable. The time management aspect for Totori was a huge step up, yet then again, when comes to achieving all the endings it felt like nothing but jumping through a bunch of hoops. I was hoping it would put more emphasis on the combat and crafting mechanics like the Mana Khemia duo – however, I am not fully disappointed with how they turned out. Just wish they bit more polish though when comes to gameplay and the stories. Hopefully when I reach Meruru their will be a slight change in all the above.

    And I am also waiting for the release of Ayesha

    • I know what you mean but I felt by the end of Meruru I was just rolling around in story content so much so that i could never find a moment to go do other things.

      From what little I’ve seen of Ayesha it looks like they’e revamped the battle system yet again which can only be a good thing.

      • I was in a similar position near the end of my 1st playthrough with Totori. Although, after already clearing the story conditions it was like their was nothing else I could do. Already had a enough points for the highest license rank and beat most of the extra bosses so aside from crafting any late in-game items for completion….that was it. Guess Meruru will be different once I get to it, but so far, the games are not how I imagined. That or I guess I care about different aspects in games as a result of getting older. Still have Eternal Sonata and Tales Of Graces F to finish up…

  2. What are you talking about, they’re all lesbians

    • Well about 90% of them.

  3. At this point it seems that the real question is : who isn’t? 🙂
    Aside from that, I’ve never heard about these games, even with the amount of lurking around I do daily. If you had to tell me one thing awesome about the story to make me play, what would it be?

    • One awesome thing hey… It’s hard to pick just one moment because the best part for me is the characters and the interactions they have with each other. I’d have to say one of my favorite moments is when a knight (who is your friend) in the first game fights you in a proper in game battle to win a prize at an annual carnival. Normally he’s on your team but for this battle he opposes and since you control Rorona who is a defenseless little girl he kicks your butt after you do one damage to him with your staff. It’s comedy moments like this which make this series so great for me.

  4. Hm, is the Atelier franchise any good?

    • Good enough to write a post about I’d say,

  5. Mimi will rule the world with her Totori, or at least she had better.
    Also, screw online shopping. Seriously.
    Lastly, those who say JRPGs have become weaker are delusional. They’re more…target oriented than mainstream sweethearts. In fact, some mainstream sweetheart games can suck it as far as I’m concerned.’

    What was the point of this rant? I just wanted to post here since I haven’t said anything in a while and I’m a mega fan of the TotorixMimi pairing. That is all.

    • I did enjoy the Totori Mimi pairing too. I was like Meruru the whole game trying to figure out how to get them together.

      I don’t know if players of JRPG’s are delusional we just crave more complex stories and gameplay then is provided by the mainstream BS being pumped out on mass.

      • I also liked the yuri fangirl receptionists in the guild.

        Maybe it’s due to there being a lot of niche JRPGs and not as many Tales or epic JRPGs like Eternal Sonata and Valkyria Chronicles 1. Then again, I’m happy with my Neptunia and Atelier series of games. Heck, even Mugen Souls is tempting me to buy it, which I will.

        Ah well, Ni no Kuni and Tales of Xillia are on their way and Im waiting with open arms.

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