Posted by: AceRailgun | October 27, 2012

The Turning Point – That Moment

There is always a moment in a story when you just know that you’re in it until the very end no matter what happens after that moment. A perfect example is the end of the third episode of Madoka but more recently I’d say that moment also happened in Robotic;Notes towards the end of the third episode. That certain something that made Steins;Gate so special finally struck me during the tournament in this episode. Everything before then came together in one moment and that just did it for me. Although this moment is sometimes easy to pick out occasionally it’s subtle or practically non existent.


The moment isn’t something you should sit around waiting for in every story or anime because if you do it might not come and in some rare cases it might come later. *cough* Gurren Lagann *cough*


As you can probably see I’m having trouble explaining what a “Perfect moment” actually is but I’m sure I could run off the names of  a few anime and anyone who has seen them would struggle to disagree those moments didn’t define the anime right in the beginning. Seriously think about these for a second.


Death Note – L proves Kira exists.

Full Metal Alchemist – Edward binds Al to the suit of armor.

Code Geass – Lelouch gains Geass

Mushi Shi – The Mushi is revealed to live in the girls eyes.


As you can see all these moments happen right in the beginning and without having any attachment to the characters you instantly become intrigued and cannot help but be curious about what else they can do. All this has come about because I’m still waiting for that moment in Little Busters. I know it must be close and I have my fingers crossed that it isn’t a cop out.


Can anyone else think of examples of these moments. I’m sure there must be hundreds of them.


  1. Cowboy Bebop – Asimov’s girlfriend kills him and is then killed by the police.
    Utena – Zettai. Unmei. Mokushiroku.

    • I’d say they are some pretty good examples. The Cowboy Bebop one was great because it showed they weren’t afraid to be mature.

  2. The best example of this for me was One Piece, as soon as we saw Shanks lose his arm to save Luffy. That was the first point of the show that really put me in awe and made me glad I started it up.

    • It’s been so many years since I read that (Over 5) but I still remember it quite well and I’ll have to agree. One Piece had a few moments like that which just made me fall in love with the story and characters.

  3. I suppose this is an effect similar to the “big reveal” of a mystery show/novel?

    • Yep that’s exactly it. I can think of hundreds of those moments too.

  4. That Moment = When all ecchi anime become free of “white light” and “fog”

    • That is a special moment but sadly it doesn’t happen much. I think it’s silly that they add all that fog to an “adult” rated anime so it can be aired at times teens and children might watch it. This could warrant a whole post.

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