Posted by: AceRailgun | October 7, 2012

Kamisama Hajimemashita – Always with the lazy deities

First it was Kamisama Dolls then came Kamisama Memopad and now we’ve got Kamisama Hajimemashita which is also called Kamisama Kiss. It’s an anime which gives off a xxxHolic or Natsume Yuujinchou kind of vibe but has a strange kind of comedy which reminds me of fragments of Binbougami ga or Gintama that I watched. You know what I mean… That shouting comedy were everyone is always yelling. Wow I used a lot of different anime in that opening paragraph. I deserve a medal of some kind.


Kamisama Hajimemashita could go either way at this point actually there is three ways I see it going.

1. Romantic comedy

2. Shout comedy

3. Shojo aimed at teenage girls.

The third option is looking most likely, the first option would be the best and the second option is the one that will make me drop it like I should have dropped all the other Kamisama anime before this one.


The comedy certainly wasn’t bad but there was some choices made in character designs which bugged me. The two little sidekick things annoyed me simply because of how they looked. It’s like if you took Maru and Moro from xxxHolic and replaced them with 2 Mokona’s so then there would be four of them. Not the best analogy but whatever.


The setting at this point seems like it’s going to be focused around the shrine and visits to the spirit world which means this is in the minority of anime which aren’t based in schools. Although I may be forced to eat my words in a few episodes because it seems like the main girl is of high school age. Nothing is certain at this point except he romance between the characters and that wasn’t very appealing because I don’t know anything about either of them.


  1. This is one of the most generic shoujo series I have *ever* encountered. It takes its genre material and goes through it step by step. As a shoujo fan, I’m actually okay with this. See, this series played it really safe. It added an unusual amount of energy to the tropes, but beyond that it was very by the book. While that has the disadvantage of making it not particularly unique, it also means that it’s very hard to make it *bad*. Of course, it certainly *could* go downhill from here, but it seems like it’ll probably be a very typical shoujo show, not bad and not good (except for those who like shoujo).

    So yeah, 3 is most likely, though 3 & 1 go hand in hand all the time.

    • I don’t watch or read much Shoujo so I don’t know how safe this is playing (So I’ll trust you) but in terms of an anime watcher I’d agree it’s very by the book. Whilst it has done some pretty typical things I like that it hasn’t done two things I hate most.
      1. Be set in a school
      2. Have a magical girl fall into the protagonists lap

      It might not be groundbreaking but I think if the series pushes the spirit world theme a bit more we could get some interesting stories out of it.

      • Judging by the preview, it looks like it’s gonna be set in a school, which I’ve never minded *too* much in shoujo, since it’s typically not afraid to go elsewhere (a problem a lot of school anime have). Option 2 doesn’t seem very likely, though, and I agree it could be cool if they push the spirit world a little more.

  2. I was laughing all the way through this, so I’m going to keep watching. The characters are just too much fun.

    I only read the first two volumes of the manga and was pleasantly surprised how little really went on at the school–it focused almost entirely on yokai hijinks from what I remember, and I don’t even recall if our protagonist has any friends or not. All that may change in the future though, of course.

    I am also definitely not a fan of what you’ve termed the shout comedy–fortunately I think this show will avoid that course. (I’m okay with wacky reaction shots and such, but *constant* yelling generally gets old fast for me.)

    • There is one other title I know falls into the shout comedy thing but I can’t remember what it was. let me go figure it out….. I’m back. It was Sket Dance I was thinking of, it’s one of the worst cases.

      The reactions were good in this and as long as it doesn’t only resort to over the top wackiness for every punchline then I think we are in for a decent laugh.

      I’m happy to hear the school doesn’t come up much. I hope she never ends up with a whole bunch of friends because those types of character are more interesting to watch when they are alone or with just one other person.

  3. I feel like the series will turn into more of a romantic comedy later on, possibly with some more harem elements because this girl is gonna have to keep kissing people. I keep comparing it to Fruits Basket because the direction feels very similar to what I’ve seen from that.

    • I’ve read the manga, and no she won’t start kissing other people. The director of this show is the same as Fruits Basket, so it feels similar.

      Anyway, 3 & 1 is more likely for this show. School isn’t the main setting. Actually the manga has a “traveling” kind of setting. It depends on the arc where it will be based. She doesn’t get surrounded with a lot of people, but she gets a few trustworthy friends.

      Also, it isn’t a reverse harem. I’ve read 86 chapters of it, and it never ventured that way. Nor was it shouting all the time.

      • All that sounds very reassuring. From what you’ve said it sounds like it will be much better then I ever expected.

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