Posted by: AceRailgun | October 6, 2012

Shinsekai Yori – The anime that came out of nowhere

Is it good? God I hope so because the first episode did my favorite thing in storytelling and what is that you might ask. Well it’s questions, something so simple that hardly anyone ever does anymore. Pose a question or a mystery and then don’t answer it and I’m hooked. So what is Shinsekai Yori exactly and where did it come from because I hadn’t heard of it until I saw a link saying “Watch the first episode here.” Well I checked my chart and sure enough there it was at the start of the eighth row with a picture of a rock to get me excited about it. No wonder I overlooked it in a heartbeat.


It’s very odd but once I finished the episode I went straight back to watch the beginning again to see what all that disjointed violence was about but I couldn’t any sense of it. I don’t like that it was ultra violent but I do like that it made no sense. After that I watched the opening and ending again which is something I’ve started doing recently and you know what Shinsekai Yori has some damn atmospheric music. The opening fits perfectly with that eerie feeling and the ending theme has that more cheerful but foreboding feel to it. I can only imagine how bad it would have been if they stuck some upbeat j-pop on there like everyone else does.


Now onto the characters I suppose. None of them stood out too much but I feel that was because I was too busy studying the environment and the school itself as that intrigued me the most. Even now I still don’t fully grasp the setting it was a rural village surrounded by ropes but then it had future tech mixed in and of coarse lets not forget the standard Japanese city at the start.


No idea what direction this is going to go but I’m along for the journey. At least until it gets weird then I might leave.


  1. The premise for this show feels intriguing so far. My only current complaint is that the colour palette of the show looks far too washed out, so sometimes it was hard to make out the finer details of the art. I’m also hoping it doesn’t get too confusing and trips over itself in the next few episodes, because that could very easily happen.

    • I know what you mean about the color. It felt like it was missing some of the more solid colors but then again it kind of reminds me of what Steins;Gate did with all those dull colors.

      As for the plot I get the feeling they won’t stay in the peaceful village setting much longer and it’s that point it’s probably going to suffer from confusion. There is a possibility it won’t get more confusing but that seems unlikely. We’ll just have to pay attention so we don’t miss details.

  2. I think the next couple of episodes are going to be really important >.> Need to know where it’s heading

  3. Definetly one of the better first episodes of the season, my fav was Zetsuen no Tempest 🙂

    • Zetsuen no Tempest was even more confusing then this was. I’ll watch a bit more to find out what’s going on.

  4. Yeah, this first episode was all about establishing the setting. And wow, what a setting! This is a fascinating world of possibilities.
    Since this is based on a book, I imagine it will take some time for the characters to be firmly established, and for the plot to really get moving. But the start of a story needs to only do one thing: make you want to keep reading/watching. From the New World has definitely done that for me. :>

    • As you said I reckon this will be a slow start but once it gets rolling I’m sure it will be interesting. Second episode just came out so I’m keen to watch that.

  5. Shin Sekai Yori and Zetsuen no Tempest is sure two of the most intriguing and depth plot of the season, being two of my current favourites!

    • Agreed. They were both intriguing and I hope they can keep that going all the way to the end of their respective series.

  6. Omg I am more curious about that cat thing. WHAT IS IT REALLY? O.O

    • That had me curious too. I really hope it’s the personification of an idea, a collective fear if you will that doesn’t really exist. If it turns out to be a cat monster or something of that nature I’ll be disappointed.

  7. *nods* this series is good, but there are so many questions…

    I hope it won’t end like Mawaru Penguindrum…:P

    • The problem with Penguindrum was it just kept asking more questions. At least with this I expect it to resolve some stuff…. Hopefully.

  8. This is an amazing anime. I’d even go as far as saying it was my favourite! I wont give to much away, but it really doesn’t have a fixed genre, there’s a little bit of everything; romance, horror, adventure, yaoi, yuri, action, fantasy and drama! I would recommend it to everyone and anyone 😀

    • Totally agree with you on that. It sure is amazing but what’s more amazing is that even with all those genres it don’t feel like a huge mess. Somehow it managed to pull it off, honestly I don’t think many other anime could do that with such a broad variety of genres to deal with.

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