Posted by: AceRailgun | October 4, 2012

Contest Winners

Contests are always fun to enter; mostly because it’s usually free and there is potential to get something for nothing. Normally you’re chances of winning are slim to none but in my contest your chances are over 10% easy because hardly anyone entered. I’ll admit the prizes aren’t great but what’s in it for me if I don’t like the prize as well. The first contest was to pick an outfit for my site mascot Cassie and I’ll pay an artist to draw her in that outfit. The second contest was for you to tell me an idea for an original character which I can help you develop. After confirming all the details I will pay for that character to be drawn by a professional artist and you can use him or her as a site mascot for you’re website.


Quality of entries for the second contest varied but there was one clear winner. I suggest to anyone who entered the second contest not to feel bad if you lose. All your ideas have potential and if you’d like some help developing them let me know. The first contest was a different ball game and pretty much everyone pitched a winning idea which made it very hard for me to decide the winner. In the end I gave up and picked two winners.

Yerocha, who suggested Maka Albarn’s outfit from Soul Eater.


Cholisose, who suggested a shrine maiden outfit similar to something Reimu from Touhou wears.


I will get both of these drawn as soon as humanly possible. I can only do so much on my end as sometimes artists lose track of time and take forever and a day to complete artwork. I know art takes time but sometimes it gets a little ridiculous so please be very very patient if that does happen. I’ll keep both of you updated on progress such as which artists I choose and when I receive sketches I’ll let you know.


Kai, wins the original character contest with his entry of Ran Kougetsu. Summed up briefly she is an average 17 year old girl. On the surface she is calm and collected but is hiding some interesting secrets. I won’t go into the details just yet because I’m sure Kai will want to do that on his own website once I get her drawn. This will probably take longer to get sorted out then the first two winners art but I know it will be worth waiting for. Just keep an eye on Kai’s website and wait for her debut there.


  1. I apparently missed out on this epicness… Will high be doing another contest?

    • yep seems like you were a bit slow this time. Maybe in a few months or a year I’ll do another contest. For now I need to focus on getting these ones done first.

  2. Nice. I’ll be looking forward to seeing those pictures.

  3. Great! I’ve always liked Reimu’s variation of the shrine maiden outfit. I think it’s neat you put on contests like this, Ace.

    • Yep I like Reimu’s outfit too so hence your victory. You’re welcome, I enjoy running them and even though it cost me money I think it’s worth it.

  4. Woots, surprised I could easily win in a contest. Been wanting a mascot for a while so definitely looking forward to it xD

    • Well I’ll make sure you get the best mascot designed 🙂 I’ll send you an email in a day or two and explain a bit more of the process.

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