Posted by: AceRailgun | September 28, 2012

One Year Blogging – Contest two

This contest is different from yesterdays. Instead of the art being of my character we are going to create some art of your character which can be used as a site mascot if you wish.


“But I don’t have a character which I use as a site mascot.” All of you.


Exactly, we are going to make you one. Well the winner anyway and the only way to win this is to tell me your idea for a character.


Just give me a written description of your character, it can be as detailed or minimal as you like as long as your character is completely original it will go into the running.

I do not want any fan characters from Naruto, Bleach or Pokemon. Please don’t do this I’m begging you.

I also understand that some people might not want to share their character ideas publicly just yet and that’s okay. You can email me a description at acerailgun[at]gmail[dot]com or leave one in the comments it’s up to you.


Once I decide a winner I will get an artist of my choice to draw the character for you. I will pay all fees involved in this so this could well be your only chance to get a free character design drawn by a professional artist. Your character can be anything within reason but it must be human. I will pick the most creative idea to be the winner. It doesn’t matter if it’s underdeveloped because I can help you flesh out the idea.


I also reserve the right to have no winner if nothing sparks my interest, I really hope this doesn’t happen. You have one week to send me your idea to be in the running. Good luck and don’t be afraid to be creative.


  1. Tooru (A Channel) in “Foxxy Boxxy”

    • Tooru isn’t your character though. I want to try and develop a completely new character with someone. The box idea is pretty funny though.

      • Fine, then Shiro or Kuro (or both) in “Foxxy Boxxy”, full color
        I came up with both characters.

      • Alright Shiro and Kuro it is. You’re in the running for victory and you’re the only one so far. Unless you count draggles starfish thingo.

  2. The perfect mascot would have a shape vaguely resembling that of a starfish. It would have two big eyes, a tiny mouth, and small limsbs. Its body would be yellow and its angular head would be orange. It would be extraordinarily cute but capable of spearing people at a moment’s notice with giant swords that it pulls out of its mouth. Its name would not be Patrick.

    • Don’t describe yourself silly.

      • I can’t be my own mascot? You’re a racist against starfishes!

  3. I want my mascot to have tentacles and rape everyone who approaches my blog.
    (I’m going to need some time to think of a proper one, for the time being, I’ll just joke around in your comments section xD)

    • That would be a freaky character. It would most likely drive readers away but then again you might get a different kind of reader but you probably don’t want those.

      Just shoot me an email when you come up with your good idea. I’ll be waiting for it.

  4. Well, it’s not really a mascot, but there is a character that I’m designing for a story. Not completely worked out yet, but what I have so far is that I’m trying to create someone with a split personality, signified by heterochromatic eyes. The personality split is similar to Gundam 00’s Allelujah, with one side being rational and the other driven by instinct. Basically, the rational side uses a programmed weapon system, where he essentially makes calculations for things like targeting, then “uploads” them to the various weapons that he has available to be executed. The more instinctive side would use a single weapon (probably just a sword) and rely on reflex and strength. It’s really just one of those things I think about when I’m walking to work or something.

    • If you have such mascot, your blog will be dangerous, though not as much as my tentacles-infected blog.

      • Yeah you guys characters which would be like bounces at a bar. They sit there just watching you with creepy eyes and once you step out of line you get raped. Well by Kai’s character anyway.

    • That’s pretty cool. Have you got an idea of what this character looks like? Age, appearance etc. You can email me something more detailed if you like.

    • Well, I mentioned it being incomplete…appearance isn’t something I’ve ever been really good at. Guess I always imagined him being something similar to the Swordmaster from Fire Emblem in appearance. Or maybe a trench coat…I’ve always liked that idea too. Sigh…I really don’t consider these things.

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