Posted by: AceRailgun | September 23, 2012

Waifu – How they work

I go into this skeptical that it can lead to intelligent conversation but at the same time I know it’s a touchy subject because regardless of your views anyone reading this is probably looked at as an otaku by people without knowledge of anime and Japanese culture and in the bracket/classification of otaku falls that really creepy thing know as a waifu. We all go out and date imaginary girls who love us unconditionally, or at least that’s what the media likes to suggest that we do.


With all my wisdom I know that people who have “waifus” are not actually romantically interested in a fictional character but simply playing up this idea that a fictional character can be loved because they like the character or anime that they come from. It’s perfectly fine to think such things but remember this, the term waifu must have come from somewhere right and every time you use the term you are reminding the non-otaku masses that you are different and your hobby is special. A massive otaku from the 80’s-90’s perhaps who was so attached to a fictional girl that he “married” a pillow of  her and sparked outrage in his local community. This term must have come from somewhere and that’s the kind of scenario I imagine every time I see the word. It only makes sense that it came from that sad minority that celebrates fictional birthdays and romantic holidays with cake in front of a computer monitor with and a piece of artwork displayed.


What am I even trying to get at here? Not really sure this is just flowing out of me as I saw some outrage about it on some dodgy anime website I visited because of a tweet. Now that I’ve put that statement out there I can say this. Having a waifu is funny but it also alienates you to some degree from the rest of us, especially if you make it public knowledge and constantly remind us of her.


Now going at this subject from a different angle I also realized that some people have multiple waifus and this is just greedy and not to mention illegal. Well it would be if they were really women anyway and not just because half your waifus aren’t even of marrying age. Maybe you could swap out the old waifu for the newest hottest girl to hit currently airing anime but that’s a whole new ball game of wrong which I won’t even dive into.


Do you think waifus are bad? Do you think a guy who spends Christmas eve with his waifu is a sad or lucky? Do you have a waifu?


  1. Whenever people realize I like anime, I’m usually immediately assumed to have a creepy obsession with a waifu. In reality, it just isn’t the case. Besides, I think most people become attached to characters from shows they watch or books they read; that’s just natural. I don’t find anything particularly wrong with it because it isn’t harming anybody else, but, like with like everything, an obsession can get out of control.

    On a side not, you might be interested in reading an article I found. It goes more in depth on this subject than anything I’ve seen before.

    • It’s those out of control cases that always seem to get picked up by the media and talked about. I’ll check out the other post. I’ve already read a few posts on the topic but it’s surprising how easy it is to bring new ideas into the mix.

  2. lol I don’t know about waifus but I do have a husbando ^ ω ^ And his name is Ulquiorra<3 But I generally fall for any cold tsunderes out there….
    On a more serious note: I have no problem with people who display a general affection for characters but I don't think people should take it too far as to marrying a pillow. I am in it just for fun but I'm sure that real mutual love is the greatest form of happiness.

    • Well a husbando is the same thing but I can tell that you’re just playing it up and not actually married to said character. I wouldn’t say I fall in love with any characters I just get this sudden feeling which is usually “Oh she’s cute” or “Oh —- is so cool” I’m assuming people take that feeling to the extreme and then six months later are happily married to a pillow. Not the worst thing that can happen but like you said it can’t compare to a mutual love.

  3. Waifu? I have no idea what you could mean….

  4. haha the japanese is crazy though i guess the world just got more interesting when people like him exist though to think something so simple such as that can make a public outrage…well not sure how it is bad though as long as it doesn’t bother other it can’t be that bad beside each people have their own specific liking even something like having waifu after all compare to some people hobby this is pretty tame…speaking of which do you have one?

    • I guess there is really crazy hobbies out there.

      I don’t have a waifu, I like real girls and it will most likely stay that way. I do have favorite characters which are female but I’ve never been romantically interested in one of them. How about you, do you have a waifu?

      • hmm well it is not really that crazy can give a worse example of a hobby… but to answer the question do i have a waifu not really not interested in having one sure i think some female character as cool and such but that about it though i am not interested in real one too really i prefer to be alone i prefer quite over being with people who are most of the time noisy as hell…

  5. How do waifu work? Use this cheat sheet!

    1) Is it a cute or hot girl?
    2) If yes, it’s feal87 waifu

    Simple, isn’t it? 😛

    • You probably have over 100 at this point

  6. I self claimed several waifus myself, lol. So I guess I committed one of those “wrong” you mentioned :p Well it’s fiction anyway. My harem will keep on growing! 😀

    But honestly speaking, I don’t think having waifus is anything wrong. Me and my “waifus” are much more subtle of cause, but I can admit that shoving everyone your “waifu” in public and even “dating” with them or even “marrying” them, will instantly made everyone sees you as some sort of “special being.” In sankaku, I saw a news where someone took a Fate daikimura and had a marriage ceremony with it. I kinda admire his passion and his open-mindedness, though and on the other hand, I was kinda laughing.

    • That’s the kind of thing that crosses the line with me. Sure if he really wants to he can buy a daikimura and never ever let another living soul see it but taking it out in public and marrying it is a bit too much. I really hope he married the clothed side at least.

      Your harem is one of those things I was talking about where you are open about it online to a select group of anime fans but I imagine in real life not a soul knows of your fictional harem. Just the way waifu’s should be.

  7. I think waifus are a very interesting aspect of the while Otaku sphere as something that walks the grey line. Sometimes it’s ok to have a waifu and it’ll be a tad weird but at times, you can cross over and go full on total weirdo with your waifu.

    It does alienate as it seems to give off the aura of “I like being “forever alone””, that you prefer the fictional over reality and that you seem like a weirdy, even to other oktau. However, a waifu can also be good to have for many reasons. So yes, it’s a very interesting aspect of this hobby of ours.

    P.S I don’t really have a waifu but they’re a character I like a lot, though I don’t really consider her as my waifu.

    • I almost see it as giving up on real girls once you cross that line and bring your passion for an animated character out of the computer. As soon as you’ve brought all the figures and a daikimura of her you are lost to that group known as forever alone.

      Keeping it tasteful and online is a completely different story however. You say you like a character but don’t really consider her to be a waifu. What you are feeling (nothing overly romantic) is probably exactly what other more forward people feel towards their waifu. It’s just a matter of personal choice in declaring to the world a girl is your waifu or part of your harem.

      • Yeah. Getting waifu related products can be seen as being “Forever Alone” but heck, I think it’s just fine in moderation, like you just appreciate her or think of her as somewhat of the “perfect” girlfriend (Although that’s kinda pushing it).

        It when you declare that no one else is better or something similar in severity that you might be in need of some help XD

  8. I think everything’s fine with me. No really i don’t have a waifu and i don’t think i’ll ever have one.

    But i prefer to avoid the general stupidity of humans, that is to stereotype things they don’t understand. When i try to understand why some friends of mine have waifus, and multiple ones at times I always put into thought that i’m dealing with people whose perspective and perception of the world might or might not be different than me.

    If in the end i cannot understand them, i’ll simply agree to disagree, and move on with our lives as we see it.

    I tend to look at the world as unique and disregard what people might think as normal or not. It keeps my world colorful and my life gorgeous.

    • If only everyone had that opinion on matters they do not understand. I know the world would be a better place if everyone was like that. Waifu probably wouldn’t even exist because nobody would play up the idea for the masses because the masses wouldn’t react. I know it’s strange but I see waifu or should I say having a public waifu to be a form of trolling if you do stuff like that in real life in public (Dating love pillows for example)

  9. While the concept of waifu is something I would never take part in, I say that if people feel this way about fictional characters, let ’em. Perhaps some of these individuals who “marry” a dakimakura need help, but I’m not positive they all do – after all, I’d rather not play armchair psychologist since doing so is more a way to express hatred and prejudice than genuinely understand.

    I personally find a great many women in anime and manga sexually attractive, I’d rather not joke about “marrying” them.

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