Posted by: AceRailgun | September 16, 2012

Natsuyuki Rendezvous Finale – Ghosts aren’t very nice

First things firsts what the hell does Natsuyuki even mean….. oh that should have been obvious Natsu=Summer and Yuki = Snow so that means it’s a summer snow which leads me to believe it is a nonsensical title pulled from the same pile as pretty much every visual novel ever. Since snow melts in summer that means it’s really a water rendezous… Like a river meeting an ocean or maybe a bridge. Shut up Ace and talk about the ghost and the love story already.


That ghost, let’s call him Atsushi was a great character all clingy and depressed but he didn’t really show his true colors until the midway point in the story where he took control of the plot and ruined it. Seriously the plot was going great up until the point where Hazuki got drunk and loaned his body to Sushi which turned the story into a stupid dream sequence. What Hazuki achieved in the final six episodes could have been achieved in one but it was so drawn out that it went from being an interesting exploration of Sushi’s inner workings to a creepy surreal world which only has one thing in it, Rooka.


Let’s talk about Rokka I suppose. She had a simple role which she filled nicely and that one big decision at the end to choose between a ghost and possibly the most committed guy on the planet. She took her dear time deciding but she went with the logical choice. I thought we’d see some nice scenes of the pair talking about how a ghost almost screwed up their love but instead it does the time skip to trump all time skips. It kills them both of old age and leaves us with the daughter and grandchild which was an easy way to avoid the sappy romance between Rokka and Hazuki but leaves us in this awkward situation with Sushi and some kid he isn’t related too.


I don’t know what to think at this point. It was okay and if you like romance then go watch it I suppose. 92/167 on my top anime list.


  1. oh possession…that’s cool…wonder what he’s gonna do? wait…he’s still possessing…any day now…what’s going on? yeah…this show

    • It was certainly a prolonged facepalm mostly because the characters had no idea what they were suppose to be doing.

  2. A little surprised to hear people disliking this show so much, I thought it was pretty good, but I’m usually into this kind of josei series. If I watched it all at once, it probably would have gotten on my nerves a lot more as well.

    • It’s not all bad, I really enjoyed the first half it’s just that I’m not really into japanese dream/fantasy/surreal worlds and crossing that with fairy tales felt a bit cheap but that’s just me.

      Maybe watching it all at once would have been better for me because Hazuki would have been in the dream world for a bit over an hour not an entire month.

  3. >“Natsu=Summer and Yuki = Snow so that means it’s a summer snow which leads me to believe it is a nonsensical title pulled from the same pile as pretty much every visual novel ever.”
    A reference to Mishima Yukio’s novel Spring Snow? Or am I giving the writers too much credit there?

    The premise and the early buzz around this show had me wanting to watch it. Now, from your review and others, I get the feeling my being late to the party actually paid off and spared me having to watch a good show go off the rails. Was the first half good enough to justify watching the whole thing?

    • Maybe you are giving them too much credit but then again you might be the only person that picked up on that little reference if that was the intention.

      If you are interested in love stories then I say go for it. While admittedly it goes a bit wonky near the end it’s not dreadful in an sense. It just takes too long to explain simple things that’s all.

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