Posted by: AceRailgun | September 4, 2012

The average age of an anime blogger

It’s about 18


Lets face it there is a lot of young people blogging anime but I’m curious if that reflects the general audience of anime watchers. When I say young I am talking about 15-19 this age group encompasses a large portion of the blogging community and as stupid as this sounds they also form the largest portion of new blogs or blogs which tend to die out with in a year or so.


I always though the target age group of most anime was about 15-25 but it seems most of the new bloggers are always younger then 20. Is it strange for someone 25 years or older to start blogging about anime? Are old people not tech savvy enough or is it simply because they have other time commitments which makes blogging impossible because I know the average age of an anime fan is older then 18. Before you say anything I do know that a lot of bloggers are over 20 or even over 25 and to be honest they are the ones which I still expect to be talking to in a year or more from now. They are also the ones with well establish blogs going on three, five and ever seven or more years.


So the real thing I am trying to get at is when is too old to watch and enjoy anime? Is there even an age limit because personally I don’t see anything wrong with a 40 year old watching anime. I myself expect I’ll be watching anime at that stage in my life but I’m sure I’ll still be watching less anime then I do now. Maybe the whole thing is genre based and at some point it becomes too hard to associate with the high school student casts plaguing 90% of anime.  But who am I to say, I’m not a student anymore but i’m certainly not old enough to not be able to relate to high school students in some way or another especially the older ones that may be more mature than most adults.




  1. Your question is answered by Grumpy Jii-san.

    • Haha that’s pretty random but totally proves my point that it doesn’t matter how old you are.

  2. I think the immediate appeal of starting a blog and reaching some internet celebrity status is more prevalent among the approximately 18-year-olds. But when the droves of avid readers don’t come and keeping a quality blog up and running becomes tedious, they fall out.
    Meanwhile the older (20+) viewers just think they’d enjoy writing their thoughts without considering the possibility of becoming popular. Call it having already given up their dreams or simply being realistic, but they definitely seem to have the higher probability of staying around, as you said.
    As for age limits, MLP proves target audiences to mean jack-shit when it comes to fanbases. At a certain point, I’ll admit, it’s creepy for certain demographics to enjoy certain genres, but it’s their preferences. If you’ve found something you like and you stick to it, more power to you.

    As I get older, I’m finding myself more condescending of the opinions of younger viewers, as they buy into hype without developing opinions of their own…or is that just a part of becoming old and bitter?

    • Old and bitter you say we are still in are early twenties (at least I think we are) but I know what you mean as I see it all the time. That and I used to buy into the hype of certain shonen anime when I was in my teens. We’ve seen enough anime now to know what we like and we stick to it although I think at our age we can be as open or closed minded about anime as we want.

      I don’t think I ever considered anime blogging to bring about internet fame I just uses it as a way to talk about my interests. Is it even possible to become popular just by blogging? Nobody I can think of has done it.

      • Nope, not real evidence that blogging makes you popular, but it seems to be the only thing that drives these young whipper-snappers to do anything these days.
        (For the record, we’re similar in age, but I’m probably a few years younger than you, but not many)
        As I watch more anime, it seems to get easier to pick through the upcoming anime and determine what’ll suit my interests, and then be able to determine what’s being hyped and what actually has potential.

  3. Likewise for me, I’m not a student anymore (depends on the future though, who knows) but I’m not so old I can’t relate to high school students.

    Also, I’m not sure if I would be watching anime ten or twenty years for now. I always think of myself as someone with a very short interests span. I like something for a while, then immediately switch to a new interest. But then again anime is something I had been committed to almost ten years and I really don’t want to stop anytime now.

    • I’d say ten years of watching anime is a good length of time to say it’s one of your interests. In time you might find you stop playing visual novels or reading manga but you may never stop watching anime. You’ll probably narrow your genres a bit but much like myself we’ll still keep watching it if only praying for another anime as good as are favorites.

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  5. Nope, there’s no age limit when it comes to watching anime. A perfect example? My father XD He’s like 47 and we still watch Initial D together (heck! he even buys more manga of the same series than I do :P) Same with Kai, I don’t really know if I’ll still be watching anime 10 – 20 years from now. What I do know is that I have never been so passionate about anything as much I am to anime

    • I guess that is a good example. I wonder how many older people keep up to date with the newest anime releases though. Taiga linked me to an older guys anime reviews but I noticed he only reviews older anime with the exception of a few OVAs from 2005 which I’d never heard of. Maybe when we are old we’ll just be forever watching the same handful of anime over and over and seeking out niche OVA’s by are favorite anime directors.

      • I guess so . . .

      • Actually, there are a lot of Bruneians here doing a very similar thing. They never check out the newest anime, and they didn’t even see the charts. They just watched old anime which were recommended before and has general positive receptions. I can even count with just five fingers for anime viewers who actually DO catch up with the charts here.

  6. While I think you might be right that most starting anibloggers might be in that age range, I think that most established anibloggers (and I would say that if you’ve been consistently blogging 6+ months you’d be established) are 19 and older. There six bloggers on my blog – only one is in the 15-19 range. Two of us are over 30.

    I did a survey a couple of years ago that was sent to a whole lot of “established anibloggers.” 93% of respondents were 19 years or older. 45% had finished college. Over 60% were at least 23 years old, with a quarter aged 29 or older.

    So I think there’s this battle between what you mentioned, older people time consuming priorities (work, kids, marriage) and this “serious hobby” feel that perhaps comes with age. So, while an “older person” might be super busy, they still make it a priority to blog regularly. A younger person may have more time, but they are also more prone to take and leave hobbies.

    By the way, here’s the demographics post from that survey:

    • Interest survey and with results that surprise me a little. Judging your results from my experiences with other bloggers I think I’ve found something out. It isn’t that the older bloggers don’t exist because obviously they do it’s that unlike the younger newer bloggers the older bloggers are content with their group of blogging friends and don’t reach out to the newer parts of the blogging community like the younger bloggers do. I’m not saying that all established bloggers do this because some of them commented right here, You for example. It’s just that once you’ve found your spot in the blogging community you tend to just sit in it. I haven’t been around that long but I’ve found myself reaching out to newer blogs less and less simply because I’ve found the blogs I like to read already.
      I guess if you consider something a true hobby you can always find time for it even when you have work and family to contest with. It’s good to be dedicated to something and with anime being dedicated can only make you a better blogger all round.

      • That’s a great insight. You do get comfortable in your own clique – whether in RL or on the Internet. So it seems natural that “older bloggers” who have been blogging for a while don’t tend to reach out to young people, who might also just might be more sociable and energetic because of their age.

  7. Some of my favorite blogs to read are written by older bloggers. It’s great to get an older viewer’s perspective who may be looking for very different things in a show than a younger viewer. Also, there’s a better chance that older bloggers are more experienced writers, which makes the reading experience much more pleasant. I think you’re right that the reason older anime fans may not blog as much is because of time constraints. There’s nothing wrong with being forty or fifty years old and an anime fan, but some people may not have the time to devote to their hobby because of works or kids. I think it’s also that younger fans tend to be more vocal in general – not only in blogging, but also in going to conventions. Younger anime fans may be newer to anime and feel so excited that they feel they have something to say – and there’s nothing wrong with that. I always kind of figured that most anime bloggers are in high school, especially considering the fact that I knew that the highest age demographic for anime convention attendees is 15-17 years old.

    • It’s true that the older you are the more in depth and realistic your opinions can be simply because you’ve experienced more things.

      I never though about the age group that attends conventions but you are right it’s mostly younger people but then there is always the adult among them that are most likely those dedicated to their hobbies. It’s probably those same people who blog anime because if you have enough spare time to visit conventions you probably have time to blog.

  8. I know at least twenty friends and acquaintances who are in their 20s or older and watch anime, many bloggers, many people from my past anime clubs, or just people I meet online or at conventions (I’m 26 myself). I even know a few people who are over 40 years old and love anime. So while it generally appeals to the younger crowd (I would extend it to age 15-30) there are plenty of things about it that appeal to any age that gives it a chance =) Anime really didn’t catch on in the US until the 90s, so it’s only been around 20-30 years since it’s been somewhat known outside Japan. We still have a lot of time to see how long its fans will keep it up.

    • Like you said I’m sure that as the anime watchers of today age the 15-30 (This is probably more accurate) will age and that bracket of anime watches will also change.

      After reading all the comments to this I think my outlook has changed somewhat. It’s not that the average age of an anime blogger is young because it clearly isn’t it’s that the younger anime bloggers are more willing to contact other blogs and make themselves know. This has mades the presence of younger bloggers seem large in my eyes when really there is just as many older bloggers. It’s come to my attention that some of the well establish blogger groups are somewhat impenetrable by newer bloggers. Because of that I ended up formed a group of blogging friends from the blogs which started around the same time as myself which is for the best anyway.

  9. I am one of those who is almost 40 (next year) and still watches anime. A good friend of mine is in her mid 30’s and still watches it and my best friend growing up watches as well (he’s my age). She and I planned to go to the Schoolgirls and Mobilesuits workshop at MCAD at the end of this month even, so you could say we not only watch but are somewhat active with it. Not dedicated to it but we do find the time for it as a hobby.

    I think with the older generations many think of anime as just cartoons and thus something for children.. but I believe that is changing. Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama have started to change that perception. To me it is another form of entertainment. Some like soap operas, Jersey Shore, or Warehouse 13. I may question peoples age for watching some (ok..just jersey shore) of those too.. but it’s more the subject matter and not the medium it’s relayed in that sets the target age group these days.

    • You’re not wrong about the older generation thinking animation is just for children which is unfortunate because like you said there is plenty of animation aimed at adults and it just a medium used to tell a story. Give it time and I’m sure anime and animation in general won’t be treated like it is today.

      I’m glad an older anime fan could comment on this as it helps me put the situation into perspective. I’m not sure if I’ll be as into anime when I reach your age but I feel like I’ll still have it as a hobby. I mean who could resist not checking out an event called schoolgirls and mobilesuits.

  10. It always surprises me how old or young some bloggers are. I know a couple who are only just starting high school, and some others who have kids that age. When I wonder if I’ll still be into anime when I’m much older, I just think about all those people who are still fans much later on and it makes me a lot more confident about my hobbies.

  11. Probably till I get a child…and as long as my waifu and OG Jr don’t take too much of my time, I’ll be blogging for quite some time after graduation. At least that’s the plan.

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