Posted by: AceRailgun | September 2, 2012

Upcoming Anime Robotic;Notes

All you need to know is that Notes of a Robotic Nature is created by the same people that made Steins;Gate well the visual novel is. Steins;Gate was animated by White Fox whilst Automated;Markings is animated by Production IG. No offence to White Fox you’ve created a few great anime but Production IG is one of the top tier studios having created Guilty;Crown  Ghost;In;The;Shell and more recently Kuroko’s;Basketball. So you can see why we should all be excited.


The plot to Robotic;Notes is high school students in a club…… Those dots are me screaming at the top of my lungs in excitement for an original setting. But in all honesty the school club is a bit different because it’s set in 2019 and it’s about robots and not harems. Well okay I suspect the main two or three girls will all be romantic love interests at some point but since it’s written by 5PB then I suspect the girls will take the back seat in favor of giant robots much like the girls and the trap in Steins;Gate stood aside for the progression of time travel.


Obviously since this is a 5PB story there is a world domination plot, well this time it’s a conspiracy but it’s the whole man vs organisation situation all over again so that should be interesting to see play out even if it does split the group and slow production on their giant robot. You’d think building a giant robot would be a priority if you were involved in a conspiracy and hopefully the characters realize that.


There is obviously people who have played the visual novel this time around similar to how people will have played Little Busters. But i’m going to risk spoilers and review Robotic;Notes on a weekly basis episode by episode. I have no idea how the story will pan out but I’m looking forward to the journey.


  1. Yes, this anime is already in my plan to watch list 🙂 I am curious to see how robots will play out in this anime. I am sure it will bring forth an amazing story.

    • You and me both. I’ve been eagerly awaiting this since I heard it was going to be adapted into an anime.

  2. It’s a little crazy that Production I.G have both the noitaminA slots for this fall and also one for the Winter 2013 season (because this is 2.cour). I’m hoping that because this is an adaptation, we won’t have a repeat of Guilty Crown.

    • There is no way this can be like Guilty Crown…. I hope. In wasn’t sure if it was 2 cour so I’m glad you said. That’s something I can really get behind.

  3. This is likely one of the series I’m most anticipating in this fall season 2012…:P

    • You’d be silly not to be looking forward to this. I dare say it’s going to be great and hopefully end up in my top 30.

  4. Reblogged this on Just my guilty pleasure reblog. and commented:
    I don’t know if this will be as good as SG, but I’m cautiously looking forward to this anime next season.

    • It would be pretty hard to top Steins;Gate but it should still be good. As long as it’s better then Guitly Crown I’ll be happy.

      • Haha, you got that right!

  5. Ahh unlike Little Buster, I didn’t play the game for this, so this will be a new experience for me as well. I’m sure it’s great, considering the script the Steins;Gate writer comes with, he wrote another intriguing VN this September which I’m also interested in too.

    • I guess Robotic;Notes will be new to both of us then. I heard they were working on more Visual novels but I’m not sure which ones. Either way I’m sure they’ll be interesting to say the least.

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