Posted by: AceRailgun | August 25, 2012

The Anime Blogger Interrogation Game

Started by Iso, the anime blogger interrogation game is another question based post circling the anime blogs at the moment. The rules state I answer the questions I was asked by Kai and Ty, the two bloggers who tagged me. Then I’m suppose to tag five more and make five more questions. I’d do that but everyone I know has already done this and I did that fifty questions thing a while back so I have no right to be asking questions.


1. Do you study the Japanese language? If so, how is your progress?

I’ve studied Japanese once, it was for six months in my University coarse to fill in a “free” slot. I learned a little about the language and can count in Japanese like a boss. I also know some short sentences but I’d still die if you dropped me in Japan right now. If I was lucky I’d find a bank and convert some of my money into Yen. Then I could at least buy something to eat by dropping money on a counter in a store and begging them to work out the math. After that I suspect I’d either sleep under a bridge (Arakawa) or I’d find a shrine in the middle of nowhere and be adopted as an anime protagonist.


2. What’s your most embarrassing moment?

You know I never really have these anymore. I tend to think everything through carefully and as a result never do anything stupid. The best thing I can think of is when I was at work I was dragging a pallet of stuff around and one of the workmates I got along with stepped out in front of me. I say double embarrassing because I couldn’t stop the heavy thing in time and we ended up on are butts trying to stop it from knocking over a fragile display I clipped trying to avoid him. Nobody saw but us which was lucky.


3. What kind of anime world would you like to live in?

Well as great as the past is I’d love to live in the future. Either that or a world which I get some kind of super power. For future I’d pick Ghost in the Shell as that world is neat, I really like the whole cyborg situations and advanced robotics never hurt anyone right. If I was after super powers I’d either go with Full Metal Alchemist or Avatar The Last Airbender. I’d have to sit down and really think hard about it as it would be a tough decision if it really happened.


4. Is there any anime/manga which motivates you to learn something?

I don’t really think so. Anime is always refreshing my knowledge of basic Japanese words but I don’t think it’s really teaching me anything. I can see how you might want to learn an instrument or become a mad scientist after watching certain anime but I’m not spontaneous to be affected by anime like that.


5. Which anime character you feel you can relate to the most?

I relate to nice but silent characters. I know it’s pompous to say you are a nice guy but I’m pretty sure I am and when I really think about it I realize I’m also awkward mostly because I never really put myself out there in social situations. I’m not the bumbling kind of awkward where you fall down and say retarded things I’m talking about awkward as in not knowing how to keep a long conversation going with a complete stranger. I’ve never been good meeting new people but when I do get to know someone I think I’m interesting enough to spend time with. So getting back to the question I think I can easily relate to jin from Samurai Champloo or Soul from Soul Eater. I’m not sure I’m cool like them however.


6. Is there anyone you consider your hero in the blogosphere?

There was one which a lot of people still seem to worship as a hero but I talked to him a bit and he’s just  big jerk who’s not interested in small fry blogs or other people in general. I do have respect for a few others but I wouldn’t say they are my “heroes” just buddies.


7. If you had to blog about something other than anime/manga/video-games, what would it be?

I’d probably blog about creative writing but I know that isn’t something popular to blog about so I’d probably aim to form a niche audience of readers (probably about 5) and use the blog as a way to communicate with them instead of trying to appeal to anyone who likes anime like I am now.


8. What is the anime series you are most embarrassed about liking?

Who cares what I like online right? However in real life there is anime I’d never tell people I watch and enjoy. Yuru Yuri, Mysterious Girlfriend X and of coarse Mardock Scramble, the home of homesexual talking dolphin and a gang of surgeons obsessed with obtaining many, many lady parts. Not exactly anime I’d tell my mum or narrow minded brother about but online it’s fine to love these kinds of things even if they are a bit silly.


9. Totally out of the left field, but… if you nursed a desire to take over the world, how would you go about doing it?

I believe my plan to be very simple. I’ll solve equations with my right hand and write names with my left. I’ll take a potato chip… and eat it!


  1. Ahahah, liked your “japanese” answer. Go protagonist! O_O

    Yuruyuri is GREAT. What’s the embarrassment?! Go and show your love for Akkarin to the whole world…*_*

    • I never said Yuru Yuri wasn’t good. In fact I’d classify it as awesome but my family and some of my friends don’ understand anime let alone anime with young lesbian fan service.

  2. “I’d probably blog about creative writing but I know that isn’t something popular to blog about”
    Ara ara…. No, I’m quite sure more people blog about writing than pretty much every other subject out there. In fact, there’s probably nothing bloggers like to write about more than writing. ;P

    You answered #9 perfectly, though. LOL!

    • Hmm maybe I don’t know any good writing blogs then. I’m guessing all the published authors with blogs are fairly popular but I imagine a newbie writer like myself would have trouble getting blog traffic unless I started reviewing books or something but that’s a whole different ball game to what I’m thinking about.

  3. #1 – Or you could get strayed from the city and end up in Hinamizawa village (Higurashi, by the way, it really exist in real life) xD

    #2 – Lol, that’s actually kinda dangerous.

    #3 – Not sure what would happen if my memories were swapped around like memory data, so not sure if I want to enter GiTS world myself. FMA is good though 😀

    #4 – Mad scientist indeed, I aspire to be one and says to everyone “Mad scientist, it’s so cool. Sonuvabitch”

    #5 – Likewise, I’m not really good at carrying on long conversations in real life as well, so I can relate to most quiet characters.


    • #1 that could totally happen but I know I’d die if I hang around places like that. They are always bad in anime and games. Shiki, Fatal Frame and of coarse Higarashi are just murder towns.

      #2 Stepping out in front of slow moving pallet is like stepping in front of a car without brakes. It was interesting to say the least.

      #3 The down side of FMA is that you have to study a lot to get super powers. So maybe there is better universes to jump into and get power.

      #4 I say that all the time already so I don’t need to be a scientist 😛

  4. I agree with your answer with #3, the world of GiTS is no different (in terms of crime rate) with our own world. The only difference is they have the Public Security Section 9 led by a really hot chick XD

    • That’s what I thought. It’s would be nice to know there is a group of super robot people running security.

  5. well not sure it is pompous to say you are a nice guy if you can think yourself as nice than you probably are and the fact you want to be seen as nice is a good trait in my opinion and well i guess it is wrong but i don’t really see anything with being socially awkward though this come from someone who prefer to be alone…
    the type of anime world that i want to live in is probably the one i can get superpower and fight a lot rather than living a boring day fighting against someone with superpower is probably a lot nicer what do you think wouldn’t it be interesting to have superpower and fight against a lot of people to become stronger?

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