Posted by: AceRailgun | August 19, 2012

Blog Carnival – Reflections on Animanga Blogs

A late and probably one of the last posts for Foxy Lady Ayame‘s blog carnival. I don’t have a very strong opionion when it comes to others blogs and style but I’m sure I can drop a knowledge bomb and try and clarify some things about blogging which I do and don’t like. I have been here for a while so I’m not completely clueless anymore.


I’ve got a confession; I don’t read every post on the blogs I read. Why? Because half of you post god awful walls of text that burn into my soul and shorten my life span. For me to read something it’s got to catch my eye and you do that with pictures lot and lots of pictures and if that doesn’t work then you use pictures of breasts. Case and point. But enough screwing around here I’ve got to be serious for this.


When I discover a new blog I do two things. Firstly I check to see what you blog about and this is most easily achieved by looking at what your most recent posts. This of coarse is what I suspect everyone does when they find a new blog but what you don’t realize (or maybe you do) is that you learn a lot about someone in the first few seconds of being on their blog. You see the blog title? Is it Bob’s creatively named Bob’s anime blog? Or is it something strange “The Pro’s electric rifle ” (That’s a clever play on words which hopefully didn’t go over your head. ) Although a blog name might seem clever to you it’s not to anyone else so keep it simple. Sometimes you might accidentally stumble into a scary place  “thekawaiidesu-onee-chansamareviewplace” and will give you the urge to flee before you even read a line of text. So naming is important.


Lost topic a bit there but what I was getting at is that people judge something new very quickly. The other thing I do when I see a new blog is examine the writing style. Reviews? Summaries? Opinions? Spoilers? These are all things you can find and some of them are awful so I tend to avoid them. I’m after opinions so that tends to be what I’m drawn to.


Updating regularly is something I also pay attention to both with new blogs and blogs I’ve been reading regularly. If you update less then one a week your blog is automatically taken down a notch on the interesting scale. There is exceptions to this but they are rare and only already well established blogs can get away with it. I worked my butt off in the beginning to discover and interact with you guys and still do to this very day so keep that in mind at all times.

Now as the carnival dictates I must tell you something that annoys me about blogging behavior and i’ve got two although one is slightly unrelated. Firstly and pretend this is all written in caps because I’m shouting. Don’t ever tweet a sentence that has no meaning or only meaning to you and never tweet about disgusting things please. I might be eating and it’s easier to press the unfollow button then put my fork down and gag. And please don’t tweet ten times in a minute please with one word per tweet. I’m down on my knees begging you not to do this.


Secondly and on a slightly more interesting and blog related note. I’m sarcastic and I know it but newbies to my blog don’t which is frustrating. The first reply you ever leave on a blog is how that blogger will remember you so if it’s a stupid comment then I’ll remember that forever you stupid fool.


So yep that’s it. I know it’s short but that’s my style. Thanks Foxy Lady Ayame organizing the carnival and check her page for the rest of the participants. There is a lot of them.


  1. The first reply you ever leave on a blog is how that blogger will remember you so if it’s a stupid comment then I’ll remember that forever you stupid fool.

    Hahaaha….(remembers past commenting habits)…orgh.

    • It’s okay most people are forgetful so it’s not so bad. I however remember everything. 😛

      • Oh yeah btw…when’d you change your theme :p

      • Two days ago I think. It’s still the same theme I just tweaked the fonts and colors and I think it looks nicer now.

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