Posted by: AceRailgun | August 11, 2012

What we used to like

I found an old file on my computer the other day of my top 57 anime listed in order of which ones I liked most. I compiled this list over two and a half years ago and boy was I surprised to see what I liked back then. I know my taste has changed but I never realized it changed that much.


Although my top ten haven’t changed very much I did notice some anime which have moved around a lot either because right after I’d watched them I rated them highly or because they don’t have much long term appeal. Either way some anime have dropped a long way down the list such as When The Seagulls Cry which was 18/57 but is now 143/165. It’s been years since I watched it and it really makes me think. 19 year old me somewhat enjoyed that anime but 22 year old me would rather watch something else.


Two things this really set off in my mind was the scoring on anime online and the idea of an anime having a short term and long term affect on the viewer. Any story ever is going to be more highly rated if the score is given within a day of the person finishing it. I’m certain I’m right in say this but if you want to argue that then go ahead. The thing is I know this is true because even I do it. Of coarse there is an exception to this and that is the idea of something being more appealing in the long term.


Because it is possible that you’re memories may become “distorted” as time passes and you start to forget the good points of a bad story or the you start to forget the bad points of a good story. This can explain why something you remember from your childhood be it a game or an anime is vastly less interesting when you watch or play it as an adult even if you thought is was going to be great. Nostalgia can be a terrible thing sometimes.


I’m not claiming to be an expert on this but some of you must at least have had a similar experience as everyone’s taste changes over time especially in your teenage years. Will your taste in anime be the same five years from now? How about twenty years from now? I know mine will be vastly different.


  1. Sometimes this happens to me because of my own tastes, but quite often I just notice that a particular series doesn’t age as well as it should. This is what I heard people say regarding Haruhi Suzumiya, but where I noticed this a great deal was with .hack//SIGN. It used to be something I stayed up late to watch, and now I couldn’t see myself getting past a couple episodes because the pacing issues have not been kind to it.

    • Maybe you are right about Haruhi but I never really got into that like some people did which is a bit odd. It probably hasn’t aged too well now that I think about it.

      Is the pacing really that bad in .hack//SIGN?

      • From what I remember, it’s the sort of show where not much happens in any specific episode. I don’t remember much, though. It may have been preferable to the super-fast pacing of SAO, but I’d have to watch again to be sure.

  2. Well this post reminds me of how I take watching anime as a serious hobby. One of my earliest is of course Dragon Ball. Watched it when I was a kid ^^ It wasn’t until that I was in middle school that I started to watch all sorts of animes. I remember I used to look for 3 requirements when deciding on an anime . a)it has to be regarding school life. b)it has to have ecchi scenes 🙂 c)it has to involve romance Which is why Ichigo 100% was one of my favourite anime back then ^^ (Do you know that anime?) I remember watching part of it again many years later and it felt kind of weird. The first thing I noticed was that the art and colouring technique was a little old, probably because anime graphics and art are getting better everytime. So when looking back to an old anime that you used to like, it feels kind of different, now that you are so used to new animes. And it’s also a fact that anime drawing styles are getting different if you compare it to those of 90s and early 2000s, especially their hair style. Even so, I still think that a good anime or a favourite anime will always remain in our heart no matter how old it gets. Only if the new anime is really, really good, then it is possible that it will top the list over our previous favourites 🙂 Of course, there are lot of animes now for us to enjoy but I’m sure we all have a list of our all time favourite.

    • Interesting that you mention older anime art styles because I was thinking about that the other day, I always think of the older art styles as different not bad. Sure coloring and line work nowadays is much better but there is nothing wrong with the old “messier” styles. Some of mine favorite anime of all time are fairly old.

      It’s not just line work and coloring which is better as you said things like hair styles, eyes and body proportions are a lot different now too.

      I watch Ichigo 100% a bit over a year ago and yes it does have strange hair styles by todays standards but that certainly doesn’t take away from the plot or characters.

      Your old criteria for picking anime was fairly shallow (no offence) but it totally reflects what teenagers want. Maybe that why so many anime have fan service and beach scenes.

      • Yeah, I know that ^^ That’s what my friend said, shallow ^^ Nowadays I watch all sorts of animes, going into genres that I don’t usually watch back then 🙂 Say, what are your top favourite animes now?

      • My favorite anime right now are here link but if you mean genre then I guess I’ve really been getting into love stories and mystery lately.

  3. Oh, this realization that tastes change… I’ve had it particularly with shoujo, which I can hardly bear nowadays… I find myself wondering how the heck did I find lame catchphrases or sappy dialogues so good… The age of the protagonists start playing a role for me, though I still adore classics like Nausicaa that have teenage protagonists.

    • I’ve never really though about the age of the protagonists playing a major role but I suppose it does. Some of my favorite protagonists are a few years older then the norm or at least much more mature.

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