Posted by: AceRailgun | August 4, 2012

Getting behind

It was kind of unavoidable because I’ve moved recently and haven’t had a lo of time to spend time on the internet. I’m talking about getting behind on airing anime of coarse and how it can happen so quickly. You slack off for one week doing other things and suddenly you have five or more episodes to watch and since life is distracting this could happen for two or three weeks and then suddenly you have that dreadful thing all anime fans want to avoid. A backlog.


Now mine isn’t so bad because I’m not watching too much this season and can easily catch up in an afternoon but for all those people who watch nearly everything that is airing I imagine this can often lead to mountains of epiosdes piling up and the potential for dropping gets larger and larger.


Before my days of watching airing anime when I just stuck to the few anime I could get my hands on every now and then a backlog would have been a blessing but now days having a backlog is something I dread because I always like to be up to date with everything and have the power to do so. When I’m behind I know I’m being lazy and that usually motivates me to catch up?


Does anyone have an enormous backlog at the moment or the problem of sudden backlog if real life problems arise? I’m in a decent situation at the moment so I can always find time for myself but I’m sure others have a harder time finding free time then I do.


  1. Haha…I know exactly how you feel. I had to deal with Grand Jury for the past two weeks. And I had to deal with a slow internet. Needless to say, my anime watching dwindled from about 8-10 shows (guessing) to just three (Binbougami-Ga!, Sword Art Online, Who is Imouto). But Grand Jury ended Monday, so I’ve managed to catch up to a whole bunch of anime recently (Tari Tari, Muv-Luv Alt: TE, Natsuyuki Rendezvous, Kokoro Connect, Humanity Has Declined), put on hold one show (Uta-Koi), and drop two others (Kuroko’s Basketball and Accel World).

    • Glad I’m not the only one. It’s a shame you had to drop Kuroko’s Basketball but at least you are keeping up with most of the other ones. Grand jury sounds like a pain in the butt so I’m glad that you’re done with that now and can focus on the more important things 😛

  2. Yes, I currently have an enormous backlog. There has been a lot of life changes within the last 3 weeks. Everything happened so quickly that anime fell to the wayside. I’ve been able to keep up with Uchu Kyodai, Natsyuki Rendezvous, and Humanity has Declined, oh and I finally finished Nichijou. I didn’t drop Accel World but I am way behind (considering it, though).

    • Hopefully your real life changes can be resolved and leave more time for your hobbies. Accel World hits a long slump after about 10 or so episodes and it’s taking it’s dear time moving the plot so your time might be better spent watching something else. But that’s up to you I suppose.

      Took your time finishing Nichijou 😛 It’s been a while since that aired. Good job keeping up on Natsyuki Rendezvous though that’s a great anime.

  3. I’ve had this problem far too often, especially during the Spring season when finals, work and family all came together to rob me of my anime viewing time. Hell, I still haven’t caught up on Space Bros because of that. Sometimes it helps to plan ahead when you want to avoid stuff like that, though that’s not always the case. I suppose this is where watching below your means could help, since you have spare time to fall back on.

    • Lucky you aren’t one of them crazies who watches everything. Planning ahead can help but it’s hard to know exactly how many anime you will be watching until you’re a few week into the season. Unless of coarse you are just watching backlog and under those circumstances it’s probably best to watch as much as possible otherwise you risk falling very far behind.

  4. Your not the only one mate, I’m still struggling to catch-up with a lot in my summer watch list. Heck! I haven’t even completed my spring list yet XD Currently watching Kokoro Connect, Who is Imouto, SAO, Tari Tari, and Koi Choco, still have to catch up (actually start) with 3 – 4 other titles in my list

    • What have you still got on your spring list? I never really fall behind in terms of seasons but the current season is a different matter altogether. You’ll find once you get started you’re list will seem less daunting as you may drop something or get excited about it and power through it.

  5. I do have a big backlog of mine of both anime and VN, but luckily i tend to follow properly week-by-week all the series I blog about in order to always have time to write the posts.
    It’s some kind of routine I suppose…:D

    • I can only imagine how long it takes to work through a backlog of VN’s. Those things take a lot of time right?

      Getting in a routine can help I suppose just don’t let it become the reason you watch anime and it will be all good.

  6. My backlogs are usually filled with older anime like Gunslinger Girl and Revolutionary Girl Uthena which I know I should seriously start watching like NOW. Funny how I had been saying this countless times and I still haven’t even started getting around to it. Backlogs are indeed dreadful, but I think my laziness and procrastinations are even scarier..

    • That tends to be how my backlog is now too. It’s not huge but I’ve had Hidamari Sketch half finished for a while now.

      Just sit down for an hour and watch the first episode of both. It’s the first step to getting through it and you might find you get really into one of them and will power through it in a few days.

      • Both.. probably no. But I’ll try to at least watch one of them soon.

  7. My solution is quite simple, a weekend marathon of the show I missed many episodes of after it’s finished. This usually applies to 12-15 episode titles. If it’s 20+, that could take a while for me.

    • It always seems that I have more trouble catching up with longer anime because like you I occasionally marathon the short anime and get them finished in a weekend. It’s a great way to watch anime.

      I saved your other comments from the spam filter too and read them. I’m not sure why it’s only catching your comments but from now on I’ll make sure to check it semi-regularly and save any stragglers which get stuck.

    • I dunno why but OG’s comments always go into spam on my blog too. It’s a mystery.

      • Akismet hates him for some reason. Happened to me as well in the past…:P

  8. Backlog? You ain’t seen backlog till you look at mine. Haven’t been able to watch anything since getting stalled halfway through Nisemonogatari. Well, at least it’s good to know that I’m not the only one who has IRL problems interrupting our usual anime-viewing schedules/trends.

    • Mine pretty small in the grand scheme of things it’s almost non-existent but I shudder to think how many anime you’ve let pile up if you haven’t even got through Nisemonogatari yet.

      My IRL moving house problems are almost dealt with so I’ll be back in action soon enough. Out of curiosity how many anime do you have back logged?

      • Hmmm….considering about 5-8 shows per the 2 seasons I’ve already completely missed…and on top of the plethora of shows from way back…I would say about at least 30. Derp.

      • Ouch that’s a lot. I hope for your sake there isn’t any 50+ episode anime in that backlog.

  9. I don’t think there ever was a time where I didn’t have a backlog! I know that sounds extreme, but maybe I just can’t think back on the days where I didn’t?

    I usually follow too much and want to start new things, and if a series doesn’t interest me as much as others I just put it off for a while. It all adds up to more and more episodes I need to watch, and then when the new season starts I start watching new things knowing I still have other series to finish off. Last week I got pretty close to catching up with most of the new season series, then I was away for three days and fell behind again…woe is me.

    • You’re backlog doesn’t sound too bad compared to some of the others but I know what you mean when you say it only takes three days to fall behind. If you miss one weekend you can pile up the anime into a huge pile which is a few hours long. My problem is that people tell me about some old anime I’ve never watched and then I have to go and watch it which can take weeks if I’m not dedicated.
      Hopefully you can catch up soon because clearing a backlog 100% is the greatest feeling.

  10. Considering I have a horrible tendency to binge (watch, play, read) things, my backlog’s… actually surprisingly small. Outside of Accel World, I’m not too terribly behind on anything I’m actually following this season. Granted, that’s the only thing I’m following and I’ve got about six Crunchyroll tabs up for stuff like Nisemonogatari and Folktales from Japan, so maybe it’s less not-horrible than I thought…

    • You are one of few who is mostly up to date with what they want to watch so stand proud. Binging is the best way to catch up I feel. Sometimes is possible to just hit a stride and power few multiple episodes in one sitting.

  11. I’m behind on One Piece by about 250 episodes… Oh, who am I kidding? I’ve never been up to date with One Piece… v.v

    With me I like to stay up to date with the shows that have some sort of an end in sight, with shounen shows, I get lazy, ’cause it’s like, well they’re not ending anytime soon…

    • One Piece is probably one of the only anime in existence it’s possible to get 250 episodes behind on so that’s something to be proud of. i know what you mean with keeping up to date with shorter things as you know you’ll be finishing them in a month or two most of the time.

      I always tend to fall behind on Fairy Tail when an arc ends and I wait months (A year once) and then just binge on it until i’m up to date.

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