Posted by: AceRailgun | July 24, 2012

New Original Character – Cecilia

She’s another character I’ve had designed recently but unlike the others she has a slightly different kind of back story. Her back story is fairly undeveloped at this point but what I’ve created at this point is fairly depressing even by my standards. Well I guess Cassie is an amputee and Isabelle is technically dead but still compared to that Cecilia is a whole lot sadder.


The initial idea for Cecilia was a witches apprentice who was a bit of a spaz and could never sit still but as I got characters designed Isabelle took Cecilia’s traits somewhat leaving me with two characters that were fairly similar. Cecilia is still technically a witches apprentice but for undecided circumstances Cecilia leave this witch and eventually gets her hands on a very powerful book which pretty much does all kinds of magic imaginable. Did I mention that she is much more powerful then all my other characters combine because they are pretty much all normal people. Her personality is quiet and mature but she will step into action if the opportunity arises.


So the sad part is that Cecilia loses this book and gets cursed by the man who steals it. This is why her hair is white and her eyes are orange. The curse also adds some more traits to her which aren’t visible but telling you those would spoil my future writings so I won’t do that now.


Enjoy the image and you can expect a whole lot more in the future. Be sure to check out my Deviant Art page if this interests you as you can see the full gallery of images I’ve commissioned there.


  1. Wow! Super cute new character

    • Thanks. I put a fair bit of effort into getting her designed the way I envisioned her.

  2. i love her =^_^= xox … i have a thing for witchs LOL

    • Witches are a great concept so it was fun creating her.

  3. Love her design!

  4. I love her design and she needs a hug. Can I keep her?

    • I kind of like her so I think I’ll be keeping her 😛 You can look though and hugging is okay.

  5. “a very powerful book which pretty much does all kinds of magic imaginable” – if I get this book, would magically turn Cecilia to my little sister XD Very cute character <==== (has a thing for white/gray haired gilrs XD)

    • The book can do much more then that but I guess if you could somehow get the book you could make her your little sister.

      The white hair was actually a last minute decision but I’m glad I chose to go with it because it’s kind of otherworldly and I like that.

  6. L-O-V-E-L-Y! There are so many characters in your roster already! Make a wallpaper including all of them! 😀

    • I should really do that. Not a bad idea at all.

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