Posted by: AceRailgun | July 22, 2012

What Kokoro Connect can be

It’s pretty obvious that Kokoro Connect is a feel good anime much like Tari Tari or Ano Hana etc but from what we saw in the PV a while back it hinted at so much more. I’m talking about the scene which one of the girls; either Inaba or Nagase was committing suicide by jumping off the side of a bridge.


Now it’s not clear if they died or what not in the preview which is the whole point of a teaser trailer but comparing that scene to the first three episodes doesn’t seem to match. So far we’ve had some feel good scenes with the main five bonding and being united against a common foe. Throw some comedy and light drama into that mix and you have yourselves a decent story but if the story takes a darker route soon we could be in for a masterpiece.


As far as i’m concerned the most interesting things body swapping entails have been done off screen. In episode three Yaegashi and Kiriyama swapped bodies and Kiriyama apparently freaked out in front of Yaegashi’s sister which I would have loved to see. It’s these kind of social situations which should be the main focus of the series that and danger. It hasn’t been done yet but body swapping could cause some serious disasters if it happens at the wrong moment. For example if one of them is riding a bike or crossing a road the sudden swap could cause someone to be seriously injured in another characters body.


But back to that juicy potential suicide and the complications of that you probably haven’t considered. First off what if the person committing suicide isn’t the owner of the body? The other potential catastrophe that could occur is in the moment when Yaegashi saves the girl and is pulling her up. What if he swaps body with her or one of the other characters. They might drop her or she might drop him. I doubt this will happen but the potential death aspects could create some amazing follow up scenes which tear the group apart.


  1. To me it’s clear that the direction this show is heading in is more drama than comedy. The writers are pushing the body exchange idea to deepen and explore the secrets of the characters and what happens when they are revealed, which is a recipe for conflict and difficult moments. The events of episode 3 seem to solidify this. I for one, am loving it. It’s tied for my favorite this season along with Humanity has Declined.

    • I want to get excited about it but there is always that nagging thought that we’ve already reached the highest level of drama this story has to offer and it won’t take that extra step into amazing territory.

      Episode 3 did have some great drama so there is still a chance and it’s now one of my favorites this season too.

  2. It has a nice balance of both comedy and drama. The drama is pushing the story forward. I don’t think family interaction are that important as the comedy from them switching is probably more interesting than something expected like freaking out in front of the family. Its main focus are the problems and solving them. Suicide only suggests they won’t do it fast enough. As for switching in dangerous situations, it’s unlikely they ever would as Heartseed must keep his test subjects safe.

    • I was thinking that the scenes involving the families which have been left out so far could add to the drama as having them freak out in front of their families could potentially break the family apart which would be good for drama.

      That outlook on Heartseed is probably correct but what’s to say he doesn’t want to see how they react in dangerous situations or he just makes a mistake when swapping them which causes something bad to happen.

  3. This reminds of Mahou Shojo Madoka Magica, a series that seems cliche at the beginning by using an overused concept, then decontructing its own concept. Man, I love these kind of shows because they show me why I love anime so much 🙂

    • That is the impression I’m starting to get as well. Mami’s demise in Madoka was the moment the series really came together and I’m hoping there will be an equivalent in Kokoro Connect soon. It’s already doing a decent job but there is room to do so much more.

  4. Nah, this series will likely have an happy end (after a lot of drama).
    The whole setting, opening song/animation (sparkly and light hearted), comedy undertones, etc.. just seems to imply a good ending.

    We’ll see in the future anyway…:P

    • Yeah that’s what I’m scared of as I can see there is possibility for so much more then sparkles and smiles in this story. But yeah you are probably right and I should just face the fact that it’s just going to be end happily.

  5. I’ll save this one for later. The fact it’s an otaku mainstream favorite doesn’t sit well with me. Whatever, I have other shows on my schedule anyway.

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