Posted by: AceRailgun | July 21, 2012

The Legend of Korra Book 2 – Spirits

The other day a few new facts came to light about the upcoming second season of The Legend of Korra. A second “book” titled Spirits is slated for release in 2013 with 14 episodes. Half taking place in Republic City and the other half in other locations around the world. The third and fourth seasons have also been announced but details are scarse at this point. Each season will most likely have a self contained story much like the air book did.


The book title Spirits is what get me the most interested. First off it’s not named after an element like it always has been which is new for the Avatar series. Secondly spirits come in many shapes and sizes in Avatar starting from the spirits of past avatars and working it’s way to the animal spirits and monsters which were a big part of the early Water and Earth books in the first series. There is also the appropriately named spirit world which could be used in a variety of ways. It is said that half the season will take place in Republic City and it’s very possible the second half could take place Spirit World.


Despite it’s clear cut finale which wrapped up almost every loose end there was still a few plot points which were left untouched which slipped under the radar. Before The Legend of Korra even started a character reference sheet was released which had images of most of the characters head shots on it. Among those was Aang’s three children Kya, Bumi and Tenzin. We know a lot about Tenzin but Bumi only appeared briefly and Kya didn’t appear at all which leads me to believe that they could play a larger role in future seasons.


You have to keep in mind that the Air book was in the process of being animated when the second season got picked up so they were only ever planning on creating one season which is why the story ends at the end of the first book. The second, third and fourth books will have more room for extended story lines which The Last Airbender got us so used to because they know they will be able to create another 36 episodes.


I’m looking forward to 2013 when they release the Spirit Book but until then speculation and conversation is the only way to satisfy my need for more Avatar content.


  1. The spirit world should be interesting, and more so Korra will see it the same way we do, something strange and alien yet vital to the story, and it would be great to take a further look at the world to see how much they’ve changed as well. If Republic City can grow into an industrial hub so quickly we can only wonder at how much the Fire Nation and a few select parts of the Earth Kingdom could turn out.

    Secondly I hope they use the characters better as well, that there actions actually matter and the plot isn’t just on auto-pilot. Either way there looks to have been a second comic series covering the search for Zuko’s mother announced as well, that should be interesting.

    • I think i’m the only one who likes the search for Zuko’s mother story to remain open and completely unanswered. I’m most curious to see more implementation of the advanced technology like plans and warships. Maybe we’ll get to see more of the world that way.

      It’s kind of good that Korra is fairly ignorant about the spirit world as it allows us to see her journey and experiences with it from the very start. Here’s hoping it’s as good as the first season.

  2. I also enjoyed the first season and am eagerly looking forward to more. If they choose not to answer the question of whatever happened to Zuko’s mom outside of some novel, it’s alright. For now, I primarily want to see Bo Lin bag a babe. Everything else is going okie dokie.

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